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  1. Sweet! The colors will make identification and record keeping so much easier on the game board.
  2. Thanks! My phone camera has crapped out so the pics are a bit bad, sorry. I airbrushed the windshield and grey suits -Quick way to cover those smooth surfaces. Love the idea of shading in some purple on the VIP. I was burnt out by the time I got to her so mixed in some metallic medium for her hair and called it good. Kinda looks like a joker suit, but she’ll stand out on the table I guess.
  3. Haha, I had this box set. Still do! They were so light they float off the table. Many hours were spent fending then off in my basement with an old DnD battle system. they look great!
  4. Very nice! Not sure what’s going on with the blue on the staff, but looks great, and tiny!
  5. Beautiful! So many details and the face is wonderful.
  6. Very nice! The colors of the stones are my favorite.
  7. Some 3D printed Corpos for cyberpunk. Couple of bodyguards, Muscle, bag carrier and VIP. And a car I printed and added LEDs for “underglow”! I do have some reaper stuff on the desk, I promise!
  8. Excellent work. The boots are really nice.
  9. Easter eggs, each filled with a fossil. I of course had to peek. Some fun stuff in there, the kid is going to be stoked! Great excuse to pick up a piece for my collection too. Petrified wood round with fungal rot. About 11” diameter. 🤩
  10. Papsikle November cyberpunk and not predator2 sculpts provided pre-supported at ~35mm - a bit bigger than I like, but will work for my needs. Printed on an Anycubic photon S, which has sadly just stopped printing anything other than random vertical layers. 😭
  11. RIP queen. 👸 One of the last unifying figures, admired by all types.
  12. That’s great. The juxtaposition of the clothes and skin looks awesome. maybe a few less colors (re: quiver)? Face and skin are 💯
  13. That’s amazing. Well done, top to bottom. base is well executed, paint colors and effects all compliment the style of sculpt. Vibrant while withered. The only thing I question is the the shutter and door color choice. It ties the legs into the top section. Darker/lighter, idk, slight miss for me, but not enough to derail this amazing accomplishment. Great piece.
  14. Looks like you washed the cloak. I might try a second wash for consistency, and then go back and paint the high parts of the folds the original base color so they stand out. Then you can take a lighter shade of green, thin it out, and “sketch” the highest parts. Work your way around the model and it should be dry by the time you get back around for a second pass.
  15. Great way for her to start, I’m sure she’ll love it.
  16. Fantastic! The lights and vines are a great touch. Nice paint too.
  17. Printed this one. He’s the muscle at the club my cyberpunk red characters operate.
  18. Cool! You’ve done justice to this character.
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