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  1. I absolutely love the dynamic sense of motion this mini has. I tried to pick an equally vibrant color scheme but wanted to stick with a very simple base. As usual, the most challenging part of this mini were the metals (I'm better at cloth than metal it would seem). But nevertheless, a really fun mini to paint. Feedback appreciated!
  2. Great color combination and execution! Is that a custom base?
  3. Nice shading on the robe and metal work. And your daughter picked out a good color scheme =)
  4. Boy, I'll second that! I think basecoating takes up 75% of my time =P
  5. This guy has been primed and ready to paint on my shelf for months. I finally painted him over the Christmas break. I had my doubts about my painting until I started applying all the washes at the end to bring out the separation of the gems, the griminess of the bandages, and the detail of his armor. Up until that point he looked like a "brand new" mummy and not something ancient and gritty. The color scheme was more difficult to balance than I had thought. Though the Egyptians weren't exactly subtle in their use of color, juxtaposing too much of the wrong colors made him look like a Christmas elf (red/green), an Incan/Mayan (red/yellow), or Uncle Sam (red/blue). Had to tweak him and backtrack several times to make it look more Egyptian. I based him on some sand and stood up an interesting piece of standstone as a backdrop. Nothing too fancy, but I liked the effect. Comments/feedback appreciated!
  6. Agreed, great job on the face and I really like the subdued browns on her clothing.
  7. Very, very nice. I especially like the work on his facial scales and the shield (looks like it was hand-scraped leather and wood passed down for 2 generations!).
  8. My wife picked out this mini and detailed the color scheme. I *just* had to execute her ambitious vision =) Her scheme boiled down to light blue faded to dark blue on the dress, various shades of aqua for all beads and orbs, black/silver corset, and black hair. Of everything, I think I was really only pleased with how the dress turned out. It was my first attempt at any sort of continuous blending. I screwed up the eyes trying to follow the great example on The Craft by going too thick with the paint. I also got a bit lazy with the metallics on the staff, jewelry, and corset. But it was a another good learning experience and best of all the wifey loved it. Sooner or later all the piecemeal things I'm doing right will finally come together on one mini... right? =)
  9. I especially like the base on the scout with shotgun.
  10. That's a really evocative paint job. I can imagine it "snick snick snicking" along the ground toward unsuspecting players.
  11. That's a good idea. I hadn't noticed how they are tending to blend together too much. Sometimes the paint in the dropper bottles can get clumpy in the dropper tip. If that's the problem, the fix is easy enough. Remove the tip, wash it out and replace it. If the clumps are throughout the paint in the bottle, you can try vigorous shaking and stirring and possibly a little flow improver to counter the thickness. I'll give that a try! Thanks for the feedback, all!
  12. I fell in love with this sculpt at first sight and from her popularity on CMON, it seems that I'm not alone. She's been painted by so many fantastic artists, that I was a bit hesitant when I first started her. I finally decided I wanted the robe's base to be Twilight Blue blended up to Marine Teal highlights. For the under robe at the front, I used Snow Shadow. After that, it was just a matter of picking accent colors to match (purples, golds, browns). This mini was a joy to paint! So many details to have fun with. I very much enjoyed painting her robes. I believe my blending and contrast on clothing is getting slowly better. I need more practice on faces and hair, though. This is the first female face I've painted and only the fourth face overall. It was nerve wracking! I saved the face until last and kept thinking, "if I royally screw up her face, that's all anyone will notice and the work on the rest of the mini will be for naught!" I've also discovered my Tanned Skin is too dark for my tastes as a skin base and for some reason is remaining clumpy despite thinning with water. =/ Comments and criticism appreciated!
  13. Good eye! I hadn't noticed the shield's flatness, but you're absolutely right. I like that idea. I'll give it a try on the next lack-luster wooden pole I get.
  14. Yeah, I think I will definitely do that next time. The pole came out more boring that I expected even though I tried some shading. Woodgrain next time for sure!
  15. I bought this mini thinking the banner would be main focal point, but as the detail of the elf was filled in, it became obvious the banner should be simpler. My wife suggested a light colored linen for the banner which I thought turned out well. The freehand emblem was also better than I had imagined. This mini was several firsts for me: first time mixing MM with NM, first use of static grass, first freehand. Were I to paint it again, I think I'd pick another color or two other than purples for accents on his armor. This was my first attempt using purples and once again my contrast is very lacking. There's some quilted armor on his back (hard to make out in the picture) that actually had the right contrast, but it was such a small region, it isn't very noticeable. As with most of my "serious" minis to date, I think I screw up more than I get right, but at least I don't think I'm making the same mistakes =) Comments and criticism welcome!
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