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  1. I first bought the bulk of my DA army back in 2000, and up until now, I have NEVER COMPLETED one single model. There are some unfinished Deathwing termies, some almost-finished scouts, and a few vehicles with not much more than base coats and a few details on them. So a couple days ago, when I finally finished this test subject, all I could say was "It's about freaking time!" Now all I have to do is keep going, so my poor army doesn't sit around for another decade ;)




    C&C welcome as usual.


    You can read the gory details here on my blog.

  2. For my D&D needs, Reaper is at the top of my list. There are so many choices for PC minis, it's almost absurd. Every time my group rolls up a new set of characters, I KNOW that I will find a perfect Reaper mini for each party member. And same goes for stocking the monster boxes for my DM. I can find just about anything and everything in the Reaper catalog. If I really must have some pig-faced orcs, well, there's always Otherworld.


    I've seen a few GW minis that I could use for D&D, but I haven't pulled the trigger yet. One thing I will say I like about the GW plastic multi-part minis is the flexibility to create a variety of units right out of the box. I've been putting together some zombies and skeletons for my son to paint, and it is a lot of fun to let him pick out which head, torso, legs, and arms to use for each model. And for customizing, I think it's a lot easier for the garden-variety modeler to mix and match plastic bits (along with some greenstuff) than it is to convert pewter models.


    I think the best you could do would be to try and get your GW friends to use some Warlord or DHL minis as proxies for GW special characters, commanders, sergeants, that sort of thing.

  3. Hi All,


    I've enjoyed looking at everyone's work here and on various blogs, but it's been far too long since I finished any of my own projects! So here is a trio of undead I finished up today that will be ready for the tabletop this weekend:




    I jotted a few additional notes about them on my blog, for those who are into that sort of thing. Nothing spectacular, but they should make my fellow players more than a bit nervous when they appear on the gaming table ;)

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  4. Welcome to the nuthouse! Glad you and your friends have picked up your brushes and are giving it a go.


    Hmm, are you using an actual drybrush, or a standard brush? Dedicated drybrushes have a flatter head than standard detail brushes. I just use a set of Citadel drybrushes and they work fine for my drybrushing needs.


    And if your paint is too thin, perhaps you are loading the brush too much. Just wet the tip of the brush and gently wipe most of the pigment off on a paper towel, etc. and you should be fine.


    Hopefully some of the pros will chime in with their opinions.

  5. My DM recently let me know that a drow encounter was looming (gulp!) so I needed to assemble and paint up a drow war party right quick. I settled on 7 minis, a mix of DHL and Warlord. My efforts to procure them through one source hit a brick wall, so I then turned to the Reaper Online Store. I should have just gone there in the first place, because they had all the minis I wanted in stock, the shipping was free, and the turnaround was FAST - I ordered on June 3rd, it was packed and shipped on the 4th, and they arrived in my mailbox on the 7th!


    So to all the fine customer service peeps in the Online Store, thank you! Good service is not always easy to come by these days, so I just wanted to say that your work is appreciated.

  6. You probably put more time into planning your projects than most people spend actually painting! What a wonderful diorama. Truly outstanding - my daughter was looking over my shoulder, and now I think I'm on the hook for a pack of Reaper animals for her to paint ;)


    For your next project, how about you hook up Liriel to a wall of amps and speakers, with a mosh pit of Chronoscope minis doing their thing? I see lots of pink, purple, electric blue and green mohawks...

  7. th_IMG_3223.jpg

    Say hello to Mr. Atlas...this is my first attempt at a 'mech, and I'm pretty damn pleased with the outcome. I was actually somewhat inspired by the Reaper DHL Barrow Wardens, as they look totally badass with the fully-armored-and-skull-showing vibe. I stole my colors from the WH40K Dark Angels, mostly because I'm a big fan of green.


    I did a project write-up on my blog. It was a fun exercise in both writing and painting!


    Comments & critique welcome as usual. Thanks.

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  8. This isn't a Show Off post, but I'm guessing the audience here might not mind:


    An interesting project has been launched by the 40K community: a bunch of painters/bloggers have banded together and are building a Storm Wardens army for Warhammer 40K. The premise is simple - for every $1 you donate, you have a chance at winning what promises to be a VERY cool army. But perhaps the best part is that the proceeds will be donated to Doctors Without Borders. What can I say? The miniature gaming community rocks. Read about it on a variety of blogs:


    Santa Cruz Warhammer


    Dave Taylor Miniatures

  9. I used to wonder "How do other painters make their undead look...undead?!?" My older efforts always made the skeletons look like something hanging in the corner of your high school biology room - pristine, white, and not scary at all.


    After a bit of research, and talking to some WHFB players who paint up regiments of good-looking skeletons, I decided to give it a try:






    Much better! I was more focused on the skeletons themselves than the other details (including the bases), so there is room for improvement next time around. But my players liked them, and so do I. I even think the eyes came out more or less as planned - black sockets, followed by a drop or two of thinned neon green to hopefully give them that high fantasy undead look.


    I also posted pics of some other recent work on my blog: http://theleaddragon.blogspot.com/


    Comments & critique on both my painting and writing are always welcome. Thanks!

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