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  1. Thank you JackMann. I know it was off subject but most of my Bones will be used in dioramas and for wargaming. So having the normal bases may/may not work. Once again thanks for the responses.
  2. Thanks Shogun. Did you cut around or under? Just curious.
  3. Well prepared to be flamed for months for my post. However, I have no desire to give up my order. As I said, I would not have wasted my time or Reaper's otherwise. A quick question for everyone. Has anyone attempted to remove a Bones Miniature from it's base? It is fairly easy and anything to watch out for? Thanks in advance for the responses.
  4. I was told it is the absolute last solution. Because it meant you had given up on the client.
  5. Mistwalker, thank you for your response. I believe my response to Jasper shows I missed some of the posts/reports. So I was missing some info, and I I believe led to my sense of fustration. My tone was not meant to be hostile but I can see where it can be seen as such. I'm more disappointed. It does indeed suck that people who have paid may have to wait until May. My reason for saying don't flame me comes from many people assuming I don't know/understand how shipping product works. Not don't flame me b/c you can not change my mind. The company I worked for was decent-sized. A huge influx of orders would cause delay but if a majority of the product was in, they would ship what they had to the clients. It also would not be considered acceptable by this company to make clients wait more than 2 weeks if the product was available. My statement about customer service declining is held up by the response from some, you can ask for a refund. Worst thing in the world to say to an frustrated/disappointed/even angry client. You'll lose them. In fact sometimes just getting to the root of the issues helps in keeping that client. I said I had been purchasing from Reaper since 1991, and I backed this Kickstarter b/c I like their products. Otherwise I would not have wasted my time, it their time. I guess I got lucky on the 2 other Kickstarters I supported. I did indeed relieve my materials well within the estimated delivery date. No these Kickstarter were not small in size but not as large as this one. Something I'll keep in mind if/when I support another. My statement of I hope you have a great day was sincere. Sorry if that added a condescending feel to my post. Again, I wish all the best.
  6. Thanks Jasper, I did indeed miss that post as I have not been on the forums for some time. Ok,ignoring all the timing/shipping/whatever stuff... You may have missed the part where Reaperbryan talked about Khaladrax. It is the largest miniature they've ever done. You'd need a 14" square base to base it. If done in metal he calculated it would weigh about 10 pounds and cost $1000. That's why it costs $75 as a Bones miniature.
  7. I knew Sophie was metal, and rereading my post I can see where one would think I was under the impression it was not. I meant I could see where it may have taken some time to get. Second, I'm allowed my opinion but I am sadden to see your response. Wether I do so or not is not for you to know.
  8. Frankly, it sucks. When I contributed to the kickstarter, it said delivery in March. Would you put up with a 2+ month order delay if it was another company. This is what we used to call BAD service. They got our money and yet they can not make the delivery date. Don't get me wrong, I support Reaper minis, oh wait it's Hobby Q now. My bad. I've been supporting this compant (whatever it's called now) since 1991. Hence why I was excited about the kickstarter and the lower cost of minis. Yet the Sophie was 2 months late, and it was metal. I raised an eyebrow. Kept my peace and wanted to think it was a fluke. Then the reports came in, "Orders delayed due to shipments from Chiona/customs." Alright, I can respect that, sorta. Now it's, you have to wait until after ReaperCon. That's where I call bull. The companies responsiblity is to the customer. Especially if the customer paid you already, even if it's at a "discounted" price. It does not matter if the order is simple or complicated, they just plain need to fullfilled and shipped. If you don't have the pieces, ship them later. Your lack of inventory is NOT my issue. Ship it later and swollow the cost. But that would be good customer service and business practice. Something that seems to have diminshed the last three years. I can only hope that they will recover this practice and quickly. Also if the plastic is cheaper and better overall, why are both undead dragons being advertised as $75.00? That's actually more expensive than Gamesworkshops plastic dragons. I know they are quite large, and if it's b/c they are being assembled for the consumer, then let us put it together. After all, I belive most of us can do that. Cripes that price tag comes close to price of their metal dragons. Kinda scary. Also, don't bother flaming me on how I don't know what I'm talking avbout. I worked for a catalog company - both as a sales person and as customer service. While I have no choice but to be patient, it does not mean I can not express my disappointment and disapproval of how they have handled the orders, the extend time length to ship them (they were so proud to show that they recived the minis on Kickstarter), and the total lack of respect of the people who got them going on this Bones line. What has peeved me most though is people reporting seeing all of the new Bones minis at various gaming conventions. These are not rumors on web forums, but people I know personally. You have it to show at conventions, then you have it to ship. Also, I will be keeping an eye on the Reaper Con. I really hope they will not be selling the new minis there. B/C that would be totally unethical. Again my opinion, and if you don't sharte it: So be it. Hope you all have a great day.
