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  1. coogle

    Neverwinter Nights 2 releasing tomorrow

    I want this game and I want it now!!!
  2. coogle

    Kiri, then and now

    Nice. Although there were bits I liked about the first one too.
  3. coogle

    IoLM Hook Horror

    Hot dang, now THAT is speed painting Goodness!!!
  4. coogle

    Alone...and yet NOT alone

    "If you aren't paranoid, you aren't paying enough attention!"
  5. coogle

    A little lioness

    Nice nice work.
  6. coogle


    That's one nasty little bugger. Awesome paint job.
  7. coogle

    Christmas Sophie

    MMM.. I don't think my draw can drop any lower... Sophie is the bomb!!!
  8. coogle

    another twisted conversion

    I love it!
  9. coogle

    Crippling depression

    You may or may not find these writings usefull. I did most of them between visits to the hospital for extended periods of time for depression. http://users.bigpond.com/peterjudyklatt/
  10. coogle

    So, who's going?

    YES... MAYBE! Do you think that 14000km's would be too far to fly for Reapercon? I hope there are some spare tickets.... I'll be headed over to the states in a couple of weeks for work. A week or so in Charleston WV then a week or two in GreenBay. Then hopefully over to Germany to visit the reli's for a week or so.. which should time just nicely to swing back past for REAPERCON... but it's not in concrete when I'll be going... arrrgghhhh the suspense. So I may or may not be there holding up the Aussie flag.. upside down of course!
  11. coogle

    Death Priest revisited

    Damn that looks nice. I actually prefer the first shot. He looks like a weary traveller, bleached in the wilds.
  12. coogle


    Really nice. I just would have liked to see a little more colour on the front claws to make them look more like bird legs than lions paws
  13. coogle

    My lack of availability...

    Sounds like you are on the fast track to easy street Good luck
  14. coogle


    OOOO.. scaly :) Nice work.
  15. coogle

    Torquemeda and Lysander

    One word... SWEEET