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  1. Thank you JackMann. I know it was off subject but most of my Bones will be used in dioramas and for wargaming. So having the normal bases may/may not work. Once again thanks for the responses.
  2. Thanks Shogun. Did you cut around or under? Just curious.
  3. Well prepared to be flamed for months for my post. However, I have no desire to give up my order. As I said, I would not have wasted my time or Reaper's otherwise. A quick question for everyone. Has anyone attempted to remove a Bones Miniature from it's base? It is fairly easy and anything to watch out for? Thanks in advance for the responses.
  4. I was told it is the absolute last solution. Because it meant you had given up on the client.
  5. Mistwalker, thank you for your response. I believe my response to Jasper shows I missed some of the posts/reports. So I was missing some info, and I I believe led to my sense of fustration. My tone was not meant to be hostile but I can see where it can be seen as such. I'm more disappointed. It does indeed suck that people who have paid may have to wait until May. My reason for saying don't flame me comes from many people assuming I don't know/understand how shipping product works. Not don't flame me b/c you can not change my mind. The company I worked for was decent-sized. A huge influx of orders would cause delay but if a majority of the product was in, they would ship what they had to the clients. It also would not be considered acceptable by this company to make clients wait more than 2 weeks if the product was available. My statement about customer service declining is held up by the response from some, you can ask for a refund. Worst thing in the world to say to an frustrated/disappointed/even angry client. You'll lose them. In fact sometimes just getting to the root of the issues helps in keeping that client. I said I had been purchasing from Reaper since 1991, and I backed this Kickstarter b/c I like their products. Otherwise I would not have wasted my time, it their time. I guess I got lucky on the 2 other Kickstarters I supported. I did indeed relieve my materials well within the estimated delivery date. No these Kickstarter were not small in size but not as large as this one. Something I'll keep in mind if/when I support another. My statement of I hope you have a great day was sincere. Sorry if that added a condescending feel to my post. Again, I wish all the best.
  6. Thanks Jasper, I did indeed miss that post as I have not been on the forums for some time. Ok,ignoring all the timing/shipping/whatever stuff... You may have missed the part where Reaperbryan talked about Khaladrax. It is the largest miniature they've ever done. You'd need a 14" square base to base it. If done in metal he calculated it would weigh about 10 pounds and cost $1000. That's why it costs $75 as a Bones miniature.
  7. I knew Sophie was metal, and rereading my post I can see where one would think I was under the impression it was not. I meant I could see where it may have taken some time to get. Second, I'm allowed my opinion but I am sadden to see your response. Wether I do so or not is not for you to know.
  8. Frankly, it sucks. When I contributed to the kickstarter, it said delivery in March. Would you put up with a 2+ month order delay if it was another company. This is what we used to call BAD service. They got our money and yet they can not make the delivery date. Don't get me wrong, I support Reaper minis, oh wait it's Hobby Q now. My bad. I've been supporting this compant (whatever it's called now) since 1991. Hence why I was excited about the kickstarter and the lower cost of minis. Yet the Sophie was 2 months late, and it was metal. I raised an eyebrow. Kept my peace and wanted to think it was a fluke. Then the reports came in, "Orders delayed due to shipments from Chiona/customs." Alright, I can respect that, sorta. Now it's, you have to wait until after ReaperCon. That's where I call bull. The companies responsiblity is to the customer. Especially if the customer paid you already, even if it's at a "discounted" price. It does not matter if the order is simple or complicated, they just plain need to fullfilled and shipped. If you don't have the pieces, ship them later. Your lack of inventory is NOT my issue. Ship it later and swollow the cost. But that would be good customer service and business practice. Something that seems to have diminshed the last three years. I can only hope that they will recover this practice and quickly. Also if the plastic is cheaper and better overall, why are both undead dragons being advertised as $75.00? That's actually more expensive than Gamesworkshops plastic dragons. I know they are quite large, and if it's b/c they are being assembled for the consumer, then let us put it together. After all, I belive most of us can do that. Cripes that price tag comes close to price of their metal dragons. Kinda scary. Also, don't bother flaming me on how I don't know what I'm talking avbout. I worked for a catalog company - both as a sales person and as customer service. While I have no choice but to be patient, it does not mean I can not express my disappointment and disapproval of how they have handled the orders, the extend time length to ship them (they were so proud to show that they recived the minis on Kickstarter), and the total lack of respect of the people who got them going on this Bones line. What has peeved me most though is people reporting seeing all of the new Bones minis at various gaming conventions. These are not rumors on web forums, but people I know personally. You have it to show at conventions, then you have it to ship. Also, I will be keeping an eye on the Reaper Con. I really hope they will not be selling the new minis there. B/C that would be totally unethical. Again my opinion, and if you don't sharte it: So be it. Hope you all have a great day.
