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  1. Thanks everyone for the information. I really cant wait until the next one. I am not really worried about what I receive, but about what I can give in return. If I make the recipient happy and they like the work I have done then it would make it all worth while. Almost all of the miniatures I have painted have been sold on eBay and when there are a few bidders that go at it, I get a great feeling inside that someone actually likes my work. I have not really become attached to any yet, but now that I am buying Reaper miniatures, that may change. The exchanges for me would help personal
  2. I wanted to thank everyone for the tips and advise. While you all were letting me know to just go for it, I had already decided to forget the practice and give it a shot. I have been dying to get moving on the Reaper Miniatures I purchased anyway. Plus, another 6 just arrived in the mail today. Derek - I really like the example photo. I never even thought about under-reflections. I an going to try that tonight. Jim
  3. Ral Partha lowered practice pewter It's a sad day. Come on now, you could have said I'll practice on a Heroclix or a D&D mini or a plastic Space Knight. Do something big first, like a cape. I think that makes the blending easier. I would have said that if I had any of those or even knew they existed. All I have around are Early to Mid Eighties Ral Partha and Grenadier figures that have been either primed or stripped and have been collecting dust for more than 20 years. I can always restrip the practice piece if I want to paint it later. I have just recently found out abo
  4. Thanks Anne. I will practice a little on one of my cheaper Ral partha minis before messing around with the Reaper mini I am working on. NMM is a new technique for me and I have tried Steel and Gold with some success, but the only colored NMM I've tried before is blue. This figure will also have violet NMM, so I've stepped in it deep I guess. I'll post her when she is finished in the show it off forum. Maybe by this weekend. Jim
  5. I am attempting to try Black NMM armor and was wondering how you take a black base coat and make it look like metal? Is it as simple as adding lighter and lighter thinned layers of the base black, working it until almost white in the brightest highlight area? I noticed it almost looks correct in the light as it stands, so I am I just copying how the real light looks, so that it looks the same even without the same light? Jim
  6. Here is another idea, Try getting some clear acitate. You should be able to pick it up at any Hobby or Art supply store. I believe you can get it in several thicknesses and in sheets or rolls. In art school we used to use it for air brush stencils. Jim
  7. Thanks for the information. I like the idea and also can't wait until the next one. Jim
  8. Since I am pretty new to this forum, I have seen some cool stuff that I would like to learn more about. I have seen people talking about miniature exchanges and would like to know how it works. I would like to participate in the next one, but how often are they run? The quality of work I have seen in the exchanges is Awsome, so It looks fun and I can't wait until the next one. Jim
  9. Wow! I really love the weathered look. The shield is fantastic. I like the sword too. I have not been able to get my NMM to look like that yet, so I have been using metalics. Keep up the good work. Jim
  10. Very Good restart! I was like you in many ways. While I was in the Navy, I was gaming with and painting miniatures quite a bit, then after I got out, I put down the brushes to pick up console game controllers. I wish I had never done that. Luckily my daughter got her license and wanted a car and I had to sell my PS2. I needed another outlet, and then I remembered I had about 200 Ral Partha and Grenadier miniatures packed away in the shed. I pulled them out and started painting using paints that were 20 years old. Yep, I was surprised also that they still OK. Well, Some of them had dried up. An
  11. Of the three Reaper miniatures I have painted this year, I took a little more time on this one. I am not sure why, but in the beginning I was dreading it. Erik did not seem to think he was going to be worthy, but as the days went by and I started adding more detail, he started to come around. I really like how he turned out. My only complaints would be that I wish I would have had a plan for basing him prior to starting and I wish I had a better camera to show him off. Maybe one of these days I will build me one of those shadow boxes that I have seen mentioned here in the forums to get bet
  12. A reply from another Non-Gamer. I used to game, but I have lost touch with that world. I have been painting miniatures since the 80's at table top quality or a little better. I started selling some of mine on ebay a few years ago. I have been selling the Ral Partha and Grenadier figures I purchased in the 80's. I do have to admit that unless they are show quality, you probably will not get much. I am like you though, I don't want them just sitting around collecting dust once their painted, so if they sell on ebay, then either someone was happy with my paint job or they were looking for the
  13. Thanks everyone, for the nice comments and critiques. This is a great site! Everyone is real supportive and fair with their critiques. I'll have another mini up in a day or so for review. See y'all then. Jim
  14. Hello all, Thought I would put another figure up for review. I decided to do a Danithal in Winter. The Coat inspired me. Anyway I feel Like my blending on the coat turned out pretty good. I am disappointed in my first attempt a colored NMM on the armor and his facial skin tone seems a little off in photos. Overall I am pleased with the appearance, but I could have done better.
