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  1. Stern, I have really enjoyed you work on the 40K stuff and these are further examples of how well you paint. Your concepts are also well rounded. I am going to be getting my first set of space marines "Wolves Pack" specifically. The wolf part of that caught my eye and I am sure everyone would be able to tell why. I am not sure if I should stick to the color scheme or not though. Is that important in 40k or are there different schemes for units?

  2. Like the knight I commented on earlier, very smooth painting. You are doing well at the beginning and that is something to be proud of, since a lot of us could not say our first jump into this newer era of miniature painting went as well. Keep up the good work. As for the eyes it is personal preference, especially if you are painting up gaming pieces. I would say if you are planning on contest painting then you might want to work on the eyes in more detail.

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  3. I would like to thank everyone for the nice comments and great critique. I will take the advice given and see if i can apply it to further works. As for the discussion of Werner's sculpts, as long as he has sculpts in the product lines, then he is still represented well. whether or not we see further new sculpts is up to him, but if we see no further new ones, then yes it would be disappointing, but reaper has many good sculptors and I am sure we will all see more excellent works.from them.

  4. Nicely. Done. Sir.


    Those blues are capital-G-gorgeous, and the shield blazons are top notch. If I had to pick nits, I'd look at the nmm on her helm; I think it could stand to have some brighter highlights, especially on the wing edges.


    Really love her. Thanks for sharing.

    Not sure why the highlights faded there, but but believe me they are pure white. Maybe the white in the background helped them bleed out.

  5. Very nice! Good, crisp work on a figure that I know has a lot of fine details.

    I like the blue tones in the shadow creature, which play off the cold steel in his other hand.

    The black skin and the black leather seem to have the same neutral gray highlights; I think the figure would have benefited if you had used a slightly warmer or cooler tone for one of them.

    Also, I would have taken the skin up to some higher highlights, in very small areas -- but I know it's a challenge to get dark skin tones to have a realistic sheen.

    Keep up the good work!




    Thanks. I appreciate the C&C. You always give tips that have helped me progress and keep thinking.

  6. You did a very good work bringing the scene to life. I saw your entry in the winter challenge, the whole ensemble is well balanced and the bluish blending on the worm has a nice almost translucent aspect. What did you use for the snow? It looks great!


    As much as I hear about the snow effects stuff that people use, I really have never been impressed with it (Looks more like Ice than snow), and my budget usually does not allow for the cost of that stuff, so I came up with my own snow recipe that I think looks more like real snow and is a lot cheaper to boot. The photo below shows what I use. There is no science to it though. All I do is squirt some of the cheap acrylic white paint into a mixing container that can be thrown away, Squirt in some of the glue (about 2:1 glue to paint), add about a teaspoon of baking soda, and a little water. I mix that up and with a tooth pick, start applying it where I want it. I do little areas at a time, so while it is still wet I can sprinkle on some more baking soda to give it the powder effect. This effect still looks powdery even after the sealer coats are applied. That is it. Like I said it is not science and you can mix up any consistency you want with what ever ratios you think best. My only suggestion is to make sure you use cheap white paint from Wally World or Craft stores.



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  7. Welcome to our mini painting world! I would say you creamed most of us as first miniatures painted, but you have a lot more resources than some of us old guys had in the 70's and 80's. I used to use enamels on the metal without primer (I know, I know!).Even the miniatures are better for painting now. Anyway, your work looks great and just think, it gets easier from here.

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  8. Thought I would share photos of the miniatures I used on my Winter theme entry in the winter forum contest. I am glad I made the scene able to be taken down, so I could take these photos. I would have had the worm on a seperate base, but he is built into the scene on the large base. When I purchased the Worm over the summer, this was the idea I had in mind at that time, but was going to use Koarlap Bloodhand, Barbarian. When I saw Nanoc and Kaya though, I changed my mind. I hope you get a better look at the individuals than you did in the contest entry.


    C & C always welcome.


    post-6227-0-19410900-1362341188.jpg post-6227-0-78088100-1362341208.jpg

    post-6227-0-94609500-1362341215.jpg post-6227-0-20109900-1362341233.jpg

    post-6227-0-50926700-1362341240.jpg post-6227-0-22350000-1362341247.jpg

    post-6227-0-79002000-1362341255.jpg post-6227-0-90428700-1362341264.jpg


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  9. I was able to get this one into the single figure category of the winter forum contest. This was another commission piece for the same customer as the dark elf warrior posted a minute ago. The customer wanted him painted as a dark elf with blacks being again the overall scheme. The magical effect in his hand is supposed to be shadow magic. I had never heard of that until this piece, so I had to do some research on-line to figure out how to present that effect. Not sure I pulled it off right, but it looks okay.


    C&C Welcome as always.


    post-6227-0-88890700-1362247831.jpg post-6227-0-03486500-1362247877.jpg

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  10. I was planning on entering him in the forum winter contest, but I did not get done in time. I had to get him done anyway since he is a commission piece. He was pretty fun to paint and I like the customer's color choices of Black overall, with silver and light blue highlights and blue hair. I also added some blues to the highlighting of the black to give it that night time feel.


    C&C Welcome as always.


    post-6227-0-73242700-1362247061.jpg post-6227-0-77119200-1362247069.jpg



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  11. When do they usually post the winners for the contest? Did I miss it already?

    Since the categories closed Thursday (I believe) we will probably not see results until next week or next weekend depending on how hard the judging is. I would say the later because there was a lot of great stuff entered in all the 3 categories.


    I would like to wish everyone good luck and thank you all for entering some very beautiful pieces. I also want to thank MonkeySloth for putting on another great contest. Since he started doing this, we have had a lot more forum contests to participate in, which to me is great motivation to always push the envelope.It seems the more contests we enter in, the better our technique becomes.

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