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  1. I always wondered this and wanted to know if anyone like me, would actually want Reaper to include them?
  2. I want to buy a Bloodstone army and this is what I got Army: (482 points) Troop 1 1 Kurand the Ever Living (137) 1 Tunnel Knight (36) 1 Tunnel Knight (36) 1 Pulger (13) 1 Pulger (13) 1 Pinner (21) 1 Pinner (21) 1 Hok (16) 1 Hok (16) 1 Shaerdra, Bloodstone Matron (40) Troop 2 1 Greater Bloodstone Golem (133) I want to keep the Golem and the Warlord. Any advice? I have never played Warlord, just got the Savage North book in the mail and gave it a quick read and I made this list, also, I am aiming to 500 points, and also to maintaining it to as cheap(money wise)as possible.
  3. Hello guys, thanks for the input. Small update, we both looked at the new armies from the New Book, and we're liking the following armies: Bloodstone Gnomes Dwarves of Kragmarr Frost Giants of Icingstead Sisterhood of the Blade What would be good starting builds for each?
  4. I want to buy the book, and I want to know the cheapest way to get 2 armies. Why aren't there any starter sets? and If they are how much they cost and where can I buy them? And btw, I want to play Dwarves and to play with my brother I want Crsaders.
  5. Ok thank you guys, I got another question. The Deluxe boxes that gives you paint and the faction book plus 10 miniatures, does the faction book belongs to the first edition or second edition?
  6. Oh another question. Are the cards from 1rst edition diferent than the 2nd edition? If they are can anyone link me some photos of both of them to compare and another question, Is the 2nd edition full color like the first edition? Thats something I really love about fantasy books, full color art for me to look ^___^
  7. I got the first edition rulebook( http://theminiaturespage.com/showcase/fanshowcase/410933a.jpg ). Can I play with it? Or do I have to have the second edition? Also is the Secon edition Hardcover? I love hardcover books. I hate how softcovers get bent on the corners by literally nothing. Also the book is on the way over to my house, so I got a question, I have decided to start with Reven and Crusader(Me and my brother and I found a store that sells the Deluxe sets that gets you 10 minis, some paints and the army book. So what can I buy to expand those to armies? I plan to buy those at a later date(probably after I read the rulebook XD )
  8. I just want to look at that part from the flipside... If the rules are balanced and stable, why constantly update them. Is GW actually improving the game by getting players to frequently buy new editions (plus new army books for each edition) or is it a genius marketing ploy? Granted that question can only be answered with an opinion, and Im sure there is various ones. Personally, Id be more excited to spend a pocket full cash on new minis (for a brand new army or to expand one) then I would be to buy yet another edition. While Id love to see each faction gets its own book; I see the slower update pace as a plus not a minus. Not quite. GW updates rules every 4 years or so. Most army books get updated every 4-5 years, some even longer.
  9. Thanks to everyone for the replies. Another few questions: ~ Are army/faction essential or needed? What do they do? ~ Are the factions fairly balanced? ~ @ Gus Landt or other Reaper Staff: When is the 2010 Rulebook going to be released (we'd hate to buy the 2009 book only to find the new releases in a couple of months)?
  10. I recently started playing Warhammer 40k with my brother and we're interested in playing a General Fantasy type game along side to keep things fresh. We already use Reaper paints and we think that Warlord looks to be more budget friendly, so it caught our attention. We want to know a few things: ~ Did we assume correctly on the price of the game? ~ What do would be the best (and cost effective) way to start the game for 2 players (i.e. buy X, Y, and Z and you can play)? ~ How long are the games? ~ How fast is the game updated (Rule books and faction/army books)? Thanks.
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