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  1. Again, Wow. Your work is been pretty awesome lately. The color choices work well together and the Gem is fabulous. Another Great Piece from a Great Artist.
  2. Superior Work. The facial expression is fantastic and your color choices really worked well.
  3. I would like to thank everyone for the comments. I did not realize the flask would have such a warm reception. I added it as a last minute thing to convey the change.
  4. Well, I finally got some time to post something. I just finished these up yesterday for a commission. The customer wanted them to resemble the Jekyll and Hyde in the movie "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen". Dr. Jekyll is from foundry miniatures (VIN44) - They do not list the sculptor and Hyde is Reaper's own Clay Golem (02706) with some sculpting conversion to make him similar to the Hyde in the movie sculpted by Ben Siens. Both we fun to paint. C&C always welcome.
  5. They all are very nice. I really like the serpent character.
  6. Man, that is excellent work. I had not seen that version of the Shadow Hawk before. thanks for posting that.
  7. Very nice! She is one of my favorite sculpts in the western miniatures.
  8. Beautiful! You just keep getting better and better. Love the basing as well.
  9. Thanks to Metalchaos and Adrift fro the nice comments. I hope to be able to have more time on line soon so I start going over what i missed from you all that have posted and be able to do some C & C myself.
  10. Here was the other miniature I finished up for a customer this weekend. As the full miniature she comes with a book on a book stand, but I was sent just the woman from the separate Bone Yard pieces. Color choices were left up to me, just the material was requested as silk. I decided to do a thicker silk without the see through properties. I used pastel coloring, but again something happened to the greens in my cameras translation. Anyway, I am extremely happy with how she turned out. C & C Always Welcome.
  11. Finished her up over the weekend for a customer. I only had a few details left, so while I was painting on another of the customers miniatures, I decided to just get her done. I am not sure of the color choices, but I guess they came out alright. I just wish I could get greens to come out correctly on my camera. They always seem to be brighter than they really appear in hand. The sword grip is a little off, because it broke apart in front of the hand and in order to pin it, I had to cut the grip off at that point and when drilling the hole, I got off a little so that part of the grip looks
  12. I like the attempt. I have not had the guts to try that style before, but I have admired those that do. It is a tough concept to grasp. I have seen some pretty amazing results, but that type of look is more a fantasy effect than anything else. I have noticed that even on actual highly polished swords, the Sky/Earth reflections are not that pronounced.You may see a line of blue or a line reddish brown, but it is usually grayed and blurred. Since Chrome seems to be the only metal or metal coating that seems to grab the sky/earth effect with any realism, I am not sure fantasy figures would be my
  13. With the Quality of entries this time around I was surprised that i placed. Anyway, I would like to thank Monkeysloth for putting on another great contest and congratulate all the winners and participants. I really like the challenges these contests give. I just wish I had more time to enter more of them.
  14. All I can say is HOLLY CRAP!!!!!!! Nice Work!
  15. Yeah, he is pretty cool. Hard to paint though. If you are looking for a challenge this will test you. Just take your time and everything should turn out okay.
  16. Man, you have done it again! Great piece. Love the colors. Thought you were not a fan of purples though. Good to see you posting some more stuff. You have always inspired me to push myself. Look forward to seeing more.
  17. Great stuff here. Very creative. I would not have envisioned making a Pumpkin Golem out of the Grave Horror or a scarecrow out of an assassin. Your sculpting came out well. Wish I felt comfortable enough with handling green stuff to do that kind of sculpting. Glad I won't have to go up against you in the diorama cat. You should fare well.
  18. Derek, As usual. Great work! The detail you always seem to put into your miniatures is fantastic. I guess my brushes are cheap if you are getting that kind of detail out of a #1. I struggle free-handing with a 20/0 getting it small enough to look right on this scale. I guess this is another mini you have now inspired me to get and try to paint. Look forward to the next one.
  19. I have a Samsung SL30, 10.2 Mega pixel camera. I picked it up at Walmart almost 2 years ago for $78.00. Probably the second best camera I have ever owned. Back in the day I had a Cannon AL1 35mm which was awesome for a film type camera. I also have a small light box I use to take my miniature photos in.
  20. I agree with Frankthedm. I would like to see the mini in a photo less blurry. From what I can see, he looks cool, but the photo takes away from his paint job. Also, try either setting your camera up to remove the yellowing effect or using an editing program to help pull some of that out of the photo.
  21. Shakandara, Thanks for the positive comments. The straw is actually some type of hair that looks like straw. I picked this up while I was make 1/48th scale military dioramas to use as tall dead grass. The stuff comes about 3" long and had to do a lot of trimming to get it small enough to look like straw in this scale. Thrym, Yeah, I guess the pumpkins could be dirty, but Rotpatch just got done killing the Grim Reaper for his Scythe and wanted to look clean for his dinner meeting with the kids on the farm, so he ran though the stream. That also explains the like new scythe. The Gri
  22. Looks good! I have always liked this mini. Have not got him yet, but one of these days. Do you have a program to balance the lighting a little so you can get rid of some of the yellowing? The Yellowing takes away from the colors of your paint job.
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