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  1. Neatpete

    Sister Hazel, Plague Doctor 07017

    Oh that’s really nice!
  2. Neatpete

    Mr. & Ms. Bones

  3. Neatpete

    Bones IV Fantasy Scenics—shrine and doorway

    Those look perfect! Nice use of tufts and washes.
  4. Neatpete

    44047:- Deep Gnome Heroes

    They look great, tiny I’m sure.
  5. Neatpete

    Dreadmere NPC mercs

    Picked these up to see what bones black was all about. Painted them in one night so they are rather rushed but the guy on the right has a black eye that looks kinda cool and totally appropriate. Detail was okay, not as great as some of these master prints I see in the KS, but much better than the stuff I got in the first KS. There was a mold shift on the back of the one guys head but a quick green stuff job sorted it out.
  6. That is very impressive, congratulations! def top heavy, almost looks like a bust, and the angles of the pics may exaggerate it, but kudos to you for such an accomplishment!
  7. Neatpete

    89001 Pathfinder Red Dragon

    Thanks for the feedback everyone! I did airbrush the wings. Had the day off, wife had work, kid had school, so I dug out the airbrush I hadn’t used in probably 10 years and spent hours fiddling with something that should have taken me minutes. One thing I’m still trying (and probably always will) to perfect, regardless of instrument of application is the thickness paint.
  8. Neatpete

    Narthrax the dragon

    Those scales look sick!
  9. Neatpete

    Treasure Hoard (Custom Build)

    Fun, and the PLayers eyes will light up when that hits the table for sure!
  10. Neatpete

    Autumn Fairy -- Bones Conversion

    Great basing work. Maybe the vine leaves yellow/red to match the season? She looks tiny, great job!
  11. Neatpete

    89001 Pathfinder Red Dragon

    The new Kickstarter got me motivated to dig up some old bones. I realized after all these years I have never painted a dragon, so I got after it. Rather happy with how this came out.
  12. Neatpete

    Bones 4 Skeletal Chimera

    Looks great, I like the flock.
  13. Neatpete


    Well done on that coat!
  14. Neatpete

    Madame Delia 3978

    Well that doesn’t suck. Fantastic all around. Love the fabric print.
  15. Neatpete

    Cloud Giantess: Yephima 2.0