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  1. Crap now I've got to figure out what I want to use/do.
  2. I'm excited to be a part of this plan... Also a little intimidated but mostly excited.
  3. I made a couple slimes and a cube that wasn't that expensive. The problem I had is that some of the surfaces that were on the mold came out cloudy instead of shiny and clear... and the bubbles. millions of tiny bubbles. I think it was the crappy latex mold and mold release I used though. Keep meaning to get a nice RTV and try again.
  4. You could look into a solvent based adhesive too. I've had a bottle that I got for some acrylic work a long time ago and have ended up using it to repair just about any kind of plastic. Haven't had any discoloration issues either. I think I just got it at Home Depot or something similar.
  5. Wow those look great. I keep getting scared off from the Wyrd mini's because of the price. I really like how the flame came out on that first one.
  6. I believe you're mistaken. It clearly resembles mine
  7. It weirds me out even more when we get the odd tornado here around Portland or up in Vancouver. I can't imagine being somewhere they're common. Glad everyone is safe.
  8. Wow! I really like how it came out not to mention it is a sweet looking mini. 5 horsemen?
  9. Come to think of it I don't know that there are any places that even do army games... Might have to look into that... crap...
  10. I too think it would be fun. My question though is does it have to be an official thing or could the people interested just put something unofficial together?
  11. That came out looking great. How did you make all the coins on the base?
  12. Bones might just do that. Though I honestly know nothing about any of the army games.
  13. Hazaa the list is now up. I've got a weapons pack and a few assorted bits in there too but this is everything that wouldn't be used on sometng else. I'll probably put the links in it later. I don't want to not have a pile of metal sitting around but its a matter of "You can't have any more ice cream until you fiish the ice cream you already have" as my friend put it. The girlfriend also wasn't too happy when I told her I wanted more despite the glimmering pile of awesomness I already have or the hefty price tag on my "rewards". Why they refuse to let me be like Smaug and sit atop my pile of treasure is beyond me. Though I don't think she realizes when I'm done with them they then have to be kept safe rather than in a drawer. I'm sure I'll pick up a few here and there before I'm done but that can be our little secret. Also if anyone is interested I've got a bit of a mystery with the skeletons and zombies. I got them a while ago each in a pack of 8 but can't for the life of me figure out who made them. The stamp on the bottom of the zombies all say HP 1987 JO and the skeletons are HP 91 JO.
  14. So I've been told I'm not allowed to buy any more miniatures until I finish what I have (gasp!). While my shelf of shame is insignificant compared to lots of other people it must be done. I figured starting a big work in progress for myself would be a good way to not only motivate myself (besides the promise of more miniatures) but also give me a good spot that I can actually see my progress. I'll have to take inventory of what I have when I get home and I'll edit this post with my list and update it as I make progress. Other than that I guess wish me luck. When I'm done I'm getting myself 14417: Rauthuros and 14445: Hydra Reaper Minis 03407: Hellborn Troll 03451: Norgol, Irongrave Knight 03449: Halmar, Young Wizard 03432: DHL Classics: Undead Hounds (3) 03442: Gulark, Reptus Warlord 02584: Townsfolk II 03024: Kobold Leader and Sorcerer 03312: Townsfolk: Cultists and Victim (victim & ring) 02417: Giant Spiders (2) 03409: Nadia of the Blade 03373: Sindolise, Hellborn Sorceress 03389: Deckard Nightveil, Bone Pander Death Priest 03394: Rat Swarm (2) 03383: Vampire Spawn (4) 03329: Hannah Blackruby, Female Wizard 03261: Bergo Ironbelly, Halfling Pirate 03123: Townsfolk VIII:Village Mob (3) 50039: Gug, Eldritch Horror 02957: Darkrasp, Death Priest 14012: Gauntfield, Necropolis Hero 65047: Giant Rats (4) 02787: Cupid and Cherubs (3) 02869: Elise, The Witch 02834: Deladrin, Assassin 02986: Eldessa, Necromancer 02766: Arrius the Black, Skeletal Champion 06170: Goblin Skeeters (4), Reven Adept 03189: Goblin Warriors (4) 60006: Goblin Warriors (4) 14041: Familiars I(4) Fairy was the girfriends 1st mini 03099: Klaus Copperthumb, Dwarf Thief 01424: Echidnox, Hedgehog Hero 01427: Platypod, Platypus Mage 01428: Frumitty, Lemur Cleric Dark Platypus Magical Light Sconces (10) Torch Sconces (10) Unknown Skeletons (8) Zombies (8) *Numbers after the name represent the number of minis left under that name.
  15. The more I see of the Bones the happier I get about them. Those both look great. Did you try removing any mold lines on them? I can see a little bit of one on the ghost but if thats all there is on them for mold lines its great.
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