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  1. While not perfect it seems to give a fairly decent comparison between different paint lines Color Match 1.0
  2. +1 for the Opti-visor too. I did have the swingarm lamp/Magnifier combo but it made me nauseous. Whenever I moved my head slightly to one side one of my eyes would have a different focus point from the other caused by the curvature of the lens. I think that was causing a motion-sickness kind of reaction.
  3. I would assume that the drying speed of a thicker layer of paint would be most of the issue. ie. Too thick a layer of paint (in conjunction with the situations previously mentioned) drying too fast, from; high ambient temperature and low humidity, put under a hot bulb, being blowdried etc. Also, would handling the model, leaving finger residue, contribute to the "dry lake bed" effect? From an Autobody FAQ: Cracking (Line Checking, Micro-Checking) Condition : A series of deep cracks resembling mud cracks in a dry pond and in no definite pattern, they are usually through the color coat
  4. Has anyone used liquid Fabric Dyes in painting miniatures? Could you make something similar to the old GW inks or use them to make washes?
  5. I grabbed an Electric carving knife from the local Salvation Army Thrift Store for $5. I then split an ice cube tray in half length ways so you end up with two "trays" at 1X6. Next I attached one of the trays to the knife (the one side with the hole near the end and made a another hole near where the knife attaches to the motor housing) and use elastics to attach the other side. Pic Here
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