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  1. Bearfoot_Adam

    Warlord in Portland, OR?

    So there are a couple players in Portland. A buddy and I picked this game up a while back and we found a small group of players at bridgetown on Thursdays. They do tend to shift games though so they may not be playing it now. I myself haven't played in a couple years but it is a pretty decent game.
  2. Bearfoot_Adam

    Castleville anyone?

    Eh i'll bite. The game is starting to grow on me.
  3. Bearfoot_Adam


    So I threw together a 1000 point MERC list that has been a complete joy to play. I picked the mercs because I wanted to take full advantage of the proxy rules and reapers awesome choice of mini's and turns out to be a very affective and fun list to play. I also wanted to see how a shooty army would perform. So far my favorite tactic is to have Eredain creat walls in the middle of the field for my x-bow and pirates to use and have my minotaurs on the flanks ot rush attack those that go after them. My primary struggle are my buddy's hunting cats along with Selwynn and Caerwynn right now my record for it is W 1 L 2 but my second loss was by 2 points. So here it is. Troop 1 Boris Mingla Eredain Leisynn, Wizard of Chaos Shad Coalshadow 3 Blackreef Pirate (random DHL Pirate proxies, The male half orc is my fav) 3 Okuran (DHL samurai 3 pack) 3 Mercenary Crossbowman (Anhurian Crossbowman) 2 Mercenary Axeman (Higlander Claymore models) familiar Troop 2 6 Minotaur (2 warlord, 2 Trezzna, Gore, Yera water buffalo ) Troop 3 Dendris
  4. Bearfoot_Adam

    help me pick second army

    say again now. Why would that be?
  5. Bearfoot_Adam


    I've used both Bull or fighters and Bugbears very effectively. I really dig the bugbears Band ability
  6. Bearfoot_Adam

    Varaug and Enrage

    What do you mean? I've always used them at the same time. ie. My fresh berserker decides to frenzy and takes 3 attacks at a +3. I will then decide to enrage this model bringing his MAV back to 4 but his DV drops to 8. Is this the kind of thing you are talking about?
  7. Bearfoot_Adam

    Laquer and silk

    Thats right, I'm trying some samurai and would love some advice on how to get these textures. Thanks all.
  8. Bearfoot_Adam

    Starting with the Mercs

    So I officially have my second faction under way and it is the Mercenaries. I Picked the mercs because it seemed the best to use the proxy law with, there are just some awesome pirate models, and I like using Minotaurs for ogres. Here is my starting 500 points army. What are your thoughts on it. My main concern is the low DV (I come from playing a Bull Orc heavy Reven force). Thanks all. Mercs 499 Troop 1 Minotaur x3 Troop 2 Mack Hardwick Shad Coalshadow Eredain with shadow armor Street Thug x4 Pirate x4
  9. Bearfoot_Adam

    Poison and Pain Tokens

  10. Bearfoot_Adam

    Poison and Pain Tokens

    As Shak asked. Will it then negate the poison check then because it is healed?
  11. Bearfoot_Adam

    Poison and Pain Tokens

    But who's wish? The player who was poisoned or the poisoner?
  12. Bearfoot_Adam

    Poison and Pain Tokens

  13. Bearfoot_Adam

    Noobie Question

    Actually the majority of players I've encountered have no more than 10 models for 500 points. And if you are looking at some factions you can easily make a thousand point army (the "standard" point value) with less then 10 models.
  14. Bearfoot_Adam

    Poison and Pain Tokens

    So Both the Poison roll and the pain token healing happen in the end phase. Which happens first? I had a situation where the poison would have killed a model but the character spent pain tokens to heal before the poison roll, which he subsequently failed.
  15. Bearfoot_Adam

    Models and Terrain

    So I had a situation yesterday. I was on a 2 tier hill. Tier 1 had a 1 inch border around the second tier. Just like the picture on p. 18. I had some guys based on tier 2 more than a 1/2 inch from the edge. Up comes a giant based model to base them. But in no way could it fit on the tier 2 or tier one part of the hill. They said that they could base my models. Is that the case?