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  1. In recent Pathfinder Society games, I've seen several characters that just didn't match anything out there. They were each half orc barbarian/fighter-types that bristled with too frickin' many weapons. I'm talking massively-built guys carrying a polearm, with one or more falchions or a greataxe slung across their back, javelins in a quiver, a flail hung off their belt, a boot knife, etc. They carried more weapons than Queen Elizabeth has tableware when her relations come to Buckingham Palace for dinner. I've seen heavily-encumbered adventurers (Such as Oswald the Overladen Henchman and
  2. In the Pathfinder line, I would like to see "Vorka, the goblin cannibal". While a picture of her has been produced, it isn't nearly nasty enough. It makes her look like just another goblin, when I picture her with a goblin-skin cloak (complete with faces...) and decorative bone jewelry.
  3. I'd like to see a female in middle-eastern robes armed with a rifle or musket. I've looked and found nothing suitable.
  4. Tengu! Bring on those raven-headed swordmasters! I'd prefer minis that aren't specifically oriental in their gear, although some oriental influences wouldn't be bad.
  5. I was considering the miniatures available these days and thought of a couple of ogre-types that just aren't available anywhere. I suspect that they could make rather memorable miniatures... Ogre Bard: This rural troubador strums a primitive banjo. A battered straw hat shades his head and a greasy rag serves him as a neckerchief. The whip and spiked club hanging from his belt serve well to intimidate his accompanist, a chained, cringing slave/victim who plays a massive ogrish washboard. Ogre "Beefcake": Obese and slovenly, this malodorous creature knows few females can resist his
  6. Allow me to second the motion for more young male wizard-types. What figures I have see plenty of use as mages and non-Eastern monk types. Most wizardly figures seem to be armed with staves: It would be pleasant to see some with daggers, morningstars, crossbows, or spears. I'd like to see more merchants or scholars, the sort of characters that PCs regularly find themselves shepherding through dangerous areas. When running a "caravan guard"-type scenario, I had a hard time finding figures to represent the caravan's drovers, merchants, and their servants. Reaper does have one merchant fi
  7. Black Annis - When looking for "hags" to play an annis coven, I didn't find any figures that matched the role well. There are plenty of smaller hags, and some bloated-looking ogresses, but nothing well-suited: Hideous hags clad in filthy rags, Annis tower over eight feet in height. Lean and brutal, they are physically the most powerful of their kind, with hunched backs and crouching gait. Cruel claws and jagged teeth rend those unfortunates taken in by the magical disguises favored by these looming horrors. Such figures would also make fine troll-wives...
  8. I'd like to see a Reaper version of Pathfinder's rune giants (as depicted by Wayne Reynolds). As described in the text, they're a good 40 feet tall: That suggests a mini about eight inches in height. Such a large mini might be a good candidate for casting in resin.
  9. I'd like to see: * An armored "Death Priest" wielding a scythe. I've seen females, robed figures and a crapton of undead, but decent males have required modification from undead figures. Appropriate accents might include skull motifs on their gear, or sickles and an hourglass hung from their belt. * From the Pathfinder Society adventure Silent Tide: The "War Hounders" street gang from Absalom's sodden Puddles District. These lowlife thugs typically wear spiked gauntlets styled to resemble a clawed dog's paw; some also carry crossbows. The gang members' grimy armor leaves plenty of
  10. There still aren't enough disreputable bandit types out there. I'm not talking about sinister-looking rogues or lightly armored archers, of which there are plenty. I mean slovenly fighters wearing shoddy armor, suitable for low-budget caravan guards, bandits, militiamen, or city watchmen from Ankh-Morpork. I've also been looking for some mites: Tiny little sneaks with large heads. Nothing I've seen has impressed me. I don't recall any decent warriors armed with madu and sword.
  11. I have a ton of GW paints that have partially dried out. Do you guys have any suggestions for restoring them to a proper consistency? On an unrelated issue, what's the easiest way to quickly mix "eyedropper" paint bottles that have partially settled? Stopping to shake my paint in mid-project knocks me out of my "groove" when I'm painting: I like to have everything ready to go the instant I need it.
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