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  1. Wow man, I can't believe I did not comment on this back then. I know I voted for it on CMON, but I missed it here for some reason. I know what you are talking about with the contrast, but many times it is hard to train your mind to look at the figures that way. Since I was a Historical Model builder prior to starting to paint miniatures, I have a tendency of trying to make things as realistic as possible and the higher contrast is hard for my mind to absorb. I agree though that this works real well on this figure and it is up there on the list of your best miniatures yet ( I really like the one you gave me in our exchange just as well). I am glad you are going to start painting again. Have you thought about the Halloween contest to get your self back in it?

  2. Holly Crap! Man that is a kick butt worm and the scene you have portrayed is completely awesome! I had a big plan for mine but, it probably won't turn out this good. I think this is your best figure yet. I feel your pain about the mold lines. It is hard to get rid of them on the Bones line. I am guessing they are made more for gaming that display or comp pieces.

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  3. Howdy Jim....I finally unlocked my profile just to give you some praise and critique on this mini....don't you feel special? You should!! JK Buddy!


    The mini looks great....4 hours???? Wow....I can't even paint a face in 4 hours it seems. The colors work really well together and the whole mini pops. The contrast of the colors really works well and the leather was a great idea and really ties everything together so much more than boring old plate would.


    I have one critique for you, the face compared to the rest of the mini just doesn't have the same "oomph" everything else has. It is a little flat, which might just be the pictures....I know as well as anyone else how hard good pictures are to take. I would suggest adding some more shading to the face to make it pop a bit more. The eyebrows, lips, and eyes are REALLY well done though, so bravo on that.


    Anyway man, love the mini, I am getting back into painting again, so always nice to see some good inspiration!!


    Mercius - Great to hear from you! it has been a while and I am glad your back. Thanks for the C & C. I think my camera messed up the skin a little, as it did with the static grass and some of the highlights, but I agree that the face needs something. I used Pale Skin as a base, so the pale skin highlight seems to disapear with the camera. I actually darkened the pale skin shadow with some chesnut brown, so to me I think it looks a little too dark in places and the blending was not perfect on the skin either.


    One of these days i need to figure out how to link the facebook page for my painting business here like everyone else seems to do, but I pretty much post everything I paint here in the forums anyway even if it is not Reaper.


    Talk at you later.

  4. Here is one I just finished for a commission. He is painted as Paladin. The customer wanted Hardened Leather instead of plate mail and wanted the head of the mace a dark metal with a shaft of red. I was given freedom for the coloring of the cloths, but a suggestion of greens was given, so I thought I would go with that. I painted the book red to have the red eye flow from left to right. Personally I really think this is the best leather I have ever done. Someone might be able to find something wrong with it, but In hand this mini is kick butt. I really like the leather look vs the plate male it would have normally been. This was also one of the fastest painted figures I have ever done at 4 hours from priming to dull coating. Hope you all like him.


    Comments and Critique welcome. I have to get on the half dragon female #3403 that is for the same customer.


    post-6227-0-58611500-1348544146.jpg post-6227-0-41005600-1348544157.jpg

    post-6227-0-53691400-1348544172.jpg post-6227-0-80671600-1348544192.jpg

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  5. Argentee, Sorry we hijacked your post for other issues. It sometimes hard to stay on subject as other subjects pop in.


    @Buglips - Don't worry none, I am fine. I actually like Wulfgar's Character in the books better, plus his sculpt was my favorite from the Heroes set. I just like Drizzt's sense of honor and morals and wish more people had them as well.


    @Argentee - That was the last off topic post here for me. I can wait to see your next painted mini putting to use what you have learned on your first. watching people progress is the coolest thing about this site.

  6. Only the TSR licensed RP are worth that kind of money, and the market value these days is about 1/3 of what it was 6 years ago.


    Still not cheap, though. The 70's and early 80's ones aren't worth very much. The license is what makes the difference - like the prices on old Reaper DOOM miniatures.


    I sold what I had of the TSR licenced stuff too. They did not go for that much either. I even had Elminster. I think he went for around $10. I had the Heroes set as well and have been trying to replace it ever since. I guess my biggest loss though was the 150 late 80's ear;ly 90's Battletech miniatures I sold. I was getting about $75 for a Lance of 4 that I painted. I have found out that I could have got that for just 2. Bummer.

  7. Buglips, I hear ya on the Partha Repainting...we really lucked out and found the entire Dragonlance Heroes set in a random lot on ebay with a few dozen other figures, so we (the wife and I) each got to paint the set...but I'm about to start on the Draconians and I know I have to do a bang-up job (without the banging; these suckers are SOFT) or they'll just get stripped again. The Takhisis is all hers, though.


    I have half the Dragonlance Villains set and half the Heroes set. Just enough to make life aggravating. Do I go for a full box set? Just try to piece one together from loose offerings? I don't even like Dragonlance characters (truthfully, I don't like any of the named AD&D characters - save two: Factol Rhys and Factol Pentar).


    As a result, these two sets will likely be the last I cobble together.



    ETA: But of all the named characters, I hate Driz'zt most of all. Only my enduring love for Ral Partha got him in the door. My god, you have no idea how much I hate Driz'zt. If a crusade to eliminate all traces of him forever were remotely feasible I'd probably dedicate my life to the pursuit of his obliteration from all media and reference.


