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  1. Shout out to the whoever put some kiddo goodies in the Parody box. My four year old loves going through minis with me, but the look on her face when she found a plastic Frozen Water Knock was amazing. She was so excited. I explained how the box worked and if she wanted to keep anything, she needed to trade. It was a great learning lesson and she happily traded for one of her unicorns. 🥰
  2. Parody box departed the PNW on Friday. Tracking number provided to @Pineapple
  3. That’s awesome! Very convincing.
  4. I received the box but was out of town this weekend. It’s too full and there’s no room for all the stuff I want to dump! I’ll need to start a box next time. Sending out today or tomorrow, I’ll double tape the seals coz it’s bursting with goodies.
  5. I received my spring bulb order! About 100 in there, some daffodils and crocus too. Living in the PNW, spring flowers are important for my sanity.
  6. That’s great. This ones in my queue and it keeps getting deferred because I’m a coward. Thanks for the kick in the pants.
  7. Pizza!!! It was everything I hoped it would be. So good, and cooks in ~2 mins. Kids had fun and we picnicked on the patio as we made more pies. Roccbox!
  8. I finally was bit by the succulent bug this summer. To appease, I built a quick little corner insert on the inside deck railing that gets a lot of sun. It has been a fun addition to the garden this year.
  9. She is such an amazing helper. Today, as we were filling in the dirt and rocks behind the wall, she said “daddy, I really like your design.” (She’s 4 😆)
  10. That sickle looks….sick! 😆🙄😒
  11. It’s a great time of the year for thedahliadude! All but two came up, but it was the two in the dead center of the garden 😆 but otherwise pretty happy. I’m working on finishing a retaining wall on the garden and it’s coming along nicely. Had to remove a stump and drill out some big roots of a crab apple tree that had to go.
  12. That’s awesome! Great choice on the base color, grey rocks would have been a mess.
  13. Another one that’s been sitting half painted for 5+ years. Not Michonne from Hasslefree miniatures. I have a house rule set for pop culture minis. Some Bones! 1010 Blighted Dryad 1011 and 1012 BriarLings
  14. We’ve been shut out on my trail cam the first week, but we got our first hit last night: the neighbors cat. Which the kids thought was cool, so a win.
  15. Happy birthday! Sounds like a wonderful day full of family and love.
  16. Their thirst is intensifying far past nectar. For something more… thick. Whatever you do, do not invite one of these things inside!
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