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  1. I'm painting another mini for a friend. His character frequently rides around on a dire wolf but sometimes needs to leave him behind. So, using a refrigerator magnet I made it so that his character can separate from the base of the warg. I'll fill the whole either with a tree or a bush. Haven't decided completely yet. Maybe a creepy monolith. Here they are before paint hit them.
  2. http://paizo.com/products/btpy7pp9?Pathfinder-Chronicles-Miniatures-Ranger-of-Erastil
  3. Finished it. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/51070-pathfinder-chronicles-miniatures-ranger-of-erastil-finished/
  4. Finished my WIP 7 months after I started it. With about a 7 month gap between painting sessions. :P
  5. Also, if it's any consolation. I didn't get mine either. So sie la vie.
  6. Inarah, I've been computer-less and have been operating off of my phone for the last month...since about new years. So I *just* realized it never got to you. Which is sad, and even sadder that the photos were on the dead computer. :( I can and will paint you another. It will take me time though. I'm armpit deep in winter gaming con time. I'm running 9 scenarios this weekend, and running a con 2 weeks after that, and running 7 games 2 weeks after that, and another 8 2 weeks after that. AFTER THAT...I'm done with cons till next winter, and can paint again.
  7. Mini away! Well it went out yesterday in the mail, but this was the first chance I've had to get online.
  8. Did we ever confirm when to harvest these? For example, we've had a very warm fall here in Michigan. Any idea if I could still get some?
  9. I'm still alive and still have a mini in the works for Inarah. I hope to have it to her by Christmas. No sign or word of my own.
  10. But maybe...just maybe...fines comeing from the ground and log surrounding her protectively. I'll think on it.
  11. They are vines. An interesting idea, tying them to the log, but probably not the look I want to go for. I don't want her to look bound.
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