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  1. While I don't foresee a SC, I think a digital copy is likely. Hopefully that would fill your needs. The extra $15 isn't just for the hard cover, but also for a 16 page color section in the back (8 pages of painted model display and an 8 page painting guide). Ok..I'll see if I can get family to get me it for X-mas this year. Oso
  2. Any chance of a Savage North in SC ? I don't want a heavy n' spendy HC since the original is in SC. Our group has two copies of the original 2nd ed so I wanted to buy the SN ed. but can't bring myself to paying $15 more for a HC.That $15 could go for new minis either for my current Dwarves or a new Icingstead army.
  3. MERCS will be eventually releasing up to 11 factions with 5 to 6 core troop types & possible varient sculps for those troops . The rules will first be available in PDF then a printed version. There will also be cards for each mini per faction. You'll only need 5 to 6 minis to play plus their respective card & five 10 sided dice. Kem-Var , USCR & FCC will be the next factions released.
  4. Yes the economy is hurting all hobbies including RPGs . I can't comment on 4e & it's possibly waning popularity. I just wish ICE would do more to promote it's far superior RPGs like Rolemaster Classic , Rolemaster Express & HARP (yes I'm biased LOL).
  5. Save for Kem-Var or FCC MERCS squad when the game is officially released. or Minis to build a Mordheim warband & Death Squads I-Guard squad.
  6. The Dark Elves are not for Darkspawn but Darkreach faction in SN (If I've read the posts right). Sweet Half Human/Half Giants !!! I want to know more about this faction asap. Concerning the new Barbarian mini in the previews section looks to not be for Warlord but for the regular line. But if the squlpt is any indication how the Half-Man/Half-Giants will look I'll be very happy.
  7. I might wait to buy the Savage North rulebook instead of the core even though I play Dwarves currently. Since the rules are the same it'll mean Adam & Scott won't need to buy it unless they want to later.
  8. I'd love to see a Campaign setting book for the world of Adon , but keep it generic rules wise. Let GMs convert it to their rules of choice be it Pathfinder , Savage Worlds , , Swords & Wizardry , Castles & Crusades ,Rolemaster ect.
  9. I won't play 4e because I don't like the focus on powers n' such. I won't play 3.5 unless I void the tactical / miniature combat/ movement rules. The same goes for Pathfinder. I'll be playing Rolemaster2/Classic or Express or a OGL retro-clone (including Castle & Crusades) if I play any fantasy rpgs.
  10. If you are still looking for the book check out both www.Powells.com & www.bn.com as I know they most likely have them & for good price compared to some online dealers. I'm thinking of getting rid of my 3.5 books including my FR stuff as I won't be playing them in the future. I'll be sticking to Cyberpunk 2020, Cyberspace , RIFTS/PB books games & Rolemaster2/Classic &/or RM Express.
  11. Like Microlite , a couple cheap POD ( but free PDFs) OGL based retro-clones are : Labrynth Lord from Goblinoid Games Swords & Wizardry Basic Fantasy RPG Malifaux looks good as I may be getting into it. Rolemaster Express ( $10+postage) is a good game & it's playing options can be expanded by buying & D/ling Express Additions PDFs for $2 apiece.
  12. For modern I'd go with D20 modern & it's expansions if you prefer D20/3.5 rules. If you are looking for easy modern rules go with New World of Darkness , as it's easy to learn & play. You don't need to buy the Vampire or other splat books to play using WoD as it's designed to be played as it's own game as well. For out of print near future/Cyberpunk rules you can get used such as the Cyberpunk 2020 or buy a legal PDF d/l ICE's Cyberspace , one of my favorite rules-lite cyberpunk RPGs. Both of the last two options are also probally cheaper options as well. I've played Cyberpunk 2020 & it's a fun but deadly game. Cyberspace is a game I ran & loved alot. Unlike CP 2020 & nWoD it doesn't need supplements to expand your options as it's pretty much self-contained. But Cyberspace's Death Valley Free Prison & Chicago sourcebooks are good buys. Only thing you might want to scrap is the gangs in the book & write up your own.
  13. Has anyone checked out www.mercsminis.com ? They are coming out with their own small squad based Sci-Fi skirmish game called MERCS. It grew out of their miniature line. They are still playtesting the rules but there is a good chance it'll be released near GenCon 2010 or sometime later..not really sure. I plan on playing it when it's released. $10 for minis & you only need 5-6 to play , plus the rules & dice. A very good deal. I can't wait till it's released.
  14. Cool, I read a while back when the Dark Elf Priestess sculpt was discussed someone inferred that Darkreach was a Darkspawn subfaction , or that's how I misread the post. Can we be told what the new factions from SN are going to be , beyond the Darkreach Dark Elves ? Plus will SN factions be playable vs. core factions ? Since rules are the same , I figure we can unofficially do so. But what about during official tournaments ?
  15. Concerning new rules/sub-factions such as Blood Stone Gnomes when are we getting the new book(s) ? I also am wondering if we'll get any updates on the Dark Elf Darkspawn sub-faction soon ?
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