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  1. OK , I know its a long way off but myself and family are coming to USA in april/may 2007 , will ReaperCon be about the same time ? What the best way to get there from Los Angeles ? How do I get there ? :unsure: Can I bring my minis into the country ? :unsure:


    Okay the best way from LA is to fly out of Long Beach into DFW Airport. Non-stop round trip flights are usually around 200 bucks American on American Airlines. From what I understand Reapercon is always going to be around the same time each year, so 2007 should still be May. Mini's are transportable in and out of the country. Like others I've checked them for international flights but have carried them on for domestic flights. Had some problems with Bomb Detection in Rhode Island, but hey I don't mind. Tells me they are doing their jobs.


    From DFW Airport you go out the north gate, hit 635 East then 35E north. That will take you up to Denton, TX which is only about 40 miles or so from the airport. Of course we can always tell you better ways to get there once it's assured you're coming in but that's the gist of it all.


    Anyway, hope that helps

  2. Yup walked through it with a couple of staff about a week ago. Was very interesting and they will most definitely be selling stuff there. Reaper of course as well as hobby tools and they even had some Dwarven Forge boxes for you D&D fans. I believe that they are limited quantity and won't be bought again. Also got to put my grubby hands on the new Warlord book. Looks nice.


    They were still busy putting up the pegboard and racks so it may be they were just not ready to open the doors yet for that.


    Anyway, I'll be there on the 25th efkelley has begged me enough.. ;)

  3. I use Castrol Super Clean (the Engine Degreaser). It's available pretty much anywhere, it's non-toxic and bio-degradable. Best of all, it strips mini's very well. Heck it won't harm plastics either. I left a squad of plastic guardsmen from GW in there for over a week and nothing happened other then the paint coming off.


    Of course this stuff will also break superglue bonds as well so if you want to strip pewter with this chances are you will be reassembling it as well.

  4. Hey Patrick,


    Where do you go for your CAV stuff? I know Texas Game Company in Allen carries CAV and Big World Comics do also. Is there anyplace else in the DFW area.

  5. Congrats on joining the fun of CAV. I too am fairly new to the game and I have to tell ya the guys here are great.


    One note about AB I think Rob over at Wolf's-lair hasn't posted the updated file yet. If it's not "1.2" then it's not the right file.


    Go Here for it


    Then just import it in.

  6. Couple questions.


    First off if I wanted to give my Infantry stands say an AT-23 Missile Pack. I would just add the 33 points total or per stand?


    Which brings up my next question, does each stand fight independantly or do they all fight together?


    And my last question, well clarification. The 38 points I spend is on just one stand of infantry, correct? This should actually be my first question as the first question ties into this one.


    Thanks all


    hehe.. yeah we used to say that as well. Then we also used to say "There are no stupid questions, only stupid people... " :D


    So far things look rather, simplistic, rules wise. Not being mean, but it is and it works really well. It's nice to incorporate a lot of things together into something easy.


    Yeah, I was just telling myself as I hit the submit button if it was in the errata/faq. Of course it was.. hehehe.. ah well. At least it got me to thinking.


    I'm sure I'll post other things that are covered in the FAQ, just tell me to go read the FAQ ;)


    Nevermind, found it in the FAQ/Errata... note to self, check there before posting.


    Sorry to waste your time all.


    Okay, reading the rules and under Target Lock (a) it states

    and any Target Lock Situation modifiers or enhancements (such as a friendly ECCM Pod)
    No problem. Under Enchancements.


    Specific types of equipment, such as ECCM pods, can add or subtract various values to the attacking or defending Target Lock die rolls as outlined in steps (a) and (b) of the Direct Fire Attack Resolution.


    So my question is, does ECCM pods do anything? If so what and where can I find the info?



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