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  1. Ah man, you even got the lighting perfect. Fantastic Job!!!
  2. Fantastic lighting on the forward hand. The Sword is Stunning. Great Job!
  3. Wow!! Fantastic Skintones and Non-Metallic Metal. Well Done!!
  4. erm....okay. Thanks for all off your input guys. I welcome it. Yeah, that was unclear. That should read "Do matching freehand on the back of the cape" Sorry, the cough medicine is making me loopy. :) ... [i hate it when you're right [trudges back to the painting table]]
  5. This was a fun bugger to paint. Enjoy!
  6. Fantastic Job. The Sheer is well done and the backdrop is amazing. Great Job.
  7. --NMM on the sword blade is a bit rough, particularly near the hilt on the front side. --visible brushstrokes on the shinplates --the + thing on the bit hanging between her legs doesn't show much color other than white --too much white highlight on the right wrist guard --not enough highlight on the bronze armor pieces (the gold bits are ok, though). In fact, what is supposed to be bronze looks like leather instead. --the sword scabbard is very rough and flat. Gold NMM on the bottom part needs to be blended better --hair highlighting is kinda meh --freehand could be more crisp --highlighting on the gloves is spotty (particular on the inside of the forearms) --spots of white on the base --visible mold line on the inside part of her right arm I know, I'm my own worst critic. Mind you, I'm not saying this is horrible. Just that there are things that I look at and see that I could fix, but just didn't feel like spending any more time on it. I ... so ... HATE You ...
  8. erm....okay. Thanks for all off your input guys. I welcome it.
  9. Just a Barbarian for the D&D game. Enjoy!
  10. This is what I've been up to. Enjoy!
  11. And then I have Sergei's stuff to compete against. It's a viscious cycle! Castlebuilder It's like the cold war, with hirstarts blocks and pink insulation foam. and this is me, staying completely out of it. I know when I am bettered.
  12. The images (though great), do not do this terrain justice.
  13. I had a question posed to me, so here we go; Do the Familiars still go on their own bases?
  14. A 16 DV ~ there are only 3 models with a DV that good, and only the Guardian Angel compares with the 19 DV against Ranged Attacks. The MAV 8 with 5 attacks. For fun with the noodles, let's add First Strike, Frenzy and Warmaster. Outrider ~ just for those 1000pt games when you really want to be a peeler. Hmmm, a Flying Mage with the Ranger Special Ability ~ how fun is that? But wait there's more! A Flying Mage with the Ranger Special Ability AND access to Elf Only Spells. So, for 294 + Spells, I know it buys a good dose of temporary invincible. Dragon went down fast in the game I was playing (I was playing Nefsokar)... Game lasted 4 turns. Dragon needs Blow thru in the worst way You just proved my point. Do I think dragons are cool! Heck yeah! Would I like them in Warlord. Shoot yes! My problem with them is their current stats. The way they are, they're not nearly strong enough and not nearly enough points. Dragons should be their own army, able to be allied with a faction where they're wanted, not part of any particular faction. And as far as points go, one dragon should be an entire 1500 point army by itself! I feel the same way about Judas. He IS THE Vampire Lord after all.
  15. Subfactions can change from game to game. [Obviously] Inform your opponent which subfaction you're playing prior to the game. No. Unless there is an uproar about it. I'd like to hear peoples opinions about the scenarios.
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