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  1. Here is my makeshift area. Not much but it serves it's purpose. A combination of wood TV Trays, shelves from a long gone entertainment center, a small book shelf. I am stuck in the back room next to the laundry room and right next to our window swamp cooler - Gets kind of cool sometimes. I kind of took over the back room (Company does not really go in there) so I guess it is a sort of "MAN CAVE", but I also get to dodge my Son's and Daughter's Laundry piles, when they get lazy.




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  2. Excellent as Gnolls go. NMM on plate armor is very difficult to master and takes a lot of practice. Blending is the key, but since I have not mastered NMM yet, I am not really one to listen to. The base looks great too and your use of materials is a testament to your creativity. I know what you mean about the wet palette too. Keep up the good work and keep practicing and experimenting.

  3. Very Nice. I might have to get this mini myself one of these days. I agree with everyone about the colors. They work well on the figure. I am not sure I agree that the highlights are too stark, but a smoother blend between them the mid tone and shadows would probably work. I like good sharp highlights, I just wish my photos showed them much at all. Great work, keep it up.

  4. Color scheme looks great. The color in the small of her back looks a little dark even considering lighting.


    Not sure why but the guns look "flat". Mag on teh sub machine guns should have some futher highlighting and some wear on the blued or parlerized finish. Maybe some more "hot spots" on them?


    I love the fig and would be happy if it was in my collection or on my table for game night.


    Thanks for the comments. It is funny what photos show and don't show, but in life size in hand I did not really see that. My photo set up seems to steal highlights. Anyway, I did not notice the darker color on her back while painting her. I did see it in the photos, but by then she was already sold on eBay. maybe I should start painting with magnification so I see these little things that need improvement.

  5. Glad you liked the mini! Actually, we both worked on the figure sculpt, passing her back and forth in the studio during a deadline crunch. Julie actually did about 90% of the figure, with me doing the set-up and blocking in. The blister really should only have her name on it. Nice paint job by the way!




    Bob, well I guess I have to thank you both for producing a very fun to paint mini. I am glad you like how she turned out and I hope Julie will think I did her justice.

  6. Another whim purchase. When I first noticed her, I also noticed there were no painted pictures of her in the figure finder, so when I got some time to paint her, I had changed my idea of how I wanted her painted. I again stared at the mini and thought bright and vibrant. I immediately thought Desert Princess. I wanted to make sure she was represented well in the figure finder. Here is what that vision came out to look like on the mini. I hope she helps sell more of this beautiful figure.


    When I went to show her in the Inspiration Gallery, I noticed an issue with the listed sculptor. On the site it shows Julie Guthrie, but the package she came is shows Bob Ridolfi. Based on the very easy to paint eyes similar to the Chronoscope Candy and Sugar figures, I would have to think Bob did sculpt the mini, but Julie is probably one of the most accomplished sculptors ever and I would not want to offend her if she actually did sculpt the mini as stated on the site.


    Comments and Critique welcome.


    post-6227-0-42019000-1347074340.jpg post-6227-0-94773700-1347074367.jpg

    post-6227-0-16202000-1347074390.jpg post-6227-0-02422300-1347074401.jpg

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  7. I bought this one on a whim, when someone else was think about her for a commission, but decided to go for a different mini. I usually just stare at a mini a while and the color scheme or how I want it presented just pops into my head. Here is my vision of Farrah. I love the sculpt and the pose and would like to thank Patrick for giving us another great, very nice to paint, mini. I think she turned out as I envisioned, but comments and critique are always welcome.


    post-6227-0-97906100-1347073287.jpg post-6227-0-39380100-1347073345.jpg

    post-6227-0-18812900-1347073361.jpg post-6227-0-00030400-1347073385.jpg

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  8. The Cat that comes with the Jungle Queen or is available separately, is about 3" long (Approx. 76mm) and the tail is about another 1" (25mm). The painted version with the White Tiger is mine. I did beef him up some and added more fur around the face, because i believe the cat is supposed to be a Leopard or a Panther and not a Tiger.


