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  1. Thanks guys! I know I haven't been active lately. School, work, and mini me have kept me busy. Plus we have another little one on the way. I've still got another year and a half left in school but I am getting a 4.0 gpa so it's going well. Hoping I'll be able to get back to painting here soon.
  2. I used apoxysculpt it's cheaper lol. Also you should see the shoulder hair and baby beard he has going. I heard of a technique I wanted to try called self painting. Currently, he is in the NICU as he hadn't peed in the first 24 hours. They have him a catheter and it has helped. He has no blockages or abnormalities in that area so he must have picked up his dad's laziness. They are removing g the catheter today to see if he can go on his own. Definitely lately a rough 24 hours but things are looking up.
  3. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. It has been a bittersweet day for sure. I've spent the day with my new son, but he has to remain at the hospital in the NICU as he has yet to pee on his own. He should come home tommorrow as long as he can pee. He has a catheter right now. On the upside, he is otherwise doing great. He lost a few points in piloting but he will regain them soon enough. (We joked he was piloting a mech while he was in the womb and momma was the mech lol) I appreciate all of the birthday wishes. I will be posting soon new minis once my new mini get out of the NICU.
  4. Introducing Theodore Emerson Meyer 7lb 8.6oz 20.5" Born 09/25/18 at 1125pm. I made a mini! Hes finally here! Momma is doing well, just sore. We call him Teddy for short though.
  5. The house if officially ours! YAY!!!! Its been a long road to get there but its done. I'm officially a resident of Indianapolis. Now to get everything moved over and find work...
  6. 23 weeks and all is well! And we found out its a boy!
  7. So, after a month or so of back and forth, we should be closing on Monday! The seller didn't fix everything the first time and in a couple places even caused more damage to the property. Hopefully everything has been sorted out now. I'll know for sure on Sunday when we walk through again.
  8. Got all mine and have 16 left to put together. So far I think I'm missing 2 and have 1 mini missing a part but I'll know for sure later tonight when I finish. Not bad at all. BTW, Not a fan of gluing hover bases and flight bases together.
  9. UPDATE! The seller has agreed to fix everything we asked for! That's no small thing as we had a 2 page repair list we gave him. As it sits we will close on the house early next month unless the repairs take longer to complete. I gotta start looking for a new job now...
  10. We weren't even trying I swear! Honestly, we had given up on the idea after 8 years of trying. Nope, they are an investment in the kids college fund. You can pay for college with minis right? If not, I have time to find a way to make it happen... Yep. That's me in the pic. dressed as Bob Ross... (the squirrel was my idea.) Thanks! I've already started to try to loose some weight so I can keep up. I'm not worried about time for hobbies. i have so many minis and bones are cheap enough that the little one can join me during painting time and I wont feel bad that it was painted sloppily. I started the years ago... Thanks everyone for the support. Other than Mrs. Fishnjeeps feeling nauseous most of the time and her heightened sense of smell, things are pretty much the same as it always has been. I don't think it will really hit me until the kiddo is born or the baby shower happens. Still, its something we are welcoming with open arms and open hearts. Now I gotta get the house so we can afford to live normalish lives.
  11. Hello all! Some of you may know we have been trying to move now for almost a year. This news is not about that... Its way better. FISHNJEEPS IS HAVING A BABY!!!!!!!!!!! We just started our 2nd Trimester last weekend and we are extremely excited. I wast told by 2 different doctors that kids were not possible yet here we are! Mrs. Fishnjeeps is dooing well so far and Little fishnjeeps is healthy and so far shows no signs of any birth defects. We don't know what we are having yet though I'mm saying boy until I'm told otherwise. I just had to share with my mini family.
  12. Inspection complete (sorta). Our radon test was moved which makes it invalid. We have to have the seller pay for a new one. Beyond that the house is in good shape. We have some things we have to ask to be repaired by the seller so we shall see how things go in the next few weeks. I also found some new info about the previous house that makes me glad we didn't get it now. So far things are working out in our favor. More info to come...
  13. I started trying to loose weight 30 days ago. I've lost 13lbs so far in that 30 days! I'm using an app along with a fitness tracker that is compatible with said app to track food and exercise. I haven't gone on some crazy diet nor have I joined a gym. I've simply limited my soda Intake (not cut it out entirely) and added more veggies. The biggest thing is limiting my calories per day. My app helps me track my calories and gives me my limits. It also changes my allowed calories as I lose weight or exercise. I thought I'd join up here too and join everyone else.
  14. Thanks for the support everyone. It has been a trying experience for sure. HOWEVER, We finally got an accepted offer on a house! Matter of fact, I have to drive to Indy Sunday night after Adepticon so I'm there in the morning for the house inspection. Also, I haven't seen the house in person yet. (Mrs. Fishnjeeps did a video chat to show it to me. Technology can be a wonderful thing.) For those keeping track. The house is on the east side of the city in the Emerson Heights neighborhood. Doug: Yes it is a short drive. We have been going to a church in Franklin the my sister in law goes to. I hope to see you at Adepticon!
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