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  1. Sweet! Nicely done and probably the best gaming add-on for Robotech I could think of. Probably would be cool to add them to a Battletech or CAV Campaign also. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Great Job! My only critique would have to be on the basing, it looks to need a little clean up, but if this is a gaming piece it is not that big a deal. Most of what I do is closer to display style, so I sometimes get caught up in that mode of thought.
  3. Very Nice. My first Reaper mini purchased an painted was one of the Anubis Guards. I had grand plans to do what you did here and do them all, but alas, my direction changed. Anyway, what you have done with these is fantastic. Free hand is Awesome.
  4. Thanks everyone for the nice comments. Wish the photos were better though.
  5. Here is another mini from another company I had never painted a mini from. I like the pose from Tale of War Miniatures from Coolminiornot.com #TOW030006. I was asked to paint it as much like the image on the Blister Card that came with it painted by MiniArtProductions. The photos do not do it justice, but I think I got close, But I am not yet in the class of the original piece's artist. Blister Card Art: My attempt at duplicating it:
  6. I know this is a popular mini and is pretty epic, but I am still disappointed by the eyes. There is not a lot of room to actually paint them and I feel you'd be better off just darkening the area and not trying to do the eyes. the other part of this sculpt that could be better are the legs. His thighs are not that realistic and do not look like muscles. I guess the trade off from these things is the overall stance. He reminds me of the" God of War" character from the video game.
  7. Awesome Vintage Mini - It's been awhile since I have seen one of those.
  8. The tattoo is free hand. Supposed to be a graphic art design crow in purple. It was tough to do and looks a little rough in the photos.
  9. Just finished him up for another commission, The customer wanted mostly leather armor with blue clothing, so that is what I tried to do here. It turned out okay, and I am not sure I am satisfied, but the customer thinks it is great, so I guess I am just a tad too critical of my own work. C&C welcome.
  10. Skin tones are MSP Dark Elf Highlight for the base, washes of MSP Nightshade Purple and highlights of MSP Rainy Gray mixed with MSP Pure White. As for the edge work, the photos really show it well, but in hand you can hardly notice it and on the gaming table, it does not show up at all. The customer was happy, so I am happy. We do not get mad about questions or suggestions around here, so do not worry about that. The answer to your question is, Yes Dark Elves do typically have white hair, but there are those that do not follow that rule and if they are mixed race it could happen. The customer specified jet black hair, so that is what I had to do. This question is tougher than you would think. I will try to explain. Base coat is MSP Clotted Red, Then a couple of washes of MSP Red Brick, Then I started building up to the high lights by layering with thinned MSP Carnage Red, then thinned MSP Blood Red, then for the finishing highlights I really thinned down some MSP Sun Yellow and applied about 5 thin layers drying in between each. The trick for the final layers was to keep wicking off the brush on a paper towel so the paint would not pool on the mini. I am one of those poeple that does not write down my color recipes, because I picture what I want and just put paint to the mini until I get what I want or have to start from scratch. I can usually achieve the same color results in different ways with different color combinations though, so usually do not have to start over. Thanks for the comment everyone.
  11. Here is a Anima-Tactics miniature, Lostaroth Marchosias (Sculpter - Juan Navarro Perez) that is supposed to be part of the Church faction, but the customer wanted him painted for a D&D style campaign as a Dark Elf. This was a cool figure and I enjoyed painting it. I hope you all enjoy the photos as well.
  12. He says he is able to purchase them on-line. I try not to do too much handling with bare hands to eliminate some of that feeling of gag me.
  13. This was a unique commission that required me to paint his face as a mask. I have attached the reference photo I was sent. The customer did not want it exact, but as close to the photo without getting too dark. Here is the result: Reference Photo: Satheras as painted:
  14. Here is another commission I finished up recently. He is the Mate / Complimentary figure to the Female Half Dragon I painted up for him late last year for his Granddaughter. I posted the photos of the female back then, but have added a shot here so you all can see them together. The color schemes were supposed to match as close as possible. Golanth: Na'Kaat:
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