    But he's a Partha, consarnit, so all I can do is make evil faces and put off painting him.


    Buglips, are you related to Artemis Entreri? Guess I will have to disagree with you on this one. I have the whole series of books that contain Drizzt and friends (most in the original cover art) and have read and re-read them. They never get old. I have painted a couple of versions of him also and I am currently working on a Redbox Games mini that I am converting into Drizzt. Something about his honor system and morals that appeals to me.

  8. I also do not like to repaint old paint jobs b/c I like to have a track record of my progress. If I want to repaint it, I'll buy another.


    That too. However, that's not feasible with Parthas so they're the exception. 5 or 10 dollars for a replacement is one thing . . . 50 to 100, not so much. Welcome to Simple Green Acres, population: you!




    Wow, is that what older Ral Partha's are going for these days. I sold all of mine from the late seventies and early eighties 2 years ago on ebay and was only getting 2 to 8 dollars each. I guess it is too late now to brood over the past. Kind of like painting miniatures. Set the finished figures aside and use the lesson learned on the next mini. As you progress though a stack, each one gets better than the last.

  9. Looks like a Skeleton to me. You may want to use a little deeper/darker shading in all the crevices, similar to what you have in the eyes and front of the rib cage. It could also be that your camera stole some of the shading due to the amount of white it was trying focus on. You did a good job overall though. Look forward to the next one.

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  10. I really like what you did with a fairly simple mini. The colors a very nice and stand out well. I love the basing. It looks real and real is hard to do in this scale. My only critique is the NMM on the sword. I like the colors, but the highlight does not seem natural. When I paint NMM I get the base coats on then use a flash light to represent where I want the light coming from to get an idea of where the highlights will fall, then I start putting them in. They are usually more exaggerated at this scale, than would be in real life though. My issue with my own NMM is the blending. Can't ever seem to get it quite right. Overall though, I like what you have done. Keep it up. Many of the figures you have posted have inspired me to work on areas of my skills that I have neglected. I really like your work.

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  11. I have been prepping the same worm for a small diorama I am building so I feel your pain. I know how many mold lines that need to be removed. I think the plastic compound is actually tougher to prep than the metal, because sanding does nothing but make the surface all rough and edgy. Using the blade is a little tougher also. From what everyone is saying about the Bones figures, the paint should go on nicely, so I am looking forward to that part of it.


    I like your take on a very often painted and posted mini. There are only so many ways to paint purple on a purple worm. It is nice to see other colors being used from time to time. Keep up the good work.

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  12. I would like to thank everyone for all the nice comments and constructive critiques. I have had more comments on this figure than any other I have posted here and it makes me happy she was well received.


    @Derek - I am glad you liked it. Thank you for the tips for improving her. I may give her another shot sometime in the near future, since this one is on it's way to New Zealand.


    @Monkeysloth - I am not sure it was my best, but it was at least in the top 5. There have been a few I thought turned out exactly as I envisioned. One that comes to mind recently was; Shensen. Every time I looked at the finished product, I was in awe. I could not believe I painted it. With the Gray Maiden, I really felt out of my element a little because I was trying a few things that I had not done before on certain areas of her.


    @Bloodthorn - Thanks. I always hope that my work inspires some people to push their skill levels and paint a better figure than what I have posted.


    Again, thanks everyone.

  13. Welcome to the forums! Very good for your first mini. You have good brush control and color choices. So, you are well on your way. ::D: This hobby is tough, but this site is a good place to learn and get constructive criticism. Here is what I think you can work on that will help out greatly:


    Using the craft paint is limiting your ability. They look pretty chalky. I would suggest using Reapers Master Series Paints. You do not have to go all out and buy a ton of them right away unless you have the money and that is what you want to do. When I started out painting seriously a little over 2 years ago, I would find a Mini on-line, picture what I want to do even before I purchased it, then once I got that picture in my head, I would then buy it. At that time I would buy the paints I thought I would use to complete the idea I had in my head. I would think about getting the basic colors (Pure White, Pure Black, Rainy Gray, Brush-On Primer, And some sort of sealer) also. The addition of the HD paints helped, but you will find more color choices in the MSP series and the Triads are the perfect way to get your shading and Highlighting colors without having to mix.


    The skin of Alice could use some shading. If you did shade, then your camera or lighting took it away.


    Again welcome and keep up the good work.

  14. Thanks for the comments everyone.


    @ Adrift - Thanks. I did not think I would like the green after I had laid down the base coats, but as I added the red details, I started to like it as a good contrast to the red and it helps pull the eye around from the gems to the plume. I though about black or red when I started, but I just thought I would wait to see what the green looked like first.

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  15. When miniatures have colors in their names it is hard to get that out of your mind when coming up with a paint scheme and even though I used blues and reds, the blues seem greyish; Thus the title "Not That Grey Maiden"

    Actual base colors used: MSP Midnight Blue, MSP Snow Shadow, MSP Redstone Highlight, MSP Blood Red, & MSP Leaf Green.


    I picked this min up about a year and a half ago when Derek challenged me to paint some of the pathfinder line when I had said I had not painted any yet. I have painted a few since then, but had been waiting on this one until my skills improved somewhat. Because this mini was sculpted by Derek, I wanted to try to put my best into it.


    Not sure it all turned out as I envisioned, but it is pretty close. I hope Derek feels I did the mini justice.


    Comments and Critique welcome



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