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  1. She looks great, i like the way the white shirt came out.
  2. Great work, i love the blending on the bottom of the green and the free hand work is outstanding.
  3. Nice work , the only thing not working for me is his armor, it seems to blend to gather but it could be just the photo, It is still great painting.
  4. I like the "still" ideal. I really like the way the wood work is comeing out.
  5. I love the red leather and the hole pieces is just great. It is always a treat to see your work.
  6. I like the colors, it is a new take on this figurer and i can't wait to see more.
  7. Great work, i can't wait to see it finished with the base.
  8. Nice paint job, the cloak and leather armor came out really well. The red is just fantastic.
  9. Excellent job brother. The NMM came out great and everything works well together. Good luck with the painting contest.
  10. HO, HO, HO  I really love the paint job on this guy. Nice blinding on the wings.
  11. I like the blue armore but i do have to agree the lips stick out just a little:)
  12. Great paint job! I love the purple and blue especially.
  13. I like the way the inside if the cloak came out. Nice paint job for the time spent.
  14. Beautiful work. I love the colors you used and the face is very expressive. It was well worth the extra time.
  15. Cant wait to see more. This is one of my favorite figures from Reaper.
  16. Good work, I will have to remember this technique for latter reference.
  17. Very nice paint job, the colors you used look very good to gather.
  18. The base looks much better, I like the little pink guy :)
  19. The barbarian is really nice I like the way the skin and green armor came out.
  20. I would do one more round of highlights and you might want to lighten up the shield strap just a little bit it blends in with the glove. Just my opinion.
  21. Great work, they are so full of character.
  22. Love the colors, and have to agree i think she needs some dark lining.
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