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    gaming (it's a general statement, I currently am involved in 5 different Wargames, a couple of table top RPG's, a LARP, and love board games, only thing I'm not crazy about is consol games or computer games). Other interests include dogs, poetry, reading, writing, painting and generaly doing what makes me and those around me happy.
  1. That makes me glad, so now I can start buyin BSG for my luv and she can play 'em, yay.
  2. All right so, I'm back at doing the Warlord, I have a question, for second ed, is there any place to find rules for the lost factions. I always loved the Lupine, and they are gone, though I have over a dozen models. And my wife would like to look into the Bloodstone Gnomes. I also have a passing interest in the Wood Elves and Razig. Do they just not have rules currently?
  3. I have a fairly large collection of Nefsokar, I can easily field a 2K+ Army. I have some Dark Spawn, had an Elf army (went to a friend of mine). Looking at Overlords and Dwarves as well. Also picked up a ton of Reptus a friend order through a FLGS, but then had huge financial problems, instead of having the FLGS take a loss (he picked them up for a Deep One themed army in a different Wargame), I bought them. So that's my deal currently, 2 Evil, 2 Neutral, 2 Good.
  4. I don't think Inspire is a good enough reason to clump, though it does fully open mixed arms for me. Several cav pieces to support grunts. Fast movers to support where needed. But I'm good with it, it allows me to look for leaders that I can do different things with as opposed to survivability and Dis bumps.
  5. It will take a bit of getting used to, but definetly opens other tactics. Is the units card in the draw deck governed by the Leader model? If the leader dies, do I remove the card? Or do I just continue using that with the remaining troops? Are there any ill effects to the loss of the leader other then loss of the Inspire? Do troops become shaken, demoralized in any way?
  6. Well, I played a fair amount of 1st eddition, and faded away for a bit. I loved the game, but it's hard enough in my area to get people to try something new, much less something new that is in the middle of a revision. I do miss stunts, pushing people off of walls and cliffs was good. I also miss being able to mix factions, I do believe we few old school players around here will house rule that back. No doctrine, but mixed force, the last alliance of good is once more in affect. I love the updated magic system, at least how it reads. I get to take 2nd ed out for a spin with the mighty mighty Nefsokar this weekend.
  7. OK, so I just picked up Warlords Second eddition, I have not found any rule on cohenrency. Is there a reason to keep troops with their leader? or can the split apart with no negative effects after deployment?
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