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  1. Hey Reaper fans, I wanted to give everyone a heads up about the Chronicles of the Void RPG demos which we will be running at Reaper Con this year on Saturday and Sunday. Everyone is welcome, no experience necessary, meet the game's creators and enjoy an original Sci-Fi RPG which is being developed right here in DFW! To find out more about Chronicles of the Void you can visit our website, or look through our Kickstarter project: http://www.chroniclesofthevoid.com/ http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/189034980/chronicles-of-the-void-a-science-fiction-rpg -Wedge
  2. Awesome, we had a blast running all our games at GenCon and its great to hear that the players had as much fun as we did :) We are officially in the final 8 hours of the fundraiser, so get in now to secure your exclusive backer rewards!
  3. Glad you guys like it. We are in the last week of the kickstarter project now so this will be your only chance get the exclusive miniature!
  4. The Chronicles of the Void team is pleased to announce that sculpting master Kevin Williams has crafted an exclusive Chronicles of the Void miniature produced by Reaper Miniatures. The mini is of a Javelin Mechanized Suit much like the one Kinaso Life is piloting in this pic! How can you score this mini? Easy! If you pledge $50 or above to the Chronicles of the Void Kickstarter Project you will receive this exclusive miniature made by the legendary folks at Reaper Miniatures! Thanks to all the Reaper staff who helped work on this project and a special thanks to Ed Pugh who made it all possible!
  5. I thought I would chime in, we've been working on a new Sci-Fi Pen&Paper RPG called Chronicles of the Void and we will be running 4 events at Gen-Con this year. Our Saturday and Friday night game are sold out, but we have a handful of tickets left to our Thursday night and Friday afternoon game. Just search for "CotV" in the Keyword on the Gen-Con Event Finder if you are interested. Here is a link to our site to find out more about the game: Chronicles of the Void
  6. As a long time fan of the books, I honestly think the series is done as well as I could realistically hope that TV could do it. The casting is fantastic on all fronts. The production values are extremely high for TV. and The Hound's armor looks awesome... for some reason he is one of my favorite characters in the whole series.
  7. Its good to know you are still hanging in there shakhak, keep up the good work on the video game.
  8. I wanted to announce that Chronicles of the Void has launched our official Kickstarter fundraiser project here. Doug and I have been working on the game for almost a year now and we've had the privilege to play with several of you since that time. Now we are ready to get it finished and in your hands. If you have a a few minutes to read and a few extra dollars to donate (you can pledge any amount), we would really appreciate your support. Not only that, but we have some great rewards (Rulebooks, Sound Tracks, T-Shirts and more) for those of you that can afford to give a little more, but you can find out all of that on the site. CotV Kickstarter Project Thanks!
  9. Hey guys, just wanted to remind everyone that the tournament is this Saturday, I hope to see lots of you there. New players, please dont feel intimidated at all about the word "tournament" its really a very friendly environment and the Asylum has loads of minis that a new player can borrow and use to make a full 1000 point army if you are just getting started. Its a great way to learn the game and get acquainted with other players!
  10. I feel what you are saying about proxies for the Chain Sisters, although I like the model, they are one of my bread and butter grunts, so I will ultimately need many of them. I was not able to find an alternate sculpt that gave me a chain sister vibe, but if you do, let me know cause I would like to pick some up You bring up an interesting psychological playing tactic with Kyra and Lavarath that honestly deserves an entirely separate thread, namely: Using models that present a psychologically intimidating presence on the field (Dragons, Giants, other Giant Sized creatures) causing your opponent to over commit resources to dispatch the perceived threat of the model, even though there are very likely much better ways for him to employ his forces. This distraction can often create opportunities to deal a lethal blow to your opponents key models which can change the tide of the game. I would say that this is a sub-category of the tactics which involve baiting your opponent, as well as being related to facing players that incorrectly evaluate the relative threat level of enemy troops either through inexperience or tactical error.