  9. Good thing too! I'm always interested in seeing what the new CW holds!
  10. Though Arnise fell to the little git, I STILL managed to remove the pain in my butt from the game. Personal objective completed! Ah the simple pleasures of life. I had a great time and look forward to our next game. Both Bearfoot_Adam and I discussed going up to 1250 points. We shall see.
  11. I'm going to add my not so humble two cents to this discussion. I'm hoping it will help stop some of the mindsets I'm seeing on this thread. Mainly because they're counter productive to the growth of this war game. 1. Painted armies and proxies: While it is nice to play against a painted army, no where in the rule book is it mandatory. It is in the rule book that proxies are allowed as long as the miniature being used is identified (aka this elven wizard is Ardynn). I have played war games a long time, and GW does require painted armies and no proxies for their tournaments. Suggesting such a rule may scare off new and old players alike. Play the game, enjoy it, and enjoy the players who you share time with. Paint DOES not cause some one to have better tactics, die rolls or a better personality. 2. Rewards for a painted army with points or whatever. Um, again paint does not help with tactics or your personality. There should be no rewards for a painted army, other than the aesthetic pleasure. If you want some sort of reward, enter them into the painted miniature contest - You may win or at least people will see your hard work up close. Some of us do not have time to paint on a regular basis. I have a max of 4 hours a week for that if I'm lucky. I'd rather take that time and play the game. Nor do I think you should get an "edge" for having painted minis, because the next thought will be only a "well" painted army gets the edge. On top of that who can say for certain if a player painted his own miniatures. Do they lose the edge because they did not paint it him/herself? It's a damn slippery slope once it starts and all because a few of you are offended by non painted bits of metal on the playing field. 3. Costs of the game. Quite frankly, any war game is not cheap. War Lord is one of the cheapest and still cost players hundreds of dollars. That just the miniatures. Then there are the paints (oh does it only count as a painted miniature if painted with Reapers paints. After all we can all tell by the shade that it's a cheap acrylic) and brushes. As well as the basing supplies. Oh and the carrying case, oh I'm sorry you can't play because your miniature carrying case is not the official Reaper brand. Am I making a point yet? I feel that mandating painted minis in order to play against some one is snobbery. What I like about this game is due to the fact that it reminds me of what it's all about - the people, the tactics and the good times. Oh and poor sportsmanship is forcing your beliefs on other players. Which is what some of you want to do.
  12. So this Sunday was another battle between the Reven and the Elves. Bear_foot Adam should be typing up the battle report and hopefully adding some pictures to it as well. All I can say at the moment is this - Blood bath! Still searching for more players, and I have a lead from a local gaming store. Supposedly there is a group who plays there on every other Thursday from 6pm to 8pm. I'm going to try and make an appearance to meet the guys but I'm in the dark as to if it's off or on week. So if your from the Portland, OR area just drop me a line. We're looking for more players!
  13. First dibs :). I started the vale warriors last night and a few other models last night. Along with touching up some previously painted miniatures. Hopefully I'll prime some more terrian.
  14. .Is there an in-progress picture posted somewhere? Looking forward to seeing what color scheme / markings you give it. I have an unfair advantage of playing Bear_Foot Adam, and he was kind enough to show me his Hunting Beast.
