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  1. The list from January still stands: Get a painting/craft area set up. This involves a lot of cleaning that needs to get done anyway. Seal the two familiars I've painted, and give them some sort of base, even if it is just sand. Finish painting the figure I've had in progress since August. Now that I'll be painting weekly, I'm hoping the figures will get done (though possibly not sealed, as there is nowhere to spray inside since I'm in an apartment complex - too cold to seal outside).
  2. Well, I had plans: It turns out the lamp I was planning to use in my painting area (one with multiple bulbs on adjustable arms) died when I moved. I've got a table set up, but no light. Which means I didn't get much painting done. I did work on the figure I've had since August, and discovered just how hard a bright red skirt is to paint. It's now too bright, and all the highlights just aren't visible. However, I did learn that it is very fun to paint with an audiobook playing, and I'm now planning on making Terry Pratchett audiobooks and painting a weekly occurrence.
  3. Echidnox fights the battle against fatty fast food? That's great. And caeke is a much better food anyway. Oh, they must be rescuing the caeke from the chodling's... There is plot in there somewhere.
  4. Your PCs must run in terror. Those guys look scary. I particularly like the one without a gun - that big claw is striking.
  5. I love the color choices on that kobold. Everything just pops. And I normally prefer my kobolds more draconic-looking. You'r paint job has me liking that model a lot more.
  6. Thanks for making these videos. I really like the 360 spin feature, and thank you for letting us see the additional parts that come with the minis. I had no idea that Seoni has a a staff option. And hearing your thoughts on the minis and how you needed to clean them up is really helpful for potential buyers.
  7. I love these models, and I like the very different color schemes that everyone came up with. The Legion is just so fun.
  8. I'd also love to see more Reaper. The only Rochester area rep I know of is Dragon Snack, and his appearance on Sundays is always iffy, due to needing to care for his dog (who is an excellent store mascot). I've learned to shop Saturdays!
  9. I think if I write down goals, stuff will happen. Going from my 2010 goal list: Get a painting/craft area set up. This involves a lot of cleaning that needs to get done anyway. Seal the two familiars I've painted, and give them some sort of base, even if it is just sand. Finish painting the figure I've had in progress since August.
  10. Thanks for the answers Mark. I will check out ReaperGames.com - you may want to mention it in your next video, since it sounds like it answers a lot of the questions I had. I'm not sure I'd find anyone to play with, which is why I haven't really looked into Warlord much. There are no Black Lightning reps within 200 miles of me (and when I sort the table of reps by state there are none in mine). I haven't found a gaming store that carries more than 50 of Reaper's minis, and none that carry the paints. That doesn't mean anything on its own, of course, but if no one local is selling Reaper and Warlord, it's a lot less likely that anyone is playing it. I'll see if I can get in a demo game at the next SimCon - Dragon Snack Games is usually there.
  11. Good to see you! I would have been here sooner, but having no pictures to post made me lurk for a while (okay, a couple of years...). I've been enjoying your posts - your minis and mad scientist constructs are as cool as I remember. You had an Alice in Wonderland game you were working on - did you ever get to run it? The minis were great, and I recall that the rulebook was pretty nifty as well. I do miss you both at SimCon, although DragonSnack is around to keep the paint and takes going, and sell me lots of minis.
  12. Thanks for the videos. I've enjoyed both of them. I particularly liked the model previews and the focus on the boxed sets. I have a few questions about the latest video. I know almost nothing about Warlord (I played a demo game at a con once, at least 2-3 years ago), and these may (or may not) be questions that other people unfamiliar with the game might ask. I'm going with the assumption that the videos are aimed at people new to or unfamiliar with Reaper (if that's not the case, none of this may matter, and feel free to ignore it). First off, thanks for starting with building an army as opposed to starting with the rules. Rules can often be a bit dull or dry, and starting with neat minis as a way to draw people in is a good idea. It worked for me! You started choosing figures for an army. How do you know which figures are playable for which army? I'm guessing that's in the rulebook, but even referencing a page would assure me, as a potential player, that all the info I need is in that one rulebook. You referenced a number of stats and special abilities for the figures, but also didn't mention where you got that information (is there a site online with model stats which would be easier to print than photocopying out of a book?). As someone who has never put together an army, I wasn't always sure how you came to the conclusions that you did, other than your personal preference for particular models. You were making a 1,000 point army - why 1,000 points? Is that a standard army size? I also wasn't sure all the figures you showed were from the Warlord line - a number of them appeared to have broccoli bases as opposed to square bases. I always thought Warlord was exclusively on square bases. Does Warlord used DHL models? I was confused. I noticed that you chose at least one big, imposing model for each army. I also noticed the prices. Now, I've lurked around Reaper's site and boards, so I know that big models cost more. But someone who doesn't know much about models and thinks they want to try wargaming might be a bit shocked Less shocked than what I've heard about Warhammer's costs... Some people tout Warlord as being easier and less expensive to get into than Warhammer, but with $40 models that doesn't appear to be the case. Could you at some point talk about Warlord for the utter beginner - things like how much an army typically costs, how many points armies usually have, and how many models? Could a person on a budget make a 500 point army and still go to an event and be able to play? If I made a 1,000 point army with smaller solo models (like some of the assassins you didn't use), I assume it would cost less, but could it stand up to your Earth Elemental or that huge Demon? I really like the idea of the videos - they are well made and fun to watch. I am possibly too curious...
  13. I haven't painted in a while. At one point, I was going to an informal painting club once a week, run by local Black Lightning reps (waves at Froggy and his wife). I've since moved multiple times, and don't currently even have a painting/hobby area set up. And according to Reaper's Black Lightning finder, there are no reps within 200 miles of me, and indeed, none in my state. So I have no idea if I'll accomplish any of this: Get hobby/painting area set up Paint what I have primed (maybe 3 figures, one already in progress) Get some basing materials, and try actually basing figures Seal and base two familiars Try out this pinning thing, starting with figures which need arms attached, and move up to a small dragon figure I have Paint and base at least 9 more figures, and the dragon In the end, this should result in at least 12 painted figures, at least some based, 2 familiars, and a dragon. There is also this boxed set Reptus army lurking all dusty and in need of a home at the local gaming shop. But no one I've met up here plays Warlord, so it would be silly to buy it. But lizardmen... Oh, and I should definitely buy stuff from Dragon Snack at SimCon. So that's more minis to paint.
  14. Hello! I've been lurking for quite some time, as I had painted minis, but no digital camera. Now that I finally have a camera, I'm going to start by showing off my first mini. All my images are hosted on Flikr, and I'm not sure how to post them over here, so bear with me if I need to edit this post a lot. I started painting at SimCon in 2005, at a Reaper Paint and Take, hosted by Froggy and his wife. I had a really wonderful time, and was very impressed with the miniatures community in Rochester, New York (where I was living at the time). There were several other newbie painters, and we all entered the con-long painting contest. When several more experienced painters realized a bunch of us beginners had entered, they all withdrew from the contest (talk about fostering a sense of community and welcoming people into the hobby!). I ended up winning the contest, with this, my first painted mini. I just love her. I only painted one eye because it looked like her hair covered the other one, and it was easier. And here is Froggy's work. I'm not sure if he painted it, or if he assembled it and his wife painted it. Either way, this trophy sits proudly on one of my bookshelves.
  15. Ah, that explains it. I got that one too. Thanks for the extra paint! Yes, thank you! I was very happy to find the extra bottle in my order. It does seem to be a neat greyish color.
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