  11. Cool, I have never quite been able to settle on how to best employ Kyra and Lavarath, so I'm interested to see how she performs for you. Shes got such a hefty price tag, I really question whether she will be able to recuperate her cost in enemy kills. It seems like her most effective use is to hope you can find a sizable chunk of enemy units and get off a really big spray attack. Regarding soldier choice, I think its fair to compare the Chain Sisters with the Blade Sisters since they both serve the role of mid-cost melee support pieces with a price difference of only 2 points. As such, I have had a lot of success with the Chain Sisters since their DV is guaranteed to be one higher than the Blade Sisters (who have to rely on Deflect to reach an 11). I also generally prefer Disable to Vengeful as I feel like reducing the overall number of attacks my opponent gets to roll against me is preferable to the Chain Sisters boosting MAV when they are very likely to die on defensive (again because of the lower DV). Additionally Disable works on both offense and defense, and also benefits my allied soldiers, where as Vengeful is only a boost to the model who has it and even then only on Defensive combat when you've already taken damage. So to me, the Chain Sisters higher DV coupled with less aggregate attacks coming in on them and other allies, leads to them taking far less damage and thus staying on the table longer than their Blade Sisters analog. I can definitely see a good argument for the Duelists, I've considered swapping out a Blade Warden for one myself as the Provoke can really save lives in certain key situations. In fact... my build is 2 points shy of 1000 and if i dropped a Blade Warden in troop 1, I could put in a Duelist to help further protect Joeliyn, Kyla and Lorielle. I think I'll do that right now Good list Shakandara, I would like to hear how it plays for you.
  12. Hey guys, I'll get us started here with the Sisterhood as they are my second army and I just completed my 1000 point list after spending the summer in an escalation league building my forces and tweaking my tactics. Sisterhood - 998 points Troop 1 Joeliyn, Leader of the Blade Armor of Mettle Kyla, Vampire Hunter Lorielle Silverrain Blade Warden x 3 Angelic Warrior x 2 Chain Sister Luck Stone Troop 2 Callindra Silverspell Magic Ranged Weapon Siellendria, Spell Sister Blade Warden x 3 Chain Sister Troop 3 Kassandra of the Blade Armor of Courage Shaedra, Paladin Chain Sister x 2 Blade Warden x 3 Troop 4 Volendria of the Blade This is played using the Mercs at Heart Doctrine which will allow you to start the game with 5 Luck Stones, each of which has a value of +2 to any roll thanks to Joeliyn. The army is built with three main tactics in mind: 1) Luck Stone Regeneration: The three leaders, and their supporting Elites and soldiers, were chosen with particular attention to ensuing that they get the most possible use out of the Lead By Example faction doctrine that generates a Luck Stone each time a leader slays an enemy model. Joeliyn is a very potent hybrid threat in both melee, and with her deep magic set. She is a key piece for the army as her WL ability boosts all Luck Stones to +2 and her damage potential finds her earning several more throughout the course of a battle, which is why she is wearing the Armor of Mettle to increase her odds of survival. Callindra Silverspell with the Magic Ranged Weapon should be an extremely deadly archer, coupled with Siellendria, Spell Sister who can cast Barrage on her gives Callindra the potential to really rack up the kill count. Kassandra of the Blade is one of the strongest melee models in this faction, and giving her the Armor of Courage significantly increases her chances of successfully defeating her targets. 2) Ranged Domination: There is a very strong theme of ranged domination in this army by choosing 4 unique ranged attackers that all are offensively explosive. In troop 1, we have Kyla, Vampire Hunter with her high RAV Piercing/Sharpshooting crossbow and Lorielle Silverrain with her [email protected] with Weaponmaster/Indrect Shot bow. Both of these can work independently to surgically remove high value targets at long range, regardless of Stealth, Deflect, or LOS or they can gain the benefit of Barrage from Joeliyn and deal AE damage to grouped units. In troop 2, Callindra provides a very similar threat to Lorielle except that she can Rapid Shot, which makes her Barrage potential (thanks to Siellendria, Spell Sister) extremely deadly to swarm armies. Finally Volendria of the Blade is a very fast moving, long range archer who is best kept in reserve until your enemies high value Tough models fall to their last damage track, allowing her to move into range and use Sniper to destroy the model and prevent it from Toughing up. 3) Diverse Model Composition to Handle a Wide Variety of Threats: This army has a wide variety of tactics it can employ on the fly depending on the opposing army composition or the scenario which they are playing on. This army has high ranged damage, respectable magic power, deep strike potential, flying support, is "bad dice proof" thanks to the large number of Luck Stones, and has respectable melee interference models. This all adds up to a very enjoyable play experience on the table that can be played in several different ways and still come out on top.