  15. You've got a great start on the hunting Beast. I look forward to seeing the end result!
  16. This weekend witnessed a double heeder 1000pt games. Lucifer_Draconus played in both games with his Dwarves! Bear_foot Adam will report (hopefully)on the Reven/Dwarf battle. Lucifer_Draconus experience with war gaming has been some what limited prior to playing Warlord. These two games marked an improvement in his tactics and game play. Hopefully soon, he'll branch out to some other troops. Our group lost a player (though Abe only played 1 game) and currently looking for a few more. About 3 weeks a go, we discovered a small group that plays in a local gaming shop. However, we never seem to connect with them at the right times. Apparently they play on Saturdays every other week but never when I'm at the shop. I'm not willing to hang out all day to see if they show. Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll be there this weekend. I'm trying out a few new troops in my army - namely I'd like to field some centaurs, rangers and possibly some royal gaurdsmen. I definately enjoy using the Royal Blademasters and the Deathseekers. Oddly enough, I still field Vale Warriors, Archers and Swordsmen. The Vale Longthorns, though, lose out to the Blademasters. The best bang for points, for me, is the Hunting cats. Though I forgot the Disable SA in my game vs Lucifer_Draconus. The poor beasts may have actually survived their battles if I'd remembered. Well I look forward to the battle report from Bear_Foot Adam.
  17. sharpening the blades and looking for a Reven party to tackle.

  18. New objective in each game - remove all Gondas from play. The darn sneaky git deserves to be cut, smashed, pierced, burned, frozen or what ever icky fate can be sent his way!!! So far - success!!! Both Bearfoot and I would like to run some more senarios. Any suggestions? Please drop a line and share your ideas. By the way, there are 4 Blade Masters in the force. They make a wonderful honor gaurd for the lovely Lysette.
  19. A few weeks ago Barefoot Adam and I had a great game. Unfortunately due to work schedules, neither of us could post a report. Oddly enough, the game ended in a draw as neither of us met the objective for the game. We decided to try for something other than an elimination or an 5 turn most points win. I will say that I changed my force considerablly and liked the results. The Reven forces have been mutable, as to what makes it o the field. The Elven forces have been some what stable. So for a little bit of change and to try some new tactics I changed it up some. Both of us are biting at the bit to try a 1000 pt army. However, the rest of the guys remain at 500 pts due to lack of game time. So who knows what may hit the ground running with the next game. Well I'll try to keep folks posted.
  20. The game was a lots of fun. Towards the end, both of us were wondering how the game would swing! Plus the darn Bull Orcs kept sticking around!! Nine times, the stubborn greenskins made tough rolls! I'm used to 1 or 2 but nine? As Bearfoot_Adam mentioned, I played a more aggressive Elven force. I am getting back into the swing of wargaming and trying different tactics. I'm sure that this group will play more 500 and 750 pt games. I am looking forward to 1000 to 1500 (max) games to see changes in tactics. It was nice to play with a few of the harder hitting solider types as well. Disable is an awesome SA. I'm definately getting a few more Hunting Cats. I might even get a couple of Centaurs!!!1 as to Treebeard - We shall see!!!!
