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  1. Thanks for the info Leech, didn't realize that water and superglue worked that way. Also thanks for the warning, that's important to know, not only for myself but my two year old son :) So note to self: Try this trick out in the garage with the door up and the kiddo safely inside the house.
  2. Pinning is basically drilling a hole in let's say the leg section and placing a piece of wire in it.. then you line it up and mark where the wire will need to enter the torso, drill a hole. Then attach the leg with the wire entering the hole in the torso. This really strengthens the hold for things like joints and such. I use Castrol Engine Degreaser to strip my mini's and yes it breaks down the superglue. BTW.. this stuff is great for plastics also. You can let them sit in the stuff for days and not worry about it melting the plastic. Worse case I've seen is when the primer has stained the plastic, but primer over it again and it doesn't matter if it's stained or not.
  3. I know there's an old file out there for CAV to be used in Armybuilder, but it looks very out of date. Has anyone done something more recent?
  4. Joel, Is there a specific brand you use or recommend? Personally I'm not too familiar with epoxy other for fixing things around the house, etc..
  5. Hehe.. don't they always. I like SOldcorn suggested, to actually drill through the leg and into the torso. That may be a bit easier to do especially with the small bits. I need to pick one of these up.
  6. I personally have not seen the model outside it's packaging, but have you tried pinning the legs to the main torso? doing one at a time until you get them all pinned and stable?
  7. I know you were Frosch and I appreciate it. I was able to add 3 links right off the bat. Thanks Daley, That would be great. I look forward to your history and I understand about those diaper changes :)
  8. hahaha... the frogborg?
  9. I'm not sure if it astounds me more that you have all frogs.. or that you found the right size....
  10. StormCaller

    Hello all

    Okay great.. I'll have to finish reading about the different governments and UCORs. Thanks
  11. Thanks.. added them including the "Frogs of War" site... interesting infantry you have there...
  12. StormCaller

    Cav websites

    Can anyone direct me to a list or post some useful CAV sites? (anything from painted mini's to force lists etc etc) I'm interested in other people's ideas and ripping them off for my own ;) Of course I have CAVhq.com. Anyone else want to let me into their little web world? :)
  13. StormCaller

    Hello all

    Once again thanks for the replies. Is there any significance to the different types of units in relation to game terms, meaning is a Pirate able to get equipment that a Striker can't? etc etc? Or is it all for background and to flesh out your unit? I need to really read up more on the politics and governments of the game and think up something to base my unit on. Thanks again all.
  14. StormCaller

    Hello all

    Hey thanks guys (and gals if there are any there :)) I'm located Far North Dallas, and I've talked with the local CAV demo guy as well as Matt Ragan about getting a demo. Patrick (the local Assault guy) and I have talked a little but he's out of commission for the moment (I think he broke his arm) and so have been playing with a buddy in Denton area to learn the rules. Now I need to learn some more of the background to flesh out the whole universe in my eyes. I'll be honest, currently I own nothing CAV related. I've only downloaded the rules and been perusing the website. So far I'm very happy to be getting involved, but I want to do a little homework first and then build my first "company". So do I go Merc or look towards an established army. What do you all play? Mostly Mercs? It's pretty irrelevant to some, but I like that aspect of the game as well. Belonging to a unit and progressing their storyline is almost as fun as playing the game. Anyway, I'm curious as to what your favorite armies are or single unit/section make up. I'm interested to find out.
  15. StormCaller

    Hello all

    Well I hope to see more and do more. Kind of nice to see a game in a fairly "fledgling" stage and get to watch it grow. Thanks for the hi's. I'll be here often.. I mean what else am I supposed to do at work? Work? bwahahaha
  16. StormCaller

    Hello all

    Greetings all, I'm a new CAV player and must say that so far I really enjoy the game. I really like the way the game plays and especially the damage tracks. So just piping in here to say hey
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