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  1. The rust is excellent and the basing is great as well.
  2. This is wickedly cool! great colors and execution all around, bravo. I have this model on top of my game shelves. It stands there, taunting me. It’s been up there so long it’s become the home of a few spiders over the years. The accumulated bug corpses and webs have given it a completely unique, yet appropriate creepy factor. It’s one of the many reasons I haven’t painted it yet. Thanks for the inspiration!
  3. Sweet! The colors will make identification and record keeping so much easier on the game board.
  4. Thanks! My phone camera has crapped out so the pics are a bit bad, sorry. I airbrushed the windshield and grey suits -Quick way to cover those smooth surfaces. Love the idea of shading in some purple on the VIP. I was burnt out by the time I got to her so mixed in some metallic medium for her hair and called it good. Kinda looks like a joker suit, but she’ll stand out on the table I guess.
  5. Haha, I had this box set. Still do! They were so light they float off the table. Many hours were spent fending then off in my basement with an old DnD battle system. they look great!
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