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  1. Amazing work on this mini! I have been keeping an eye on the WIP progess, I really like the depth the green has. The gem is the part that really draws my eye, the depth and luster it seems to have is brilliant, . *heads over to CMON to vote*
  2. Very nice Goatee I must say!(he says as he strokes his own goatee :P) I will be interested to see were you go colour wise, I quiet like that shade of brown! Look forward to seeing more!
  3. Unfortunately I didnt get a chance to do any work on this mini last night, but hopefully tonight I can put some time into the shading, and I will have a go at darklining, which I am fairly excited about trying! Thankyou for the suggestion Jabberwocky! I will be sure to post the progress!
  4. Excellent thank you very much for the information Sanael, it is exactly what I needed! I often get to a point and then am a little lost from there, really trying to take it up a level. I know the exact colour I will use! I will give it a whirl when I get home from work tonight :D I think your absolutely right through, the washes while easier and often quicker, I have found they are a bit patchy some times as well. I have done a little layering on this mini or what I think is layering and am very pleased with the result so why not stick with it! He certainly has a lot of character as well which helps! I am looking forward to aswell as dreading the coat he has on, it will but fun to paint but I think it will be a challenge! But thats half the fun. The bolwer is just the icing on the cake, I was looking through some of the Chronoscope range and if you are looking for another mini with a bowler, the Waston mini is sporting a very stylish one! Also another update! I have done his vest and his pants. I wasnt too sure with which colours to paint either, but I think they tunred out ok, I didnt want to over brown it, as I plan to do the cloak brownish, and his satchel brownish.
  5. Thanks for the comments Sanael! I am finding its much like riding a bike :D When you say take the shadows lower on the skin, do you think perhaps a wash or a glaze of a darker geen would achieve this? Really bring out the creases and folds in his skin? PS. Just found your Reinholdt, very neat indeed!
  6. Hey All! I have been browsing the forums for a few weeks now, checking some of the amazing WIP and completed miniatures. I have been tettering on the edge of resuming the hobby, but browsing the forums tipped the balance! I ordered a couple of Chronoscope mini's from the Reaper store and eargerly awaying their arrive. But for the mean time I found Reinholdt amongst the mini's I bought but didnt get around to painting. I thought this would be a great opportunity to dust the cobwebs from my brushes, introduce myself and get some feedback on my painting! Unfortunately I am yet to snag a box from work which is suitable to make a lightbox out of so you will have to bare with the averagish photos until then.(might see about getting some more angles also) I have done some reading on layering so thought I would give it a go. I am thinking about giving blacklin'ing a whirl as I am yet to try that either. Any feedback would be great! Alwook!
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