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  1. That's good. It looked like you'd gone for good. Ishil Thanks Ishii yeah we started crawling back last year when several things actually inspired me to have another proper go. Well, I ordered your lava worms 12 days ago and have heard nothing since.
  2. Looks great. Is this the "bullette" of D&D?
  3. Interesting. Paizo.com sells some EFS minis but I couldn't find that one. Do you happen to know the name of the mini?
  4. You're right, those are cool, but definitely don't want to go the pricey route. If I did use those, I'd probably just leave them alone. Thanks for the suggestion. GROAN! (I hate to admit it, but that was funny!) LOL.
  5. LOL. Thanks for the tip. Hmmm, those could work. Thanks for the tip. BTW, I found this at Cool Mini or Not but it looks like it's just a fan sculpt.
  6. Is there any mini out there that can be used as a thoqqua?
  7. Harak720


    Don't think so. I think it was after nightfall and I snapped it the opposite end of the room from the windows. The camera flash is pretty strong and I think it's just bouncing around the room. Fortunately, the camera is borrowed. I think it's, as you said, a matter of light sources. Thanks! Kang
  8. I didn't use one at first because all the ones I do are tabletop and still are. But I still want to try and get better. And now I can't think how I used to do them without a visor.
  9. Thanks for all the feedback, everybody.
  10. Interesting. Thanks for the tips!
  11. Who uses them and which is the best? I'm using a Bausch and Lombe Magna Visor which is okay but it'd be nice if it shone light. Also, I'm starting to feel some eye strain, though I don't know if that's from the visor.
  12. Harak720


    Thanks for all the suggestions,guys. I also figure the light probably reflects off the white wall and bounces back from the opposite white wall; so I'm also going to try to put something non-reflective behind the mini.
  13. Thanks, haldir. One could even do a Zatanna mini; could make for an interesting project.
  14. Harak720


    Hi, kinda weird to see only one topic in this forum but I was hoping to get an answer to two questions: 1)What is that shadow in the pic below? and 2) How do I arrange it so that I don't have it? I'm using an Olympus C-4000 Zoom.
  15. So, here's how it turned out. Nothing spectacular but it worked out better than I'd expected. I was even able to fashion a sickle out of a dagger and stick it on him, though I think I left too much pin sticking out.
  16. D'oh! Of course. How stupid of me. I was thinking that there was some way to avoid touching the painted part altogether but I should have realized that's impossible. Anyway, thanks ML!
  17. Actually, could you clarify one thing? Once you've detached the pin from the accessory, doesn't that leave a hole?
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