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  1. you guys see this? http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/previews/latest/01517+
  2. I think my local lgs has an echidnox, I'll take a look. Also, can't wait for this next figure.
  3. I know that this conversation is a little dated, but I find it very interesting. I am a merchant marine and I travel all over the world in my occupation. I sail in the capacity of the engineering department. In my travels I feel a lot like I'm on a starship at times. Different ports have different tools/equipment that we need to keep the ship going, and we always are having to contrive/jury rig with the parts to get them to work. We have to fabricate many things in our shop and yes, sometimes even melt and recast parts. I am a big fan of old tech and have done lots of study on older techniques, but I'll tell you this much. In my industry is pays to know the old methods. The captains on board still bring all the mates up and teach them and practice with a sextant. If you can't determine a position, you can't navigate. Sure we have GPS, but we can't bank on it. In all my other work experience no other industry I know maintains the old ways of doing things. I can totally see a backslide as not only possible, but in case of major disaster (plague, war, etc) I see it as innevitable.
  4. If I may ask, which figure did you find for the frog?
  5. HI, actually these are his pictures, I have just attached them, I'll try to get some better ones and post later. I like the work by Blue Table Painting and that's who did this
  6. nudge, nudge, wink, wink, know what I mean
  7. Here is anohter figure that I commisioned. I plan on using this guy as an antagonist to the Legion of Justie and Caeke figures and the mouseling heroes
  8. Here are a couple of shots of Platypod, again, I didn't paint this figure, I commisioned to have it done
  9. 02753: Werebear just wondering what this guys size was, I figured for his price he's a chunk o' metal, but I'm wanting to use him in a setting where figure scale is pretty important. Anyone know his measurements? Specifically, do you know if he's larger than an average Rackham wolfen mini?
  10. I think rather than see a bunch of other species villians I'd like to see some mouseling villians, you know, like a lich, an evil knight, a necromancer, assasin, the other side of the coin so to speak. That would be cool.
  11. Well, I have decided agianst the bloodstones, Icingstead all the way, those frost giants are way too cool to pass up.
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