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  1. it does humble you doesn't Stern. Hail the mighty Klocke
  2. I know there is a Confrontation yahoo group that discusses the rules and everyone on in that group is patient for peeps new to the game. I don't have the link readily in front of me but I have a pretty english translated set of rules. Griffons huh? i would pit alchamist against ya. That would be a fun fight. and I agree with the Wolfen. To have a fun face off you would either have to be of the opposing wolfen clan or the orcs. hope you find people to play the game with, only some of the minis gamers around hear have heard of it and less are interested in playing. nate
  3. Feeling like he's being watched Reagan goes ahead and scratches his head as if what ever he is working on has him stumped. pulls pad out and types quickly to Darius. Greenwood & Handy still in. little guy left in hurry still with Briefcase. spotted. moving along. sorry it's all I got. going to the docks to check on manifest. Reagan slides his pad into his coveralls and moves get his stuff as he is packing it up for the day. he isn't obvious about his discomfort and plays it off as frustration. as he really was frustrated that he has been marked while not getting anything about his own mark. "might as well see what happened to her man" Reagan turns on a dime and begins his treck out to the docks to do what he set out to do in the first place.
  4. natedaw


    i second that. When I get off work BAB 5 is on shortly after that. I have started to watch it and Smokin' is doing a good job.
  5. natedaw


    I know the feelings. I'm trying to link us with them and not do it metagame style. its ok. more than likely we will be thrown together by unseen (GM) forces. that's usually the easiest way.
  6. natedaw


    My home PC has finally died!!!! oh well. I can still get in here via my work PC though I won't be able to see anything over the weekends. So far so good. I don't know about the rest of you but i'm having a good time. though I have no idea what I'm to do in this situation then just eavesdrop.
  7. Reagan smirks as he reads the note. He then keys up the data-pad with fingers crossed hoping there is a maintenance call in the security office itself, anything that will make is easier to overhear. I will do what I can, no promises. Reagan attempts to close the gap between himself and the escorted to overhear what the rear gaurds are talking about. He already has his story set up about just making rounds after finishing up his last project and thought he would check on the security station.
  8. Reagan follows at a discreet distance though he keeps his eyes mostly on his data pad. He shoots a message to Darius, it reads as follows; Found your girl, Miss Greenwood. bad number. 3 not 2 but they do have an armed escort to the security center. I'headed that way myself. Large chap, carries cattle prod. Mr Handy and a small business man. Mr Yamachi. The briefcase he is carrying must be speacial. rumor- someone shot down corridor after guests departure. These 3 thought to be involved. Reagan follows the group with his pad in hand looking up tech info just in case anyone asks.
  9. natedaw


    Thanks, the info is great. should be able to find my way around better.
  10. natedaw


    Your supposed to be supportive of your players not getting into conflicts!!! not Boo, but YEAH!!!! anyway, where is everyone in relation to everyone else, I don't know how this place is laid out so would I pass the other characers on my way to the Centari ship?
  11. natedaw


    but what if we know the girls? like maybe I helped them with laying wires in their quarters, LOL (j/k) :p
  12. eat jello and take the painkillers and you should be fine!!!! right now I'm fight dry socket!!!!! (OOOOWWWWEEEEEE) not something I would wish on another human being. I hope you go through better than I did, I was in Navy Bootcamp when they pulled mine.
  13. "No sweat bossman, I can find something to do around there and see if I can't get my hands on the crew/passenger manifest. That should atleast give me a name or two to work with and it should get easier from there” anything else you want me to do? Or look out for? Like maybe the ace up Londo's sleeve?" He catches the shocked look on Darius's face and smiles from ear to ear, "just kidding, cheating is less tolerated here than down the way at the casino, just keeping you on your toes" Reagan finishes down his water and pulls his comm pad out and starts checking the maintenance manifest for the newly docked Centari ship in question. Picks a quick job that would put him inside the ship and logs himself for the job. one of the better perks of being higher on the engineering foodchain Reagan shakes hands with Jack "see ya around Jack, and if you need any work let me know, I could use someone to help with the big stuff." Reagan turns to Darius with a smile, "I'll check in regularly and you have the secure COM link number so please keep me posted. and if that part doesn't work out let me know, I find the supplier and really give it back to him." As Reagan is leaving he maneuvers his path where he will pass behind Londo, Reagan leans down and says, "Always a pleasure to see you are well Londo. I see nothing wrong with your current situation. His eyes shooting to the table and back at him, his voice never waivers. And from the ship that just came in I got the good news that your three sisters eyes look to the seedy guy sitting to Londos right are all feeling much better. have a nice day Londo" Reagan winks at Londo's expression that he finally caught on that the only threat for this hand was the guy that is holding three of a kind and he had him beat with the straight he is holding now. And Reagan makes a quick exit and heads to the docking area to see what and heads to the docking area to see what other trouble he can avoid and get the job done he was asked to do.
  14. "what's the deal with these two humans? is there a warrent? a bounty? or are they just in the wrong place at the wrong time? It shouldn't be too hard for me to track them from the ship, I just need to know what I'm getting myself into. make sure I got what I need to get the job done." the whole time Reagan was talking he watched the game with practiced ease spotting the tells of the players at the table.
  15. Reagan opens his hand to shake at the introduction while giving jack the once over to see what could have him so distrought. "Nice to meet you Jack." as Reagan starts heading to the door he turns his head to Darius, "tell ya what Darius I'll wait outside and you can fill me in on the centari visitors. and a drink would hit the spot." Reagan settles outside the office while compiling his thoughts as what project is next on his list and how he can change the schedule to get himself closer to the Centari ship and start looking for the couple for Darius.
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