  21. So this Sunday (1/17) I played against Matt's Dwarves. So it was the pointy eared gits v.s. the bearded moles. :) So my army remained the same as before: Troop #1 : Selwyn Ardynn 5 Archers 3 long thorns Troop #2: Meridh 4 warriors 2 long thorns Matt's Dwarves consisted of: Troop#1: Freya Gibin Runesplunker (substituted mimi for Logan's) 4 Dwarven Warrior Troop #2: Tohil Steadyhand 3 Dwarven Piercers Troop #3: Gargam Heavyhand 4 Swift Axes After set up and deployment, the Dwarves get the first move. Troop #1 moves into cover and wait. Luck of the draw, Dwarves go again. He moves the Dwarves towards the center hill, in LOS of my Elven archers and oddly enough out in the open. My go, I fire at the Piercer's Sergeant and drop him w/ four hits at long range. I move my archers to the western edge of the hill I deployed them on. Ardynn blinks towards the center hill. The two of the three long thorns move to a forward position for a screen. Draw is my second troop of Vale warriors, who run to the left to try and catch the long axes on the move. His final move, he charges the Swift axes my direction. Turn 2: The Elves get lucky and get to go first. I chose to fire at the Piercers and have a shot at Freya. another piercer goes down and I wound another. At long range the Dwarves shake their fist furiously at the Elves. The shot at Freya is deflected. The Archers move towards the center hill or the western edge of the hill they were deployed on. The long thorn's fall back to form a plug between the two hills. Ardynn blinks to get closer to the Vale Warriors. Dwarves get a shot at doing some damage. The Dwarven Warriors and Freya speed towards the Elves, damn their extra 3 inches on a run! Gilgin tries for a fireball but is 3 inches to short to hit anything. The Piercers go and get a chance to shot at the Elves after moving. One Elven archer goes down to a roll of a ten (for a total of 13). The return fire missed. The Swift Axes charge and slam into a Valelongthorn. His pike strikes a wound and he receives one in return. The other hits Meridh and no damage dealt either way. However the sergeant and other two opted to try and sneak around for a rear attack. The Vale warriors and two longthorns attack the Dwarves. After much swinging one of the Swift Axes goes down but so does Meridh!!! Turn #3: Again Lady Luck stays w/ the Elves!!! The Archers choose to fire at the Dwarven Warriors out in the open. Focusing, they let loose a hail of arrows! All in all two wounds, While Selwyn manages to only to wound a Dwarven Piercer in the open. Protecting the Archers, the long thorns charged the wounded warriors, coming into base to base contact w/ 2 warrior each. They each wounded a warrior, and managed to survive the fight. Ardynn blinked into position and cast Chain Lightning on Gargam and the two other Swift Axes. He managed to wound the Sergeant and one of the Swift Axes. On the Dwarves turn the Swift Axe troop chose to charge the Vale Warriors except one brave sole who goes after Ardynn. After much swinging and swearing the Sergeant and the Swift Axe fall to the ground in defeat. Though a Vale Longthorn falls as well. The Dwarven Piercers make the hill, one shots at a Vale Warrior causing a wound and an other shoots at Selwyn. I shake my head as the roll is a ten. Two wounds, of all the luck. Return fire drops the bearded bastich!! Turn#4: The Dwarves go first, and despite a clear line of attack from the Swift axe on Selwyn, attack w/ their warriors. Things go badly for the Long thorns and they drop but take a warrior w/ them. Freya charges up the middle but falls short of any elves. One Dwarven warrior get into b2b contact w/ an Vale Archer. The Elves get super lucky and go next. Selwyn moves to the top of the hill and fires at the Dwarven caster as do 2 other archers. One archer moves and Ardynn blinks into B2B contact w/ the Swift Axe! The single Elven Archer fires and hits the Dwarven Swift axe and Ardynn hits twice. The Dwarf's luck failed him and missed both attacks. The lone remaining Vale Longthorn charges and holds the remaing loose Dwarven warrior and Freya in place. He gets lucky and wounds the resilient Freya!! In return he receives a wound himself. Selwyn and the two archers drop Gibin with 4 hits!!! The archer in hand to hand does not wound the Dwarven warrior and takes a single hit! The Elves Vale Warriors move to aid their brethren. A Warrior charges the Lone Dwarven Piercer that wounded him earlier and takes him out. All others make a straight line for the fight. Turn # 5: The Dwarves stubbornly refuse defeat!! The Dwarven warrior fighting the Archer presses his attacks and misses both times. As does the beleaguered Archer. Freya and the other Dwarven Warrior fell the Vale Longthorn. Both move towards the Archers. The Elven Archers fire at Freya! The deflect makes it hard but she receives two more wounds!! Selwyn back further away from this persistent opponent! Ardynn blinks towrds the battle! However, the Vale Warriors charge into the fray! When the dust settled, the remaining Dwarves fell to bright Elven blades. All in all a good battle, as many of the warriors had one wound each and I constantly kept the Archers on the move for 3 out of 5 turns! Great game Matt and we'll see what Abe's Mercenary forces do! I'm sure it will be tons of havoc!!!
