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  1. Awesome! I’m so happy you are enjoying this, things are looking great!
  2. Nice and clean, looks great.
  3. Excellent! The colors are great on such a dark piece.
  4. The magic weapon shop. Had to give the bards out there some love with a magic banjo.
  5. I have an anycubic photon S and I love it! Looks like you are enjoying it yourself, and congrats on a fun new tool for the hobby. here are a couple suggestions I can offer you. 1) positioning the model is very important. Find an orientation where you need the least supports and they will be the least visible. This will often be about a 30 angle on its back, but really depends on the mini. The more upright you go, the longer it takes, but the more you can hide the supports. 2) use manual supports, the auto support function is terrible! It might be a tool you can use to get an idea, but I’m a hard pass on that. I use a lot of Light supports for almost everything, and you can tweak the touch points of the supports so they aren’t as deep. My light supports pull off with my hand with little to no artifacts on the model. I use a few medium supports per model to anchor it. I put these in spots you will never see. Like the heel of the feet and any major undercut. The edit support feature is fiddly, by really helps you pull a support away from the model or get into a wired spot. You can also change where the support touches the model to hide them even more. I was having all these supports running up the legs of minis and couldn’t possibly clean them off and it was frustrating. Pull them away from the model, more than you’d think. 3) look from the bottom of the build plate and go up in layers, looking for islands or spots with undercuts. The flatter the surface, the more supports you’ll need. When in doubt, use a support. 4) do one model at a time until you know the supports work as expected and the print is stable. Once you have a stable file, you can pack the build plate. I usually do a test print. If that looks okay, then I know file is good to go. Otherwise I can make specific edits. You don’t want to end up with full plate of stuff that can be ruined for something that was missed somewhere else. 5) anytime you fail, you need to clean your film and the resin bath. Stuff gets caked onto the film and you’ll fail all prints after that. Floating chunks of cured resin in your bath is no good either. I hate cleaning my bath so I... 6) take your time setting the supports. I spend about 15-30 mins per mini setting up the supports. Upfront time saves you repeated print time and clean up time. overall I love my anycubic. Definitely some frustrating times and challenges to start, but now I can look at a mini, know which way to orientate it and where my supports need to go. I really suggest taking the time one model at a time and learning from your mistakes. Look at a failed print, and then look at your file. Oh, I needed a support on that elbow or under that mace handle, or brim of hat. After a couple times of analyzing a failed print, you start to catch on and get the hang of it. best of luck!
  6. The pizza trap would get me everytime! great ideas and execution.
  7. They look great, love the colors. I wonder if they trip after eating manflesh?
  8. Candelabra from the first bones KS. ...nothing protects a dungeon from pesky rogues like a Velociraptor!
  9. Neatpete


    This is great, Vibrant colors are awesome. I like it better without the spell effects.
  10. I see that exact story as well Glitterwolf. Great expression in these two. I’ve been a fan of your stuff for a long time malefactus. Glad to see you are still at it!
  11. The sand stone looks really good. Good job breaking up the mini so it’s not a giant blob of grey. suggestions: scrape those mold lines off with a knife or file. They can kill a great paint job. the gems could pop a bit more, lots of tutorials available if your feeling ambitious! great job though, this mini can easily look ugly.
  12. Great work all around but the bottles are fantastic!
  13. Had a daddy date to the game store with my favorite mini on Saturday night. She loves going there. She’s 2.5 and got a pepa the pig board game and I got these. Quick but fun paint. I need to watch this movie series again. “You cleva girl...”
  14. Thread for all my new terrain makes. Any and all comments welcome! To start off, a classic piece that every town needs. Made this well from dollar store foam core and balsa. I think the shingles are a bit too large but otherwise I’m happy with it. 2” washer base. While making it I thought of a non combat encounter where a fire breaks out in town and the party must make trips to the well the help put it out. Or maybe just have barbarian raiders throwing torches and they must balance dispensing them and fighting the fires. Any ideas welcomed!
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