  9. Good thing too! I'm always interested in seeing what the new CW holds!
  10. Though Arnise fell to the little git, I STILL managed to remove the pain in my butt from the game. Personal objective completed! Ah the simple pleasures of life. I had a great time and look forward to our next game. Both Bearfoot_Adam and I discussed going up to 1250 points. We shall see.
  11. I'm going to add my not so humble two cents to this discussion. I'm hoping it will help stop some of the mindsets I'm seeing on this thread. Mainly because they're counter productive to the growth of this war game. 1. Painted armies and proxies: While it is nice to play against a painted army, no where in the rule book is it mandatory. It is in the rule book that proxies are allowed as long as the miniature being used is identified (aka this elven wizard is Ardynn). I have played war games a long time, and GW does require painted armies and no proxies for their tournaments. Suggesting such a rule may scare off new and old players alike. Play the game, enjoy it, and enjoy the players who you share time with. Paint DOES not cause some one to have better tactics, die rolls or a better personality. 2. Rewards for a painted army with points or whatever. Um, again paint does not help with tactics or your personality. There should be no rewards for a painted army, other than the aesthetic pleasure. If you want some sort of reward, enter them into the painted miniature contest - You may win or at least people will see your hard work up close. Some of us do not have time to paint on a regular basis. I have a max of 4 hours a week for that if I'm lucky. I'd rather take that time and play the game. Nor do I think you should get an "edge" for having painted minis, because the next thought will be only a "well" painted army gets the edge. On top of that who can say for certain if a player painted his own miniatures. Do they lose the edge because they did not paint it him/herself? It's a damn slippery slope once it starts and all because a few of you are offended by non painted bits of metal on the playing field. 3. Costs of the game. Quite frankly, any war game is not cheap. War Lord is one of the cheapest and still cost players hundreds of dollars. That just the miniatures. Then there are the paints (oh does it only count as a painted miniature if painted with Reapers paints. After all we can all tell by the shade that it's a cheap acrylic) and brushes. As well as the basing supplies. Oh and the carrying case, oh I'm sorry you can't play because your miniature carrying case is not the official Reaper brand. Am I making a point yet? I feel that mandating painted minis in order to play against some one is snobbery. What I like about this game is due to the fact that it reminds me of what it's all about - the people, the tactics and the good times. Oh and poor sportsmanship is forcing your beliefs on other players. Which is what some of you want to do.
  12. So this Sunday was another battle between the Reven and the Elves. Bear_foot Adam should be typing up the battle report and hopefully adding some pictures to it as well. All I can say at the moment is this - Blood bath! Still searching for more players, and I have a lead from a local gaming store. Supposedly there is a group who plays there on every other Thursday from 6pm to 8pm. I'm going to try and make an appearance to meet the guys but I'm in the dark as to if it's off or on week. So if your from the Portland, OR area just drop me a line. We're looking for more players!
  13. First dibs :). I started the vale warriors last night and a few other models last night. Along with touching up some previously painted miniatures. Hopefully I'll prime some more terrian.
  14. .Is there an in-progress picture posted somewhere? Looking forward to seeing what color scheme / markings you give it. I have an unfair advantage of playing Bear_Foot Adam, and he was kind enough to show me his Hunting Beast.
  15. You've got a great start on the hunting Beast. I look forward to seeing the end result!
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