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  1. Thank you all very much. Glad you like him! :)
  2. Love the Christmas tree freehand on the guitar. This is one of my fave minis, and you did a gorgeous job on her. :)
  3. They remind me of Haldir's elven rangers from the LOTR movie. Very nice!
  4. That skycar is fabulous! I love things like that, and you did a great job. Thanks for posting those!
  5. What's the story for this one? The green and red baddie, the two henchmen, the paint on the floor? It's very cool, it makes me want to know more about what's going on! :)
  6. Now there's a great idea. I might have to do that. Thanks!
  7. Really? I guessed right that it was a sea dragon? Cool! And thanks!
  8. Great blending on the cloak. I wish my blending was that smooth!
  9. This big guy I've had sitting on my shelf for years and years. I'm not even sure where I got him, I've had him so long. I think he's a Ral Partha dragon from way back in the day. I recently got a hankering to paint a dragon, and there he was... As I was deciding how to paint him, I thought that his tail looked like a fish tail, and his claws looked like they were webbed. I decided to make him an undersea dragon! So I painted the his scales in a tourquois color that looked like water. I added the sand, seaweed, and the coral to his base to complete the look. Constructive criticism always welcome! :)
  10. Thanks, all, for the warm welcome. I can see this is a friendly place, and I like that. :) Metalchaos: Yeah, I think you're right about the highlighting. I could take him up another step or two. And thanks, I hope to post some more pieces soon. :)
  11. Thanks to both of you. I certainly welcome constructive criticism as well.
  12. Hello all! Long-time painter, first-time poster here. I thought I'd introduce myself by showing off one of my little projects. He took a silver medal at Genghis Con (Denver) in 2009. Sorry that the lighting's not great on the piccies. Hope you like! :)
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