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  1. Well, I was under the gun for this set. I had a tight time line, and rushed these a bit, but accomplished what the customer was looking for. He likes them a lot, but there are things that I feel could have been better. These are gaming pieces, and were either Table Top quality or High End Table Top.


    First photos are of floating discs are from the Artifacts & Dweomers series from Magnificent Egos called Levitating Disk. They are actually the Tenser's Floating Disc spell.

    post-6227-0-56200100-1344307133.jpg post-6227-0-08386300-1344307174.jpg


    These next photos are of the Book Golem that goes with the Juliette mini I posted a few weeks ago. It is from Cthulhu miniature line.

    post-6227-0-13878000-1344307590.jpg post-6227-0-31883200-1344307603.jpg


    The next miniature is also from the Artifacts & Dweomers series from Magnificent Egos, called invisible Servant.

    post-6227-0-79538000-1344307754.jpg post-6227-0-08091000-1344307772.jpg




    The next 2 miniatures are Reaper figures #3563, Tinely, Female Wizard painted to be human female with a dark elf heritage and from what the customer told me, "In Pathfinder there is a racial heritage feat that allows a human to take feats and traits of another race.", He wanted her to have a spider motif, and #3491 Anirion, Wood Elf Wizard painted to be the first in a two mini series of a badly burnt (thus the scarred skin on the face and hands) wizard. The theme here is that the wizard uses fire type spells and the customer wanted a robe with charcoal color and a fire motif. The base was to be either a Lava rock field or fire ( I chose the easier of the two; the Lava rock field. Both of the miniatures turned out okay, but I am not a fan of the spider web on the dress of Tinley, and the fire on the robe could be a smoother blend. I do however like the brownish color which is from a sample bottle I got the last time I ordered stuff from Reaper, which is called Powderburn Brown.

    post-6227-0-12588500-1344309407.jpg post-6227-0-24347300-1344309422.jpg


    post-6227-0-24952200-1344309467.jpg post-6227-0-72161300-1344309487.jpg

    post-6227-0-18119600-1344309503.jpg post-6227-0-22664300-1344309515.jpg


    Comments welcome.



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  2. I like it! And I'm sure your client does, too.


    So ... has the client also asked you to convert/sculpt/paint the Book Golem? :;):


    Nice purples and freehand adornments on the dress. The potion bottles look very convincing, and your sculpted books turned out very well, too.


    The face looks crisply painted and the purple highlighting looks nice on the black hair, but my eyes keep dropping to the bright blue bottles and the strong red and green books. I think it would have helped to use more contrast and color around her face, including making her cheeks rosier and adding some red (or maybe green or other unusual color) to her lips, and going higher with the highlights on the hair (but only on a small fraction of the total area, so it would still read as "shiny black" but not gray).


    In any case, good to hear that you enjoyed the experiment of the non-blue highlighting on black hair. Blue highlights would have been tricky to pull off next to the purple dress. In his book "Cover Run", Adam Hughes (renowned illustrator, especially for comic books) explains how he chose the colors for Wonder Woman's black hair in a variety of (digital) paintings. I think he described having an epiphany that black hair could be highlighted virtually any color because it would reflect the surroundings, so outside under a blue sky, it would go blue, but it could also go purple/brown/gray.


    Keep up the good work.



    Thanks Derek, I guess I did get a little carried away with the purples by using it as an eye shadow and lipstick. I also probably should have toned down the vials a bit.

    Sometimes I forget that the highlights in hair can be almost white and dull it down, because for some reason it looks wrong to me. It is probably just me though.

    If I would have not painted the base separate from Juliette I might have been able to blend the two together better.


    The customer has asked me to paint the Book Golem he purchased from another manufacturer. I am really looking forward to it, but I am not sure if I want to use the same book colors as on Juliette's base or make them look more weathered and muted.


    The overall purple in the dress was a experiment also. It is actually a mix of Rainy Grey and Imperial Purple. It seemed to come out more smooth than just using a lighter shade of purple, which always seems to look grainy.

  3. Here is another of the commission pieces for the same customer that ordered Juliette. the only request here was that she be a white haired witch. I messed around with different color schemes, but liked the greens. She was pretty tough to paint with all of the folds and many areas in shadow and light. I think it turned out good, but still could be a lot better. I am still not where I want to be with blending and glazing.




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  4. Here is a recent commission piece I just finished. This piece challenged me a bit since the character is supposed to be a Librarian / Summoner. She is able to summon a Book Golem and the customer wanted to use the book theme on the base. Instead of buying a few sets of wizard item packs or doing a major search for miniature books, I decided to make them out of green stuff. I am not a sculptor, so they were a real challenge. I think they came out OK. The clothing Purples are the character favorite color. I am not sure the photos show the depth of those that well. This was also the first time I used a color other than blue for highlights in the black hair. I like the purple and think that went better than expected.



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  5. Thanks everyone for the comments. I know there are a lot of people out there that like more subdued color choices, but I like using miniatures as a reflection of what I would like to be like (flamboyant and confident) instead of subdued and shy. There are times for the subdued colors, but I remember when I gamed the Player characters were usually thrill seakers that liked standing out in a crowd.

  6. Beautiful! The Blues are amazing! The rest of the paint job is excellent as well. You may be new to the forums (by the way; welcome!), but your skills at painting show you to be veteran. I look forward to seeing more of your work and hopefully using some of it as inspiration for my upcoming projects.

  7. I have a commission customer that is looking for a couple of miniatures to represent some interesting characters. 1) I need to find a female Hulky looking miniature, maybe like an Ogre or Orc or something similar. It would be best if she did not have anything in her hands, but if she does, it needs to be something I can remove easily enough. She is supposed to be a female sorceress that has like a Jeckel and Hide type of thing going on. If anyone knows something like this, please let me know. 2) I wanted to know if anyone has seen a miniature out there that could clearly represent a burnt human male. Kind of like a wizard who's spell has backfired?

  8. Very Nice. I had never seen this mini back then, but of course I did not pay a lot of attention to gnomes when I gamed. I did eventually buy a later version gnome illusionist and ended up painting him and selling him in an adventuring party I painted up and put on eBay. This guy is kind of yard gnomey looking and in the setting you have him in, it works.

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