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  1. Ah-hah! Hand Cannon Online! That was the name of the site. Thanks much. Any idea where I can find gem making tutorials, though? I can't find any in that topic.
  2. Oh, on another subject: how much should I look to spend on a good wet pallet? I'm looking for one that is as air-tight as possible. I hatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehate mixing paints because once the original dries up I can never seem to mix it right again. Ever. Hence why I want to invest in a wet pallet.
  3. I like it a lot...I just wish that you could get some better lighting to show off the figure more. It's kinda hard to make out any detail.
  4. Long story short, I lost all my bookmarks, including the ones I had for some painting techniques. I want to know if anyone can help me find these: - Tutorial on painting gems - Tutorial on basing (I think that it was in...argh, I forget the name of the site. It's operated by one of the posters here. He prefers P3 paints is all I remember) - Tutorial on painting hair (same as the above) - Tutorial on two brush blending (same as the above) - Tutorial on washing Thanks in advance, guys.
  5. Thanks for the info, but I (think) I know how to wash. What I'm looking for is advice on how to make the figure look less "cartoonish", and more realistic. Something to really make it pop, I guess?
  6. Basically, I'm almost done with this figure. I've showed it to my roommate and my mom, and they both say the same thing: that there needs to be something else added to it to make it look less "cartoony". My roommate suggested a brown wash using either Citadel's Gryphone Sephia or Orgyn Flesh, but I'm honestly not sure...especially since washing it would make me need to redo all my highlights. What does the board think?
  7. Could you extrapolate on that? I really don't know what you mean by "depth of shadow and brightness of highlights". >_>
  8. My take on Halbarand. I would like to give props to whoever wrote the "Glorious Locks" article for Hand Cannon Online. It gave me a great tutorial in how to pain blond hair. First time I've done it this way, and I think that the hair at least turned out pretty damned good. Looking back on it, I should have probably washed more of the cape to show more shadow, and it also looks like I may have missed a spot or two...but overall I like what I finished. :) Next figure I'm working on (a troll) I think that I'm going to try basing, too.
  9. I would like to know how you got the design on the bottom of the coat. Very impressive all-around, too.
  10. I remember painting the smaller version of this mini and making her look like a holy paladin (somehow). But there's no way that I could have pulled off something like this. Holy crap did you do a good job, especially with the free hand (was the elven lettering also done free hand?)! As someone else said, this one deserves to be placed in a glass case where it can be protected.
  11. Wow, that Mimic (I refuse to call them anything but!) looks awesome. I especially like how you made the wood look so realistic.
  12. Thing is, I DID use Testor's Dullcoat lacquer on it...just the brush-on form, and only on the non-metallic parts. So like the above poster is saying (I think), are you saying that it would make it look better if the WHOLE thing were done in dullcoat? I never considered that before...
  13. So you're saying that you think it would look better with everything in a dullcoat?
  14. As far as I can tell, I still need to work on weathering and shadowing, but for the most part I like how this turned out. I painted it using a combination of Reaper Pro Paints and Testors Model Master Acryl. For the sword, I actually made my first metallic wash, combining Dragon Black and Bright Gold Pro Paints, and I think that it turned out very nice--at least on that end. There seems to be a lot of chalkiness on the shield, which tells me that I need to add more water to the Bright Gold and Red Steel paints. Oh well, next time. I also took some of Ghool's advice and tried Bloodtracker Brown on the backpack from P3 paints, and I love the results. It was sealed first in a lacquer ultra gloss, then I brushed on a flat lacquer on the non-shiny parts. Oh, I should note that I tried to follow Ghool's advice for zenithal lighting, but I can't seem to get it, still. I put the light right above it, sure, but hardly any shadows show up. Do I rotate the figure and see how shadows form that way, too? Or just leave it stationary and go from there? Yes, I'm still new at this and shadowing and lighting still really confuse me...
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