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  1. New Kingdom Death boat just dropped 🤪
  2. I finally got into the Bones V dwarf set and completed him for April. I’m happy with how he came out. Toran Bronzebeard !
  3. I feel like if I proposed something so overly designed and inefficient at my job, I would be fired.
  4. She looks great to me. Maybe as @Glitterwolfsaid, make the nuks pop more but otherwise something on the base? The base completely disappears as is, so if that’s your intent, call it a day.
  5. Great job! The purples are nice and the green eyes or whatever they are pop well.
  6. This sounds ambitious but awesome! If you are ever looking for someone to paint one with (we each paint our own and chat about it or w/e) let me know and I’ll do one with you. 🎨😃
  7. I like the red on the bull and cape.
  8. Unit9 with some cyberpunk bikers and worker exoskeletons.
  9. Winterhawks 5-1 Royals …which was the same score the NBL Kansas City Royals lost with today. 🤪
  10. I'm taking the fam to the game tomorrow!
  11. Happy birthday you painting animal!
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