  22. p.33, Appropriate Use of Cover Also, xbows universally do not have Indirect Shot; if you are using archers with indirect fire to target xbows, the xbows have no return shot whatsoever. Selnar, please educate me as to why needing a 6 or better on a d10 does not statistically equate to a 50% chance of success. ~v Alrighty then. Your first die roll does indeed have a 50% (1/2) chance of hitting if 6's are needed. To make this easy I'm going to use fractions. Lets say you roll 2 die each time. The first probability is 1/2. The second die probability works like this - 1/2 x 1/2 = 1/4 or 25%. If you roll 3 die then it's like this - 1/2 x 1/2 x 1/2 = 1/8 or 12.5%. Just so you know, rolling only 1 die at a time does not reset the probability. So with Rapid fire at long distance you need 8's for example. This is a 3/10 chance or 30%. Your second roll is at (3/10 x 3/10 = 9/100 or 9%) a much lower chance. Hence why I say I'll stay w/ Indirect Fire or LOS. This formula does not take into account individuals luck w/ die or the quality of a die. Yes some die are "lop-sided" and roll heavier in one direction or another. By the by, I mistyped in my previous post - your chances do change w/ the more rolls you make. Sucks to write up a long winded post after a long day at work and a tall cold one. Also according to the Rule book, Defensive shots from models w/ RA w/o a B2B opponent may be made regardless of LOS. Aka a special form of Indirect Fire. So yes, a Dwarven Troop on the other side of the hill could fire back as Indirect Fire's max range is 18 inches (the same as a crossbows). So I'll just pepper the bearded folk from afar. Works for me :).
  23. Alright, there is a great deal of good information on this posting. I want to make a few things clear however. I like playing the Elves, and have played numerous miniature war game systems in the past. I also know that the "data card" is not the end all be all. I merely was comparing other long range bowman w/ the Elves and pointing out the crossbow advantage. ViciousPanzer made a suggestion of blessing/focusing the archers to increase their chances to hit. I'm assuming when he states to shoot the "superior" crossbowmen, that it would be at long range. Otherwise the attacked unit would get a defensive return fire. (So again a -1 to RAV for long range comes out to a +3 or 4 depending on if focused or blessed or both) Against lightly armored archers it equals a good chance to hit. However, the Elves only have 1 caster with the Divine Tome (Peruhain) and he's unique. So this means only one troop w/ archers in it that would get this advantage. A good advantage to be sure. As to the Rapid Fire issue. I do know a thing about math and it has little to do w/ hitting possibilities. That is statistics and statistically your chances are exactly the same no matter how many times you roll. Five archers w/ Rapid Fire and a +1 or +2 doesn't change die rolls. Sorry, I'll take the higher +3 or +4 bonus and statistically better roll. If you need a 6 at + 3 to hit, oddly enough it's not a 50% chance (as math would indicate) but much lower than that. So at +1 you'll need an 8 and that drops it even further statistically. So I'll shoot once w/ LOS or via Indirect Fire. Which if used against a crossbow man causes them to get a defensive shot (which do NOT need LOS). Also the Crusaders, Neskofar and Reven have multiple casters w/ the Divine lists. Just a FYI. The Hunting Cats screen is an awesome idea. Now all I have to do is pick some up. Sorry but substituting in this case would be far too confusing. Currently I'm toying w/ an idea dealing w/ Vale Swordsmen, Vale Warriors, Vale Longthorns and Peruhain. Bless the Swift attackers and provide them a safe screen via the Long thorns (of course, I'd take the Protectors FA as it adds another +1 MAV and a +1 dodge SA). I think even the Bull Orcs/Reptis would have to balk at that. I'm even toying w/ some Royal Blades Man ideas as well. Something that most people forget about Warlord is that you do not need to include a Warlord in your army. In a 500 pt army, just use a captain and sergeants instead. It allows you to field a greater amount of troops. My current 500 pt army has 17 models (quite large for the Elves). So to Inarah, I'd say to play around w/ the numbers and come up with a army you feel comfortable with. Just food for thought.
