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  1. The problem is that the primer that you used has a chemical reaction with the material that bone are made out of. Also this is a problem with vinyl kits, it will never dry. This happens with a lot of different primers so you have to be careful. Test the primer on a scrap piece before using it on your figures. You need to strip the figure and re-prime it. Then you should be good to go. I use Dupli-Color part# FP101 Spray Primer on bones miniatures (also good for metal, resin, and plastic) and have never had this problem. I like the light gray color,
  2. The best thing to do is learn to mix paint to get the color you need. There is not always a bottle of paint that is a good choice for a highlight or shadow color(even with the triads). Your blue is to dark for the highlight you want add a little white, too light for a shadow add black or another darker blue to get the perfect shadow. It is not that hard to mix paint. If you use a wet pallet, so much the better. For the last 20 years I have used a 4" X 6" X 1/2" piece of wood. I put 2" wide masking tape over the top and peel it off when it is covered with dried paint. Just apply new
  3. For yellow I use, 09134: Clotted Red, 09074: Palomino Gold and 09039: Pure White Mix Clotted Red and Palomino Gold for the base coat For each high light add more Palomino Gold Then pure Palomino Gold and finish with Palamino Gold and Pure white as the last high light Purple is the complementary color for yellow, so a mixture of yellow and purple should work as a shadow Hope this helps
  4. You can get a new one from Hobby Lobby for 75.00 using their 40% off coupon. It comes with a hose, different size needles and heads, color cup Not much more than buying all the parts you would need Plus you don't the hassle of cleaning all the old paint out of it
  5. It is the enamel primer. Nothing can be done about it. It is not a issue of whether the mini is washed or not You can strip the mini and start over. This may work. I tested a primer on a bones and it stayed sticky It is being stripped now. I have not taken it out of the stripper to see how it did. Most hobby primers work, Games Work Shop and Army Painter work
  6. Very nice! I like the skin color you used. Very well done!
  7. Not sure this is the correct place to ask. Just received the pledge manager email, a would like to know if I can have my bones sent to a PO Box before i complete the pledge manager? Thanks
  8. Wow! Looking good. I have wanted this Dragon since it came out. I may have to order one. Keep up the great painting. Randy
  9. Enamel primer is OK for metal, resin, and most plastic, but not for vinyl kits. If you used it on a vinyl kit it will never dry. Randy
  10. I use Golden Dioxazine Purple, a very dark purple and it mixes well with white to get lighter shades. It does not turn pink. Randy
  11. I use the 2-3730 Plano® Prolatch™ StowAway® Tackle Box. It is very close to the Reaper Paint Caddy. Here in Tulsa I find them at Academy Sports for around $ 8.00 ea. I have several and Reaper paint dropper bottles fit, no problem. It will hold over 100 bottles of paint. Randy
  12. Another way to paint eyes, is to paint a line starting above the eye down through the eye and down onto the cheek. You should use the corners of the mouth to try to keep the eyes are aligned. DO NOT use white for the eyes, use an off white color, I use a light gray primer and leave that for the white of the eye. If you mess up one of the eyes, just mix some black and white until it matches the primer color, completely paint the eye, and paint the line again. The eyes are the first thing I paint. After you are satisfied with the eyes, paint the flesh color around the eye covering up the lin
  13. All of the above is good advice, but what I would do it find a game store where 40K is played. Most of the players paint and are willing to help someone new to painting. Get a figure, some paint and a brush and start painting. Your first one will not be a work of art but will give you some experience. I would keep it and put it away. After painting a few more figures, take it out and you will see how much you have improved. The main thing is to start painting! Do not have a game store near, paint something and post it here and ask what may be done to improve it. Not every
  14. I know that may sound strange, but one of the best ways to shadow yellow is to mix a deep purple with your yellow paint. This gives you a nice brown color that is great for shadows on yellow. Using the complementary colors to mix shadows works with other colors also. Purple is the complementary color to yellow. Not sure what complementary colors are get a color wheel and learn how it works. Or search the web for color wheel theory. I would paint in the shadow and not try to do a wash. It best to blend it in using thin paint and many layers. Reaper Pro paint Goldenrod Y
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