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  1. That is one provocative groin thrust. Nice tattoos. Good detail.
  2. Geek to Geek is good. But the computer doesn't do "matches" well, it just tells you who's in your area. It asked what 3 criteria were most important to me, and I said religion, non-smoker, common interests. It kept suggesting athiest smokers as possible "matches". Thanks, computer. But there's some decent people on there.
  3. Star Trek: Nemesis hurt a lot. I spilled a lot of ink over that one. Recently it was THE SEEKER which was supposed to start the DARK IS RISING movie franchise. I loved those books. Movie, not so much.
  4. He totally has my sympathy. That's a nice piece. I didn't go to Dragon*Con this year, but I hear it was Steam-punk out the wazoo. The only optimism is that steam-punk is a small town- if the guy who stole it surfaces again, it'll get around. I'll ask Ace Talkingwolf, he was one of the steam punk authority guys this year for the "alternate history" track.
  5. Beagles and bassets are both good dogs. Bassett Hound Lover Scott Kurtz can be found at http://pvponline.com he did a bassett strip just last week.
  6. I like the Godzilla movies, anything that's appeared on Mystery Science Theatre, and I am a big fan of Vampire movies. Unfortunately, since vampire movies are the easiest movies to do cheaply (fangs, contact lenses, you're ready to go) they're also the easiest movies to do badly. I have some of the worst vampire movies ever committed to film in my collection. And I'm the only person in my gaming group who actually liked the Dungeons & Dragons movie. (s)
  7. People say I take things too literally. I disagree, but I did name my pet shop "Various Forms of Fauna." When that business venture failed, I opened a restaurant. I called it, "Edible Animals". -Cullan Blackthorne
  8. I totally agree. And one can always come up with quite strongly-worded phrases for The Sandbox purposes, using a little creativity.
  9. I like it. But now I have to find the thread with the strumpet.
  10. Thank you for posting the link. Very helpful.
  11. "It's all fun and games until you start keeping the stuff you steal." words to live by.
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