  13. Hey everyone, shortly after getting this month's event organized I was informed by the owners of The Gamers Realm that the store will be closing August 14th and seeking a new location. You can find the full story here: The Gamers Realm This is a sad turn of events for DFW war-gaming players as this store was truly unique in its support of the genre and the quality of its staff and facilities. As a result, we are still going to have the Warlord Tournament this month, same date and time, however we will be moving the location to the Reaper Asylum. So please come out, pickup a Savage North book, and enjoy some scenarios!
  14. The next Warlord Tournament is at The Reaper Asylum Saturday August 21st starting at 1pm. The format of the event is the same as our previous tournaments. $5 entry fee, 1000 point lists. All entry fees go towards prizes for the top 3 placing players. The Savage North expansion was just released in July, so pickup your copy of the book and come play one of the 8 brand new Warlord armies! Scenarios for this tournament can be found below: August Scenarios
  15. Thats an interesting idea, and yes I think that would be possible. You essentially treat the buildings as though they were enemy models, except that they are dealt damage in a unique way.
  16. I'm really glad you had a fun game Castlebuilder, I appreciate your feedback! Wildbill, I'm not really sure how the scenarios could be any simpler. Each scenario is approximately 1 page of text, which includes the fluff as well as all special rules that the scenario follows, and is then accompanied by a map of the scenario. When the tournament scenario book is released, the maps will be a graphical representation of color coded terrain for easy reference so anyone anywhere can pickup the tournament rules and setup the exact same board and play the exact same rules as every else. This promotes continuity and will allow us to have more competitive events at the major yearly tournaments (Reaper Con/Gen Con/Origins) since all players can practice the scenarios locally and hone their skills.
  17. Do we have a scenario play rules set? I've never seen one. If not, the terrain size should have been listed in the scenario. As is, there may be players that build an army with flyers because the core rules don't disallow landing on buildings. Plus you talk about models being on buildings... leading players to believe there is a way to be on a building i.e. landing. IMO you can't really disallow Flyers landing on buildings now, considering the scenarios have been up a week. Some people won't read these threads or look for updated scenarios, and most importantly maybe they spent $50 or a $100 on flyers for GenCon as I did. The scenario play rule set has been complete for some time now, it is waiting on various graphical and production components that are necessary before it can be published. All tournament organizers for the major events this year (Reaper Con, Origins and Gen Con) have been given the beta version of the full tournament rules and all of these events were played using the same rule set. Each map is coded with a system of letters that tell you exactly the size and type of terrain is on the map. You can find the legend to this key inside this old thread from Reaper Con: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/39671-rcon-warlord-tournament-scenarios/ Go find Gus's post, and open the Scenario 3, scroll to the bottom and you can view it. I'm sure Gus just forgot to post this guide when he posted these scenarios for Gen Con, but its all running on the same rules.
  18. Razig players actually have one of the easiest ways to kill priests of anyone in the game. Using the Dark Maiden's Shore Bombardment Warlord Ability, she has the potential to fire a 3'' AoE template with Pierce straight into the Priests zone as a Free Action. Depending on how the opponent moves their priests you could easily kill one or more in this fashion. There's always a way :) The priests have a fixed deployment location, as you will note on the photo of the scenario that Gus posted. They end up being about 4'' - 8'' from the edge of your standard deployment area. So yes, since the priests activate on their own init card, you would need to win 2 inits before your opponent completes their deep strike to safely shield them in order to both flatten them against the back corner and move another normal troop in to block. Alternately as you suggest, you could create a pocket along the back edge of your normal deployment zone surrounded by strong defenders, win the first init, then run your priest troop into that pocket in your deployment zone for safety. Note that the priest movement is only 4'', so they wont be able to run very far so take that into account. You cannot however deploy straight on top of the priests, since they are setup in the 1 foot square area immediately adjacent to your normal deployment area.
  19. Technically all buildings in scenario play count as size 3 terrain that is considered impassible, which makes landing on it impossible. I went ahead and included the sentence that Shakhak initially pointed out about models standing on a burning building become burning as a sort of redundant rule. Really it could be taken out, but I put it in there in case there was some situation where you could end up on the building that I couldn't think of.
