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  1. Clearly a typo. The 2nd edition MM lists 4 legs (picture shows 4), 1st edition does not specify. (picture shows four). I'm thinking the aft most leggs go. -Caius
  2. Since I had to go to Tucson on buisiness, I stopped by Things for Thinkers and browsed a bit. Found the stirges that I have been wanting that the local shop does not have. Everyone needs stirges. You can wipe out an entire second level party with a couple of stirges. Muwahahahahah (but I digress) I failed to notice till I got them home that Bob sculpted them with 6 legs. 6?? Six?? We all know that stirges have four (4) legs. Now the question. Which legs to remove? Would the look better snipping the center, or aft most legs? -Caius
  3. Discount Hobby/Dragglesdown is great. Quick shipping and they will actually e-mail you if something os out of stock/backourdered for instructions. As for shipping/handling charges, I find it generally cancels out not having to pay sales tax (~8.2 % in AZ) :( -Caius
  4. Huh, that's not htat old. I have a whole unit of Ral Partha Roman Leginares from 1977. -Caius
  5. Well, AD&D naturally. After that we used them for 2nd ed, and eventually third ed. Every once in a while minis were usefull for playing paranoia too. Right now I'm building up for Warlord. The oddest thing we ever used minis for was "Kill Dr. Lucky" by Cheap butt Games. Since CAG games do not come with counters, mini's seemed appropriate. I think we used the dwarf with the spyglass from the Dwarven command pack for Dr. Lucky. :laugh: -Caius
  6. Dogs, at least Labradores, tend to grey on the muzzle and ends of their paws. -Ciaus (who just got a Chocholate Lab Puppy)
  7. That depends. Iron Wind only has some of the old RP lines. For example, they do not have the 11- series. -Caius
  8. Hey I'd be ok with that. I don't see how this would affect game balance too much. It's not that often you would burn a heal spell to save a grunt anyway. But toughness/0 would be 100% dead no? After all you cant roll zero on a 10 sided die, so any roll would be above the toughness number. -Caius
  9. Um, no. You can only have one elite per 4 models in a troop, so in order to have that many eletes you would need 12 models. Then again every good D&D character needs hirelings right? -Caius
  10. That would be Iron Wind Metals. Note that they only managed to aquire certain RP lines. IIRC the AD&D line is still in limbo. Fortunately for us dragon lovers the first figures cast were some of the old RP dragons. -Caius
  11. Whatever floats your boat. Most of the Warlord stuff is too stylistic for my taste. Could be an artist thing though, I'm not a fan of Klock's style, I prefer more realism in my fantasy. -Caius
  12. Agreed, around half of my REaper minis are SG's work. Most of the rest are undead. :D -Caius
  13. Now why didn't I think of that? :oo: Drawing colored stones from a bag would be much easier than attempting to shuffle 5 or 6 cards. That's a rule change I would deffinately support. -Caius
  14. What's the price point on that? Given what I know of Evil Empire prices, I'd think it would be just as economical to buy some reaper army packs. Some of the DHA skeleton packs have 5 figs, which basically comes to 2$/fig, full retail. Then again, I like my figures to have some heft to them, so I wouldn't buy plastic minis unless they were extrodinarrily inexpensive. -Caius
  15. I'm wondering if its a camera distortion, his head looks ok from the back. The front picture makes the head look way small though. -Caius
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