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  1. Very Nice. My first Reaper mini purchased an painted was one of the Anubis Guards. I had grand plans to do what you did here and do them all, but alas, my direction changed. Anyway, what you have done with these is fantastic. Free hand is Awesome.

  2. Here is another mini from another company I had never painted a mini from. I like the pose from Tale of War Miniatures from Coolminiornot.com #TOW030006. I was asked to paint it as much like the image on the Blister Card that came with it painted by MiniArtProductions. The photos do not do it justice, but I think I got close, But I am not yet in the class of the original piece's artist.


    Blister Card Art:



    My attempt at duplicating it:



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  3. I know this is a popular mini and is pretty epic, but I am still disappointed by the eyes. There is not a lot of room to actually paint them and I feel you'd be better off just darkening the area and not trying to do the eyes. the other part of this sculpt that could be better are the legs. His thighs are not that realistic and do not look like muscles. I guess the trade off from these things is the overall stance. He reminds me of the" God of War" character from the video game.






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  4. Pretty great! The color selection is very dramatic and interesting. I like the way you did the shading on the cloak, hints of orange on the highlights that make it a little warmer without going pastel. I also like the skin tones, what did you use for that, if you don't mind me asking?


    Suggestions: some of the edge highlights look a little messy, especially around his boots and on his left-hand weapon. Also, I have no idea what that left-hand weapon is supposed to be, but I doubt that's your fault.


    Skin tones are MSP Dark Elf Highlight for the base, washes of MSP Nightshade Purple and highlights of MSP Rainy Gray mixed with MSP Pure White. As for the edge work, the photos really show it well, but in hand you can hardly notice it and on the gaming table, it does not show up at all. The customer was happy, so I am happy.


    I love the painting! VERY good work!


    just one question, and I hope you don´t get mad at me but, D&D´s dark elf isn´t suppose to get white hair?


    We do not get mad about questions or suggestions around here, so do not worry about that. The answer to your question is, Yes Dark Elves do typically have white hair, but there are those that do not follow that rule and if they are mixed race it could happen. The customer specified jet black hair, so that is what I had to do.


    Which oranges did you use? I'm trying to achieve the same color look on one of my dark sword minis..


    This question is tougher than you would think. I will try to explain. Base coat is MSP Clotted Red, Then a couple of washes of MSP Red Brick, Then I started building up to the high lights by layering with thinned MSP Carnage Red, then thinned MSP Blood Red, then for the finishing highlights I really thinned down some MSP Sun Yellow and applied about 5 thin layers drying in between each. The trick for the final layers was to keep wicking off the brush on a paper towel so the paint would not pool on the mini. I am one of those poeple that does not write down my color recipes, because I picture what I want and just put paint to the mini until I get what I want or have to start from scratch. I can usually achieve the same color results in different ways with different color combinations though, so usually do not have to start over.


    Thanks for the comment everyone. :;):

  5. The minis, and the desert bases, look awesome. The rodent bones really look great on those bases, though I don't know whether I could get over the ick factor to put them on bases I use for gaming. Where does your friend get those rodent bones? Does he buy them, or he collect owl pellets in the woods?


    He says he is able to purchase them on-line.


    I try not to do too much handling with bare hands to eliminate some of that feeling of gag me.

  6. Here are some 90's TSR Ral Partha Miniatures I was commissioned to paint up as standard table top gaming figures for a friend that is running a Dark Sun campaign. I still have about 50 figures to go, but at 3 or so a week it will take a while to get them all done.


    Dark Sun Adventurers:




    After these photos I redid the bases in the red browns like on the Gith below, but did not get any photos with that done.









    I really enjoyed painting the Gith Creatures. I had never seen these before and they are pretty cool.

    On the bases are "real" bones. my friend got them and he said they are rodent bones that are extracted from Owl Pellets (Which are like and owl hair ball), the pellets are dissolved and the bones removed, then soaked in bleach. First time he showed them to me, I almost gagged, but I have gotten used to them now.

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  7. Again great painting. I really like the Battletech stuff. I really do miss playing the game. I had the original Mad Cat from the late 80's and painted as a Ghost Bear Clan Mech. Mine was not as detailed as yours, but for back then, it was one of the coolest miniatures for the game produced. If I ever get the files on my dead computer's hard drive recovered, I will post some old photos of the Mechs I used to have.

  8. The customer that I painted the last set of Space Mouslings for decided that he wanted another set painted up as rescue team for the originals. He sent me a photo of the diorama he made up (see photo below) and said he was building another to go along side this one with a 50's style rocket and this new set of mouslings (next 3 photos). I am not sure who painted the space monster in the diorama, but they did a great job on that as well. Anyway, it is nice sometimes to see how customers use the miniatures I have painted. When he shoots me a photo of the complimentary diorama, I will pass it along.







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  9. Very nice work on all of them Inarah. If you had a D&D group, this would be a fine group to contend with. As a group the paint schemes compliment one another but still allow for them to be individuals and stand out within the group. Again, great Job.

  10. I am really sorry I had not got around to posting something about these or anything else for what seems like a really long time. I have been really busy with work and a ton of commissions that I have not been on the computer long enough to type stuff up except for e-mailing the customers. I did pop on long enough to see the results of the Reaper Con competitions and to wish for another year, I could have been there. Anyway, all of your entries were fantastic and were deserving of the prizes. I really like the Gargoyle. The stone effect is amazing. The other were great also and what we have come to expect now. Every figure you seem to raise the bar and that is all good for the rest of us that are slowly making are way to achieve those results.

  11. Thanks everyone! I really do not like having to copy others work, but the customer is the boss, so I do my best to make them happy. I will probably have to get another set of these to paint as I would like them. While painting these, I had a vision of what I thought they should look. They are too much fun to paint and the clean up is very easy, so multiple sets would not be a big issue. I would recommend these to all and since there are no examples other than Michaels in the inspiration gallery, I say, lets get a few more versions in there.

  12. I was asked to paint these as close to possible as those painted by Michael Proctor, seen in the Figure Finder http://www.reapermini.com/FigureFinder#detail/01434


    I think they came out well for my first mouslings. I think I might have to paint some more soon. They are extremely fun to paint.






    Since there were no views of the backs of the mouslings, I had to ad-lib the jet packs.


    C & C welcome

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  13. Love the concepts of all three. The shields steal the show though. Welcome to the forums we are always glad to see new people love this hobby as much as all of us do. For some of us, it is more than that. It is a love that has turned into a part time or full time job. Keep painting and keep learning and you will always have fun.

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