  20. If you see your opponent has a very fast deep striking setup, one of the most effective things you can do is flatten your 5 priests into a 1''x5'' line in the corner of the map along the back wall, and place your own units completely around them (Cav and bigger bases help a lot here) to make it impossible to reach B2B on the ground level with your priests. This would prevent the vast majority of deep striking options from being pulled off, as well as create a really sturdy formation where your priests can use their Cures to heal nearby defenders. Any deep striking casters may still be able to hit you with AE spells, but you could always counter spell with the priests or your own mages. Flying Swift Attacking models would still be a potential threat here... but then again, they are a threat do essentially everything on the board in any game. The nice thing about this defensive setup also is that most deep strike options leave a trail of models across the board to enable the fast movement, making his offensive hammer weak. You can use this to your advantage since your 1000 point defending army will likely outnumber the attackers, and you will be engaging only about 6'' - 12'' from your deployment zone, so you can bring your full army to bear, wipe out their attackers, then possibly launch a counter attack on the opponents priests before the game ends.
  21. All of ktyler09's answers are correct regarding this scenario. Thanks for jumping in there! And to be clear, once there are enough models in B2B with the building that you would gain support (normally this is 3) then only one of these model needs to use the Specialty Action to automatically douse the flames.
  22. This is very close to what I would do. Since I typically play Reptus, there are two easy options I can think of off the top of my head for them: 1) Broodmaster has a troop with T'kay or Pakpao and a soldier with musician. When they activate Burst of Speed the Flying Broodmaster for 10'' (thanks to musician) then the Broodmaster performs Rush Attack 22'' which equals a total of 32'' with no terrain issues since he is flying. You can take that one step further with... 2) You could use two troops: Troop 1: Pakpao + anything else Troop 2: Broodmaster, T'Kay, Brood of Payanak (however many you want) + Musician Troop 1 activates and drops burst of speed on troop 2, which lets the Broodmaster (who is on the ground) and all Brood of Payanak move 9 inches (thanks to musician). Then Troop 2 activates and the Broodmaster uses his Warlord Ability Payanak's Flight to give all the Brood of Payanak's flying immediately, then T'Kay casts Burst of Speed giving them another 9'' (18'' so far to this point) then all flying models take a Rush Attack for another 20'' giving you a grand total of 38'' (with more on the Broodmaster since he is faster) plus an attack.
  23. Don't forget to account for the terrain. On one side, the priests are in a village town square, protected by low 1'' stone fences and 3'' houses. The other side has the priests setup in the forest, obscured from vision by a combination of light and heavy woods.
  24. I honestly wouldnt bother with the Book of Tactics for Chhaya, really if you wanted to put some equipment in either troop, I think you would get a lot more mileage out of a Musician since both the turtles and Khong-To/Reptus Warriors are MOV 5 -- Bumping that to 6 is a pretty solid improvement. Putting more cards in the initiative deck is both good and bad depending on the situation, its really not a necessity to always have more cards than your opponent. Of course maybe thats your style of play :) Raptors, as Castlebuilder alluded to, are not great offensive models. They are however, excellent screening units for mages/archers as their Short SA allows models behind them to maintain LOS to the enemy. Their Calvary base is also long which makes it easier to form barriers around your soft units without having to include more than 3 or 4 raptors. Their most notable offensive feature is the Provoke really. Since they are a low priced unit, you may consider running them with other hard hitting melee troops that you would rather not have wounded, like Snakes (although you do not like snakes :)) or Skullbreakers (because of their low DV) then when a Raptor lands a blow, the enemy is forced to place defensive strikes on the Raptor rather than your other units in B2B with it. T'Kay is mostly used as a buffing mage, meaning that he casts spells that enhance your other troops. While his spells points are rather low, even his 0 point spells are useful like Divine Vigor -- Why wouldn't like an extra attack? Really it would take a separate topic than this to try and enumerate all of the useful ways T'Kay can help your army, but suffice to say, include in him your build, read his spell list to become familiar with his capabilities, and enjoy :) Also T'Kay is an excellent candidate for use with a Familiar. It will help him regenerate his low Spell Point pool and also allow him to cast from relative safety on the back of the board while the Familiar is taking the risks up where the combat is happening. If you are looking for Fireball spam... then look no further than Pakpao, he will be your go to man for offensive spells with the Reptus. Ssudai is also decent if you want double Fireball throwers, although his depth is not quite as great as Pakpao IMO although having a Spy is nice.
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