  24. Several people on this post stated " I fear no Elves." Frankly, I understand why. After Volley was removed, there is no reason to fear the Elven archer (not to mention the removal of Ranger, Marksman and a huge RAV of 3 from the 1st edition to second). Both of their new SA take an action to activate. Indirect shot is a great SA but only in short range. So the Elven Archers get off their one shot and in the next round potentially stuck in hand to hand combat. Rapid shot is about as useless as it gets. A -1 to RAV (from their already palsy 3) and another -1 for any long range shots. Somewhat pathetic considering that Dwarves, Ivy Crown Archers, Merc. Crossbowman, and Overlords Crossbowmen receive a 4 + the crossbowman receive Pierce for no SA activation. Sure the Elves get 24 inches of range to fire in. So do the Isiri Archer (my bad, they're Elves), the Ivy Crown Archer (w/Ranger/6 + Rapid fire at 3 pts less in cost), the Khamsin Ranger (4 points less and gets Ranger/6, and Rapid shot), and the Clutchling Archer (at 26 pts - gets a RAV3 + Rapid Fire). Let's not talk about attacks vs Flying models. So the flavor text of the Elves - Vale Archer states" The phrase "Elven Archer" brings to mind the Wood Elves of Tembrithil, the vast northern forest called "The Woodspike" in the language of men. Almirithel, however, boasts not only some of the wood elves' finest archers, but also battle-honed sharpshooters from the high elf lands in Tirithilia. Proud and driven, they feel their mission in Taltos is a long overdue chance to test their mettle and avenge their fallen kin. Their markmanship is said to be without equal, and their yard long rain down in volleys with terrifying precision." It's just that, flavor text. The Elven archer can not bring down enemies by themselves but crossbowmen can. Both games I played and won, I had to soften my opponent up w/ Vale warriors and Long Thorns first. A very expensive and painful experience. Sure the Elves have Swift Attack. A great mobile - hit and run tactic. Charge in, make one attack and move away! Sounds great. Except it's only 1 attack. Great for Vale Swordsmen w/ cleave. Great against low DV opponents due to the fact Elven Swordsmen and Vale Warriors get a huge MAV of 3. Cleave works when the attacking model score 3 + over the DV of the opponent. So on a DV of 9 you need to roll a 9 or 10. Possible. This SA would make these units a better option if the Elven movement was 7 instead of 6. Frankly w/ an army designed for mostly hit and run tactics, it has a very average speed. That's fine, it just means an Elven player has to be on their toes at all times. The Elves have great units - The Centaurs, the Death Seekers, Vale Rangers (which out pace the Vale Warrior in many ways and cost 1 point more),Hunting Cats, The Royal Blademasters and the Royal Gaurdsmen. But all these units are cost heavy. Plus, they have some really great Warlords/Captains/Sergeants. However, an army cannot depend on these individuals to carry them through. Also pick your Doctrine carefully. Vale warriors/swordsmen become deadlier under the Protectors Doctrine. The Council Doctrine works only if your spell caster heavy. If you want to dominate the fields of battle in glorious one on one battle, I encourage you to look at other Factions. If you want a challenge and like mobile tactics then this may be the Faction for you. Frankly I enjoy playing the Elves, despite their short comings. Due to them, I look forward to overcoming many opponents in the future.
  25. My troops consisted of the following: Troop #1 : Selwyn Ardynn 5 Archers 3 long thorns Troop #2: Meridh 4 warriors 2 long thorns Actually what made it a very close game towards the end was the Tough roll his Orc Fighter made. Much to my dismay. I actually did forget to move Ardynn but I do not believe it would have made that great of a difference. Also my tactic was to draw off 1/2 of his force with the Troop #2. It did work for 2 Turns. I just misjudged the distance his Orcs could move. All in all a good game. Plus I rolled like 4 1's in a row at crucial points.
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