  15. I have just recently (6 months ago) started using flow improver of any type (I was strictly a water thinner for years). I read an article somewhere that said they used a combination of Future, Winsor & Newton Acrylic flow improver, and water. I can not remember the ratios off hand, but after I read that I mixed up a big bottle and starting using it. It took my layering to a new level and I had less grain in the larger areas. I did find a sub for the Acrylic flow improver. This may sound wierd, but it seems to work just as well. Anyway, I have taken to adding "Water Color, Ox Gall" to t
  16. This is my entry into the winter painting contest titled " Pharoh's Protector". I have not entered a contest in years and this is my first on-line contest.
  17. Great job on all 3 pieces. I love the Mech. Nice idea. Super free handing! All of my first 200 miniatures I painted were Battletech mini's in the 80's. I like your Phoenix Hawk also.
  18. Real Good Work. The color schemes are super. I used to DM the original Forgotten Realms setting and enjoyed it very much. Drizzt and friends have always been my favorite charactors in that setting. I have been out of gaming for a long time so seeing a new version of the forgotten realms was interesting. Keep up the good work.
  19. Thank for the feedback. My blending from shaded areas to the highlights does need some more practice. I am trying to dump the old school techniques we used to use in the 80's where we used a black darkend wash for shading and a white lightened dry brush for highlighting. It kind of left everything looking stark and grainy. The paints now a days are much smoother, which is allowing me to start to work on the blending.
  20. Thank you for the feedback. I agree Schubert's miniatures are fantastic. Also, have you seen any of Angela Imrie's work. You can check out some of her stuff at http://www.blackmoor.ca/index.htm. After seeing her stuff, I decided to work at my skills more and stop painting just to paint. I also, agree that my blending skills need work. That is an area where I am lacking, along with NMM. Maybe my next project will be better in that area.
  21. Thank you for the input. I agree. I will go over the chain mail with another wash. I think I got a little carried away with the highlighting of the mail which took away from the wash. I also agree that practice is the key. I have been working at getting a more realistic look on the miniatures for about 5 months and Anubis was the first piece I felt comfortable enough with to put on the sight. The barbarian had some blending issues with the skin so I was not extremely happy with him, but for gaming he was OK.
  22. Blending is one of the things I have been struggling with also, but I really like the coat. I think it looks great. The only thing I would do would be to add a little more highlighting to make it stand out a little more. I see you used metalics on the sword, I do that a lot also. I am kind of old school when it comes to painting, and I like the look of metalics for blades and most armor. Keep up the good work. cookjimjr
  23. Nice Job! I hope to get that good. I agree that that many of Klocke's sculpt are fantastic. I enjoy paint his figures. Hope to see more form you in the future. Thanks, cookjimjr
  24. Hello, My name is Jim Cook. I have never been a part of a forum before, so I am kind of winging this. Anyway, I just finished my first serious miniature piece and thought I would submit it for opinions. People I know that are not familiar with miniature painting, seem to think it looks good, but I figured that the people on the Reaper forum would know more and be able to give me some constructive criticism. I hope the photos are good enough for everyone. I have a real old digital (1.4 mega pixels). The first 3 images are of the above mentioned piece (Reaper, Anubis Guard). The ne
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