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  1. Nice work, as always, the wings look great.
  2. Welcome to the boards, Have to agree with everyone thin down the wash and touch up the highlights. It is looking good. Can’t wait to see your next miniature.
  3. I like the contrast between the black and orange it works well. In my opinion, for what it’s worth, the highlights on the orange could come up just a little but it could also just be the photo. Again great work.
  4. They are coming along nicely. I cannot wait to see the completed work.
  5. I love your choice of colors and they all work really well together. Once you darken your shadows, you are going to be spot on. Cannot wait to see the finished piece.
  6. They all look great, I love the colors you used on the harpy.
  7. Mercius, Great Job, the NMM came out really nice. Your color choices are working really well and I just love the blue.
  8. Great job and the base is just outstanding.
  9. The skin is just great and i love the base.
  10. Thanks everyone. Wyrmgear- I will try some darker lining on the next metals, I am still refining my metals techniques.
  11. I really like the paint job! You pulled off a hard color to paint with really nice high lights and shadows. I agree the base is kind of plain. Did you paint it at all or is it just straight sand?
  12. Great job, I love the base work you did.
  13. I do like your color choices there is good contrast but I think it could use some the dark lining on the armor and shield. Keep up the good work.
  14. They look good; I like your color choices, and the only thing I would suggest is bring up the highlights on the red more.
  15. The NMM look’s good and will look better once you touch up those areas you know about. I really like the way the colors are coming to gather. Can’t wait to see the finished piece.
  16. Looking good, I can't wait to see more.
  17. Thanks, I agree that the it is a lot of gray, I quickly learned that that much gray is hard to work with the khaki wing color sounds like a good ideal and would have worked well.
  18. It's looking good. Anything that big and scary should be pink whos going to tell him he cant be, LOL. Can't what to see him done.
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