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  1. February 21, according to Alliance Games, so you won't have to wait too long. No dates set on the paint sets, though, but there will be two sets with 19 colors for $49.99 each (also according to Alliance's listing).
  2. Are these colors available for purchase now? I think "soon". I haven't seen an announcement yet. The release date is February 7 for the first 18 colors, according to Alliance Games.
  3. I own a small game store in Gothenburg, Sweden, where we have played some Warlord the last couple of months. Unfortunately the Warlord Rulebook is out of stock at the moment, so I cannot help you with that. When you've got the rulebook and your first models and feel like getting some more, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] and I can see what I can do for you. I order from Reaper about once a month, but the shipping times are quite long, so it may take a month from when I order until I get the stuff (my last order was placed last week, so my next Reaper order will problably be sent somewhere in the middle of February) As for recommended models, I'm probably not the right person to answer, but I'll do that anyway... For elves, you'll probably want at least some archers in your army. Most UK vendors still carries the unit 3-packs, which I find more useful than the 8-10 packs (you'll probably not want 8 archers anyway), as Minifigs, Reaper's British partner, still makes those packs. So my suggestion would be to order a 14113 Vale Archers (3) from the UK (I can recommend Spirit Games). You'll probably want some crossbowmen for the Overlords as well, so 14174 Overlord Crossbowmen (3) might be a good choice. //Henrik, Goblin Games
  4. Then I rest my case! Obviously, I havn't got any access to any of your sales figures, so I was just speculating... As a small FLGS owner who has recently started running some Warlord in the store, I have seen a demand for the different poses/sculpts of the figures without having to buy 8-12 models at the same time. But one small game store far far away from Texas is hardly representative.
  5. Why did Reaper change the pack sizes? I would think that 2-4 packs would be much easier to get game stores to carry and also better for new Warlord players.
  6. What's the difference between the following versions of Mossbeard the Treeman (there is no picture on the Reaper site for the later one): 14209: Mossbeard, Elven Monster ($24.99) 10010: Mossbeard the Treeman ($22.99)?
  7. Hi! I think I'll have to order some more elves... Is the army list below playable or is it anything I should change? I own the following miniatures and I'd like to use the most of them: Caerwynn + 2 Vale Archers 9 Vale Warriors Larnach Turanil Ice Queen (to be used as Lysette) Deladrin, Assassin (to be used as Baeldrinahr) 1 Vale Swordsman/Breaker Army: (999 points) Troop 1 1 Larnach the Grey (127) 1 Lysette (U) (63) 1 Peruhain, Elven Monk (U) (60) 7 Vale Warrior (22) 3 Vale Archer (33) Troop 2 1 Turanil (U) (75) 1 Ellithin Graysteel (70) 2 Royal Blademaster (35) 4 Vale Long Thorn (16) Troop 3 1 Mossbeard the Treeman (155) Troop 4 1 Baeldrinahr (U) (62)
  8. Probably a good idea, but I have already pushed the "Order"-button, so the unicorn will have to wait. But I'll consider the it next time!
  9. Thanks for everyones help! Would the following list work for a 500 point army? Army: (499 points) Troop 1 1 Larnach the Grey (127) 5 Vale Warrior (22) 1 Lysette (U) (63) 1 Peruhain, Elven Monk (U) (60) 1 Vale Long Thorn (16) Troop 2 1 Varashia (35) 2 Vale Archer (33) 1 Vale Warrior (22) I prefer the sculpts of Warriors, Longthorns and Breakers/Swordsmen to the Deathseekers and Guardsmen. I have to order my models today, as I run a FLGS and there are lots of other stuff I need to order from the US today (otherwise iI'd have to wait for another month, which I don't want to). I think I'll go with the Warriors, as that means I have to paint less models than if I build around Longthorns and Breakers...
  10. Is anyone using the Vale Warriors? No one posting their lists here seems to... Are they not worth their point cost? As a newbie Warlord player, I was planning on basing my elf list around the Warriors, but maybe I should reconsider? I like the sculpts, though, so that might be a reason to buy them anyway...
  11. Hi I'll try my first Warlord game on Monday or Tuesday. We are starting with 300 points, as none of us has played Warlord before. I have painted some Reaper elf models, so I'dlike to use them (the rest will be proxied with plastic D&D miniatures). The miniatures i'd like to use are: Caerwynn Vale Archer Fiara, Vale Breaker Nienna (could be used as vale archer or vale ranger) Audine (panted more fair-elvish, than dark-elvish...) Ice Queen (painted more woodish, than icy) So, does anyone have any army composition suggestions? As I'm a newbie, please avoid too Magic heavy characters...
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