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  1. So there are a couple players in Portland. A buddy and I picked this game up a while back and we found a small group of players at bridgetown on Thursdays. They do tend to shift games though so they may not be playing it now. I myself haven't played in a couple years but it is a pretty decent game.
  2. Eh i'll bite. The game is starting to grow on me.
  3. So I threw together a 1000 point MERC list that has been a complete joy to play. I picked the mercs because I wanted to take full advantage of the proxy rules and reapers awesome choice of mini's and turns out to be a very affective and fun list to play. I also wanted to see how a shooty army would perform. So far my favorite tactic is to have Eredain creat walls in the middle of the field for my x-bow and pirates to use and have my minotaurs on the flanks ot rush attack those that go after them. My primary struggle are my buddy's hunting cats along with Selwynn and Caerwynn right now my recor
  4. I've used both Bull or fighters and Bugbears very effectively. I really dig the bugbears Band ability
  5. What do you mean? I've always used them at the same time. ie. My fresh berserker decides to frenzy and takes 3 attacks at a +3. I will then decide to enrage this model bringing his MAV back to 4 but his DV drops to 8. Is this the kind of thing you are talking about?
  6. Thats right, I'm trying some samurai and would love some advice on how to get these textures. Thanks all.
  7. So I officially have my second faction under way and it is the Mercenaries. I Picked the mercs because it seemed the best to use the proxy law with, there are just some awesome pirate models, and I like using Minotaurs for ogres. Here is my starting 500 points army. What are your thoughts on it. My main concern is the low DV (I come from playing a Bull Orc heavy Reven force). Thanks all. Mercs 499 Troop 1 Minotaur x3 Troop 2 Mack Hardwick Shad Coalshadow Eredain with shadow armor Street Thug x4 Pirate x4
  8. As Shak asked. Will it then negate the poison check then because it is healed?
  9. But who's wish? The player who was poisoned or the poisoner?
  10. Actually the majority of players I've encountered have no more than 10 models for 500 points. And if you are looking at some factions you can easily make a thousand point army (the "standard" point value) with less then 10 models.
  11. So Both the Poison roll and the pain token healing happen in the end phase. Which happens first? I had a situation where the poison would have killed a model but the character spent pain tokens to heal before the poison roll, which he subsequently failed.
  12. So I had a situation yesterday. I was on a 2 tier hill. Tier 1 had a 1 inch border around the second tier. Just like the picture on p. 18. I had some guys based on tier 2 more than a 1/2 inch from the edge. Up comes a giant based model to base them. But in no way could it fit on the tier 2 or tier one part of the hill. They said that they could base my models. Is that the case?
  13. So does this mean they only get 1 move action, essentially 1 action for the second turn? Again, can they start off in B2B with an enemy and then attack? do they get to focus?
  14. So Savage North is now considered the core? Huh.
  15. I play, and love the Reven. I'm looking to start up a Merc in the next year.
  16. So we were playing a 2v2 game recently. Reven (me) and Korborlas vs. Nefsokar and BSG. The nefsokar held back one of the wolves troops, for a turn, with their ability. The next turn the BSG used their ability to deploy a charnel grub which was deployed on the Reven/wolf deployment edge. it was able to base with a Reven troop I was keeping in reserve. At the wolves deployment the player brought his delayed troop onto the field. He was able to base with the Charnel grub without having to move first, hoping to focus. Both myself and the other two payers agreed that you probably could not start of
  17. If the Savage North is meant to be a sort of replacement for the original rulebook, since the data cards are available online, does this means that the FA's and WA's will be added to Reapergames as well so you really truly only need one of the books?
  18. Cool, thanks. Are there any plans for players to make there own data cards ala cart kind of like in the first ed. warlord? Or did that not work out very well? (I never played.)
  19. Have I? IF this will start a woof fit I'll close it know.
  20. What with the new expansion and people talking about designing a faction I was wondering what goes into the mechanics of faction design. How much does a extra damage track cost to a fighter vs a caster? Is pike more expensive then quick strike? Is it cheaper to have MA 3 at MAV 3 or MA 2 at MAV 4/5. What about base sizes? I know much about the factions are coming up with abilities that match a theme, and that factions are meant to be taken as a whole not in an individual.I think it would be very interesting to know whats going on behind the curtain. Unless this would reveal trade secrets.
  21. A good list to be sure, however you need 4 troops to get that second hill giant.
  22. I like it. I think it gives them a nice versatility.
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