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  1. Thanks for the responses everyone! Very suprised to hear that noone in the Uk carries it. I am semi tempted to order it direct from you guys, the shipping is very reasonable, and so long as customs don't decide to open the package when it arrives here should be the best option. But I'm also thinking it might be worthwhiule to try and get a few shops carrying the book over here... I guess I'll send out a few more emails and see if anyones willing, then finally break down and order if from you like I should have done in the first place :D
  2. Ouch, works out £20 for the shiping! Thats about twice the cost of the book..... I guess its the curse of being a cheapskate, but Im not sure I can totally justify it at that price :(
  3. That looks close enough to me :D It was more a general dislike of waiting for stuff to get shipped over to the UK than any other major concerns lol. Thanks again.
  4. Hmmm..... would have been a week ago to the day I think :D I don't think its being ignored so much as, noone really seems to know one way or the other, there's not to many Reaper stockists this side of the pond, and most of them don't carry the whole range. I'm begining to think I might as well just order from the US, but it seems better all round for everybody if I can convince a store in the UK to get it in. Figure I may as well try sending another round of emails though, thanks for the advice :D
  5. Hi, for the past few weeks I've been trying to get a copy of this. I've emailed reaper, and recieved no reply, i've asked on the forums I frequent and noone knows, I've hassled the main shop I deal with, and they'd never even heard of it. Anyone know of anyone who's selling it in the UK, or Europe? Failing that, does anyone have any idea on how much it would cost to have a rulebook shipped over from the US to the UK (Again I've actually emailed the Reaper store and recieved no reply). Thanks alot
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