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  1. Besides my son hogging the computer to play Runescape all week, this was the other reason I have not joined the forum much over the last week. I have entered him in the Halloween contest. I really like the sculpt and painting pumpkins is really fun too. I added a few Jack O'Lanterns from the 02992 pack which includes the pumpkins and Jack O'Lanterns. I guess my only beef with the Pumpkin pack is that the Jack O'Lanterns are too big to realistically include with normal figures. Rotpatch is big enough though, so they do not look to out of proportion.


    C&C welcome.


    post-6227-0-35619700-1350251994.jpg post-6227-0-25351200-1350252003.jpg

    post-6227-0-85732800-1350252019_thumb.jpg post-6227-0-78792800-1350252032.jpg

    post-6227-0-56792000-1350252048.jpg post-6227-0-21539300-1350252068.jpg

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  2. Very Nice! The Armor looks great. Your work here proves that Metallics if done correctly, look way more real than NMM. Even though I do like the Magical effect of the NMM on the sword, I think you could have stuck with metallics for that also or at least base metallic and then adding some glazes of the blue and re-highlighting.


    I would not worry to much about painting at another level unless you really want to reach that goal. I think your work on this mini is High End Table top at least and could look nice as well sitting on a shelf for display. I consider most of my work High End table top even some of the stuff I have entered in contests or have done for display pieces on commission. If your happy with it then that is all that matters.

  3. Adrift - Normally I would have added the green static grass, but the customer said basic basing so I did not add it. Not that the green would have added to the appeal of the mini or the base. I might have played some other kind of shrubbery in there if this was for more than gaming. Also I guess mentally I was so proud of the paint job, I did not want to spoil the view. This is one of the rare figures where I actually painted the mini and made the base separately, not combining them until after it was dull coated. I might try the coloring within the stones on the next non-commission mini I do.

  4. I am not sure I agree with the folks that stated that you need the color flow. I would agree if this were a contest mini, but for gaming or just your personal display, I think you paint what feels right. In reality, there could be a person wearing a decorative helm with standard plate. I also believe that if the armor is darkened it could lend us to believe that the gold could be darkened too. Just look at the mini in hand and if you like it, then you have done a good job. I personally would think he would look great on display and could be pretty imposing on the battlefield.

  5. I just added larger photos to the top of the page, so you all can get a better look. I always hesitate when putting larger photos on the web, since they get over magnified and you see things that you would not normally see with the naked eye. Of course with me since I have really bad eye sight, It takes quite a bit of magnification to see some of the rough spots anyway, but I usually go with what my customers think and they all agree that most photos usually do not do the figure justice because a camera can not interpret what the human eye and brain do. This mini was the exception to that rule, I think it looked good in all the photos I took.


    I want to think everyone for the comments and critique. I will use the suggestions on future figures.


    As for the basing, I knew by adding the static grass my camera would make the photos look different since it does not seem to like green. I still might add some golden brown grass to pull the gold color down, but that would be the only change I think It might need. The base highlighting disappeared some in the photos, but I think the way it shows in the photos looks good as well. Sometimes adding color to the base actually takes away from the main focus of the figure and in this case I think it would.

  6. Wow, someone is going to be happy! What strong visuals and great color choices, it really jumps at you but somehow keeps from being garish despite the bright colors. I really like it!


    Thanks. I thought so also. I just saw how small these photos are. If anyone wants to see larger photos, I think I can get them 1 step larger. This is one of those rare paint jobs that actually looks good even blown up.

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  7. Here is Na'Kaat; another commission piece completed. It has been a busy last 7 days both at work and at home, so I did not get a lot of time to paint. I started her last Monday and just got her done yesterday. All in all I got about 7 hours in on her and the base took another hour (A lot of that in drying time for the grren stuff and paint coats) This mini is for my customers granddaughter (Age 12). She wanted her painted as 1/2 Metallic Sapphire Dragon. I did not have Metallic Sapphire Blue, so I adapted. I base coated her in a Mix of Cyan Blue and True Blue, then shaded with Metallic Sparkling Blue and highlighted with a mix of Metallic Pearl white and True blue. I like the color scheme the customer chose. It worked out well.


    C & C welcome.


    post-6227-0-03196900-1349234660.jpg post-6227-0-34539400-1349234674.jpg

    post-6227-0-61986800-1349234692.jpg post-6227-0-44359300-1349234772.jpg


    Larger Photos since these were kind of small.


    post-6227-0-41088600-1349314704.jpg post-6227-0-94432300-1349314729.jpg

    post-6227-0-27827900-1349314752.jpg post-6227-0-06707900-1349314773.jpg

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  8. I love your idea, but we run into the problem of different painters taking varying amounts of time to complete their work, different levels of experience, and quality. Cookjimjr can bang out an amazing paint job in 4 hours, it'd take me longer to do that level of work. Also, in my case, I'm doing lots of conversions now, adding green stuff.


    *None of the message above is meant to sound snarky, debasing to the paintwork of others, or in any way elitist. I really, really, really hate that type of snobbery in this hobby.


    I can say that since the KS, I've completed the following:


    03233: Townsfolk: children (5 minis)

    14371: Saori, Shadow Sister

    14464: Dwarf Kneebreaker

    14461: Maladorn, fire demon (green stuff base)

    14552: Sylph

    02218: Abraxus, Dire Dead (green stuff base)

    77008: Male human warrior

    77006: Purple Worm (green stuff base & mini)


    So roughly 12 minis, and I'm working through:


    14436: Rahl, Duke of Pain


    Adrift - Thanks for the mention. Not sure I can put a Great 4 hour paint job on every miniature I do, but sometimes things just seem to go right. I have had some I spent 20 hours on and still didn't feel satisfied with them.


    As for what I have done since the Kickstarter ended, it is hard to get a timeline. Here is what I believe is the list (Not in any order):


    3386: Thorvald, Dwarf Hero

    3193: Carinth, Dark Elf Sorceress

    14634: Sinisthreax, Darkreach Warlord

    2645: Maria Roseblade

    14136: Thorvald, Dwarf Bear Rider

    50238: Farrah, Sci-Fi Heroine

    60025: Grey Maiden

    60069: Shensen

    3010: Silas, Male Cleric

    and a Warhammer figure # 8512D: Dark Elf Assassin


    I am in several stages of 8 others 3 of which are for the upcoming Halloween Contest.


    I am hoping that by the time you all receive your figures in March, I will have 20 to 30 more miniatures painted.


    I wish things would have been finacialy better when the Kickstarter was going on, because I would have liked to donate at the Vampire level. I did get in on it though with the level where the Urban Legend Sophie was. Things are no better now so it looks like I will miss out on getting to get in on the Vampire Level and will have to spend a ton when things get better to catch up to you all in the amount of miniatures you all will have to paint. Such is life!

  9. I really like the scheme and colors, but the comments about the thickness of the paint are correct. Here is my tip when working with metallics; Thin your paints a lot. Almost like 2% milk. Apply many coats until it builds to the color you want. You have to treat metallic paints like you would painting a car. Also, a (like normal milk) thin undercoat of silver will bring out the shine in the color of the top coats. When painting flat colors over metallics, I use a coat of white or black over the metallic color to serve as a base to the standard paint color. This helps bring out the color without letting the metallic through. (White is used when you are using bright colors like your yellow and black is used when using cooler colors like blues, dark greens, or browns)

  10. All Three are very nice. The Bard is my favorite though. I have her also, but have not felt the urge yet to put paint to her yet. I am sure when I do get that feeling, I will have to use yours as inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

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