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  1. MG - Another fantastic miniature completed. I have this one sitting in a bin along with 5 other Reptus miniatures. I was was going to wait until I got one of the Lizard riders to start on the group, but I may have to get started on them earlier, since your work has put the Reptus inspiration bug back into me. Well done and thanks for sharing.

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  2. Your son did a Great Job! Watch out or he'll pass you by pretty quick old man since I know how most kids like to master anything that seems tedious or complicated. I wish I would have been back into miniature painting when my son was young, but then again, other than video games, there is not much he has ever sat still for. I tried to get him building model kits (What used to be where I spent all my spare time), and I even got him 3 Star Wars kits, since he was a big fan of the movies, but after 1 afternoon of working on one, he never touch them again. He is almost 16 now and Xbox live is his second hobby, his first being skate boarding or is it his girl friend. Oh do I miss those days when the kids were little and still enjoyed being around mom and dad. Now I hardly see them. Your boy seems to be doing well and if he stays interested, he will probably do very well and turn out as good or better than his dad. Tell him well done for me, not that he gives a hoot who I am, but positive encouragement from others goes along way and enjoy these years while he is still young and having fun with dad.

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  3. Wow! Fantastic! I really love the blues and the cavern base is awesome. You are really putting a lot of thought into your scene set up and it is really showing. Your painting skills have improved a lot since the first time I saw your stuff on the forums and you keep improving with every mini because of your willingness to try new things and push your boundaries. Keep up the fantastic work my friend and you will be giving classes at Reapercon.

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  4. Again, thanks everyone for all the nice comments. I really enjoyed the work on this conversion.


    @Buglips - I can't wait to see your renditions of the Champions of the Hall. It is too bad they do not have Catti-Brie and Regis to complete the group. Of course you could probably find suitable likenesses within Reapers miniatures even though they would not be quite to scale.

  5. Hey great conversion on ol' Drizzt! Very clean, love the Twinkle and IcingDeath! I just started reading the newest RA Salvatore Drizzt trilogy, so this really hit home.


    Thanks for posting.



    Thanks and I am glad you noticed the scimitars were different. Since they were exactly the same when I started it was fun coming up with ways to make them different when finished. I hope you enjoy the books. I look forward to anything new from R.A. Salvatore. Darn good writer.

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  6. Well that is rather nice, conversion and painting both, yep a damn fine job indeed.


    Not a big fan of the saturated blue but that is more a personal call than a criticism, very groovy :;):

    I guess I just wanted to have him personalized just a bit, so instead of the muted blue as on the book cover, I went with sapphire blue instead. I thought it would brighten the yellows and reds and stand out against the Peacock Green cape.

  7. I think the swords look abit to big compared to the mini, but that is a minor complaint. This is an absolutely lovely paint job. Crisp and clean. Love it.


    Yeah, I wish I was good enough at sculpting to make the swords as they are actually shown on the new book covers, but alas I had to work with what I could find and did not what to cut up another miniatures scimitars to achieve the results for this mini. I did try to thin them a bit if it is any consolation.

  8. I am glad he has gone over well. He was one of those shelf of shame miniatures that I started last spring, then got busy with other stuff and he sat, based and primed. I got the base coat on his cape in October (which by the way is RMS Peacock Green - My new favorite green), then again he sat, In November I cut the notches in his tunic and then again he sat. This past weekend, since I have no commission work going on, I finally got to really concentrate on him and get him done.


    @ CashWiley - as for the notching in the tunic, I honestly did not even think about painting it on. I seem to hardly ever take the easy way, or my mind gets these creative ideas and it seems to block other ideas out.


    @Buglips - Sorry, I just had to throw that quip out there, since I told you a while back I was working on this. I still feel bad that a few ofus high jacked someone else's post to discuss the Forgotten Realms and Drizzt though.


    @Bruunwald - I have thought about that mini as well. Also Reaper makes a mini that would be a good Drizzt. I just saw it yesterday, but can't remember the name of it. I plan to get that one also.

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  9. Thanks everyone for comments. I really was not please with he photos, but since she was an eBay piece I decided not to retake them.


    @MonkeySloth - Good thing you mentioned it. I did not know until just now there was a new contest going on. I am not sure Dorva here is worthy, but we will see what I can come up with by the deadline.


    @Mercius - I miss having you around more often, buddy. I also miss seeing your work. Hope you start showing off some more stuff soon.

  10. I must not have paying too much attention in the forums lately and missed this post, but I am only 7 or 8 days behind the eight ball on this, but I guess I still have enough time to think of some things to enter. The themed piece sounds interesting and I have had an Idea running around in my head for a while on something like this so maybe I will start there. I have a few ideas as well for the other categories. Well, good luck to all and I hope we see a crap load of entries this time in each category.

  11. Here is my latest. I had this one based and primed sitting on my table since spring of last year and just now got around to painting her. I tried a few color schemes before settling on this one. The photos were taken prior to adding a few brighter highlights to her skin, but other than that, this is pretty much how she looks finished. This was one of the toughest sculpts I have painted for some reason, but I am happy with the end results. This figure proves that I still have some areas of blending technique that I need to master. All in all though, not a bad miniature for one that is going for sale on eBay.


    Some of you all might think it strange that I really do not collect or display my own miniatures, but either sell them all on eBay, paint them for commission, give them as gifts or painted for the forum exchanges. The only miniatures I have on my display shelf are ones received in exchanges form other Reaper members. Since I do not game anymore and I already have collected way too much stuff over the years, I figure that I have the photos for memories or a portfolio, so I am good.


    C&C welcome.






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