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  1. Love the finished piece, excelent color choices and your eyes came out great.
  2. Nice paint job, i like the way the red came out.
  3. I love the colors that were used, nice job.
  4. A true inspiration. This is a beautiful pieces like all your work.
  5. Great Job, Necessity is the mother of all great inventions.
  6. Great Work on the mini, I may have to get the olive skin triad.
  7. I turn 40 in august that coupled with 21 years as a Seabee I am definitely not so young anymore. Just do not tell anyone.
  8. Face it brother it’s just old age…. LOL
  9. I love the skin tone on the first one what color’s did you use? The red glow is also very cool.
  10. Wow, Nice Paint Job!! What is the base made from it looks really good.
  11. That would be a healthy motivator to paint. Your work is great I always enjoy looking at your work.
  12. Mercius, It looks great; the high lights are coming along nicely. As for the NMM I can’t help much because I am a little old school and still like metallic’s, but ether way you go it takes work to make it look right.
  13. Great job on the hair and I do love the skin color you chose.
  14. You should be proud, you have good brush control and I really like your color choices cannot wait to see it completed.
  15. I really like the way you painted the fox and wolf.
  16. Great piece as always. I love the skin tones and flowers.
  17. Nice Work, from what I can tell I really like the colors you used on her.
  18. Mercius, I would highlight up white from bleach bone. With time you will get better with your highlights and blending. It still kicks my but.
  19. Looking Good, You could think about a green for the pants. Keep up the good work.
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