    The Sabertoolth discussed above; Reaper #03570 is about 2 1/2" long (63.5mm), about 1/2" wide (12.7mm). The painted version shown was painted by me and the idea came from He-Man, although the cat on He-Man was a Darker Green With Brown stripes.


    There is another Similar Sabertooth Tiger in a different pose in the P-65 Heavy Metal line which looks about the same size and would probably be pretty easy to convert into a mount. Here is the link to that one http://www.reapermini.com/FigureFinder#detail/65017.


    Hope that helps some.

  9. I have been a seller on eBay since 2005 and have been selling my miniatures, painted and unpainted for 3 years now. I have built a client base that usually buy my miniatures, but I always set up everything I sell to be shown internationally. I have never had issues with customers, but I have had 2 or 3 items in the 7 years just never show up nor did they comeback to me. I have not had that problem with miniatures though. As for shipping, I use the US Postal Service for all my transactions within the US and Internationally. If you fill out the customs form correctly, there are usually no issues and eBay does not require tracking on international shipping, only shipping within the United States. I spend anywhere from 2.50 to 5 dollars on shipping within the US and 4.50 to 9 dollars internationally. I try not to over charge for shipping, but there have been times I have over estimated. I always give a refund of the over charge, which also helps my customer service. I would say go for it and ship overseas if that is where they happen to sell. I have a buyer in France, Germany, and In the UK that are always looking for Well Painted miniatures. For mine (Which I say are Pro Painted) I start the bidding around $25 unless it is display Quality with a large scenic base. Don't be afraid to experiment with the pricing. You will eventually find a good starting bid spot for the quality of miniatures you are selling. When I first started out painting miniatures 3 years ago, I was selling them from $3 to $5 (at what I called Nicely Painted), but as the the quality went up, so did the sale price. Sometimes I get lucky and get my commission pricing or more, some times I just get the starting bid. That is one of the draw backs to selling anything auction style. The item is only worth what someone wants to pay for it. I have found that if I do the buy it now or set pricing, the figures do not sell that well unless someone is looking for exactly what you are selling. If they are browsing, then chances are they are probably only going to go for a great deal. Just remember, eBay is mostly like a Flea Market or Garage sale on-line, and unless you have a bunch of people wanting a particular Item, your final sale price will probably be not much higher than your starting bid. I am sure you could also drum up some commission business from your eBay customers as well. I have 3 commission customers right now that had purchased one of my figures on eBay first, then inquired if I did commissions. If you have a website, I would either reference it or post a link within your description text to help draw in more people to look at your work. Just so you understand why I now say the figures I paint are pro painted is that I am a commission painter. If I painted miniatures for just gaming purposes, I would probably sell more, but at a highly reduced rate because the labor involved in standard table top gaming pieces is not as much as for High End and Display pieces.


    Well I hope this was informative enough, but if not, I will answer any questions you or anyone has regarding this topic.

  10. To everyone else how would people feel about two categories for this? Diorama and single figure decorative base? Since the overall theme is Halloween, horror, gothic I think it would be an easy concept for people that may not have the time for a full diorama to get ideas for.


    Sounds great to me. I wish I would not have finished My Frankenstein for the May contest, but alas, I do love Halloween, so getting motivated to do and entry or 2 with that theme would be pretty easy.


    Thanks again MonkeySloth!

  11. I am hoping the miniature has arrived in England or at least is close to arriving. Since it has been a week. I will post the photos of the mini I sent for the exchange. I still have not had one show up here, but since this weekend is a holiday weekend, I think it could be delayed a bit. Here are the photos of the mini I sent off.


    post-6227-0-47914200-1346528761.jpg post-6227-0-63584500-1346528771.jpg

    post-6227-0-06179600-1346528781.jpg post-6227-0-61794200-1346528792.jpg

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