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  1. For me Frost Giants of Icingstead is definitely on top of my list. Tembrithil Forest could be exiting as well. As for the wish list, I could imagine more dragons and a faction inspired by vikings. And then there is of course war machines for all factions as a future supplement.
  2. I am just starting my first two armies. When checking various army lists on this forum, I have found that there seems to be a great mix of model types in each single army. Often you only see 3-4 instances of a single model in an army. You could have expected that after deciding on a strategy, you would like to tune the army as much as possible to achieve this. If you compare with for instance Magic The Gathering, a wide range of different cards are available, but after selecting a deck type (Swarm, Combo, Counter etc) you try to maximize the number of cards supporting that strategy (having 4 of each of those cards). In Warlord there are only a few rules governing the number of max models of a single type, so this could be even more articulated in this game. But it is not. Is this wide mix of different types something inherent to the game, perhaps the environment is not that competitive (a good thing if you ask me), or are people just liking to through in extra everything and be on the safe side?
  3. Thanks everybody for the advice! In the end I did order from White Dragon DK (everything working out perfectly - I can recommended this store). I got my rule book, and since the figures available was limited on all sites, I had to go with an Overlord Starter (Askryot, Balthon and 8 Overlord Warriors) and separate blisters Danithal + 9 Vale Swordsmen. Having read the rules, I am quite happy with the figures as well. I first thought the Vale Swordsmen would be too weak, but my guess now is that with Swift Attack, they actual can be quite good value per point. A few of my observations are: - Figures are somewhat taller and more correctly proportional compared to my previous experiences (Guess what I am comparing with ;-) +++ - The game seems just as fast playing and streamlined as I was hoping. +++ - High spread of characteristics without a lot of dies rolling (using D10) +++ - Somewhat awkward separating which models have been wound so far in this combat from those with damage since previous rounds - As soon as I have painted this order, I will start planing and order figures for two complete armies. I will the check with Goblin Games SE, if I can place an order in their store. I also watch Reaper Miniature TV, which seems to be running episodes with good timing compared to my own efforts.
  4. Thanks for the advice! I have experienced this tax myself, and have already been in contact with a Danish company to keep this within the EU. I did notice that the selction was somewhat limited, and it is good to have your input on this aswell. I will check out White Dragon also. I live in Stockholm, so I visit Denmark maximum once per year. In fact I go to Glostrup on occation releated to work, so I will keep the demo offering in mind.
  5. I have found Warlord on the web, and as this seems to be the skirmish/limited force fantasy game I have been looking for, I will now place an order for the rule book. Since I can't purchase Reaper stuff in Sweden, I have to order the game from abroad. At the same time I am planing to order a few figures for painting trials for Elves and Overlords (the 2 factions I am most intrested in) before even reading the rule book that is. Can anyone recommend a few models to start with? Something which both looks cool and is generic enough so that I hopefully can use them as soon as I have read the book and starts building my first two armies. /Johan
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