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  1. This is one of the CAV's brought over from Talon Games for the new release. Been meaning to do it, just never got 'round to it. Used it as a test for the "sponge damage" technique. Not bad for a first swing.
  2. The CAV recognition manual volume one mentions a variant of the Knight fire support CAV called a Black Knight; basically, a Knight with the particle bolt guns from a Warlord replacing the PBC and flamer the base design carries. Fairly simple mod, so I wanted to try one out.
  3. That's just a piece of awesomeness on a stand. Everything about it just makes me want to throw my brushes out and give up. Really spectacular work; I'll never look at frost giants in quite the same way again.
  4. I always liked the Voodoo design, but kinda find it a bit undergunned when compared to other CAV minis of the same size. So...I swapped out the small single-barrel weapon under the main gun for rotary gauss cannons. Now, THAT's more like it. 2 RGC's, and 2 particle bolt guns. Some good direct-fire punch there.
  5. Amazing work! Your client should be giddy!
  6. Kinda curious myself. I haven't entered a contest in I couldn't tell you how long. Kinda fun to try it again. Some really good stuff was put up; there are some awesomely talented folks on these boards.
  7. Okay, so this is a first character mini. Back when I played D&D, I favored dwarves; this little guy appealed, with the belligerent pose and axe/shield combo, with heavy armor. Still working on my NMM effects. The helmet turned out well, as did the armor (the right leg especially, I thought). The axe could use some work, but it's an odd shape and I had a time figuring out how to pattern the effect. Anyway, with luck it'll get better. For what it's worth, I have a neurological disorder called essential tremors; basically a fancy term for having shaky hands. Runs in the family. So some of the really fine work is hard for me to do. I'm just happy to get this level or work!
  8. I usually do sci-fi minis (read: CAV minis). But, I figured I'd try something new and liked the look of this fig. It's a hell of a lot bigger than I thought, though! Anyway, I know it's a cave dragon, but I wanted to go with blends of blues, because the head reminds me of the old line art of the blue dragon from the original AD&D monster manual (you old fogies will know what I mean!) Anyway, enjoy! Gonna put it on Ebay; new territory for sure. Anyone know how well painted fantasy figs do? I always have good luck with CAV and CBT stuff, but haven't tried anything like this.
  9. This was sort of a marriage of two "must do" projects. I wanted to build this particular CAV for awhile, thinking it would look pretty cool with parts that match a similar body "style". In addition, since the pics from the Mars rover came back, I wanted to do a Martian camo scheme; with a blend of orange and sepia tones. I think it turned out pretty nicely; gonna have to try it again sometime.
  10. The body/legs are from a Mastodon, the arms/missles are from the Rhino. I was inspired by the build to do a similar "super-CAV" of my own; a complete Mastodon, with Starhawk VI arms and a pair of Rhino missile pods. Very nifty; now I just have to figure out what to do with it.
  11. This is a custom CAV design, dubbed a Rancor from the client who commissioned it. It uses parts from two different KDM designs (Rhino, Mastodon), so it's a plausible build. It's painted in Steel Dragon "parade scheme" colors.
  12. A commission peice for a customer who designed the mini. The satisfying part? All the components actually do come from KDM builds, so it's at least a plausible concept.
  13. So one of the things I love about painting CAV minis (great sculpts aside) is that no one has really defined any sort of official, canon paint schemes. So, I can sort of make them up for fun without worrying about anyone griping about how it's not canon or what have you. So, I took a stab at a couple. Scheme 1: NADO 21st Division. Simple enough scheme. The left 3/4 of the CAV is painted in a dusty blue (blue being a popular color for dress uniforms), and the right 1/4 is in the camo color the unit would use when in the field. If they're in an urban area, it's grey. Jungle or woodland, green. Desert or plains, tan. Arctic, white. Very basic, but I like it. On this Ogre, I thought it looked nice. Scheme 2: Kolditz Mercenaries. Since the logo is black on blue, the scheme is the reverse; blue on black. I put it on a Kestral from the new Strike Ops mini line.
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    Man, those are great!
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