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  1. Got my shipping info a little while ago! My lock date is 10/2. Now to wait out the holiday... EDIT:nakos you beat me to posting... ;)
  2. That means I should get my email soon... "I don't want to work, I just want to play with my bones all day.."
  3. That sounds like a plan! (once I get settled and unpacked of course) I'm now starting to pack up my painting supplies and such. not fun at all. I likely won't be posting any show offs or WIPs until at least September. my bones 3 will likely only get checked for accuracy then repacked for the move in their shipping boxes. Also, we will hopefully be finding a realtor this weekend so that the house hunting can begin Soon* I'll keep updating this thread with our progress.
  4. Sadly, Fishnjeeps is now Jeepless. I just sold it as part of the move. It needed to be done though as I hadn't touched it in 3 years.
  5. I know my involvement with the forums have been fairly little for quite a while and I feel as though I should explain my absence. I consider may on here to be friends and I hope they don't feel that I've abandoned them. Initially, my family had lost a fairly important member. My father in law had passed away and my wife and her family needed the support so I wasn't really able to be on here. Its taken a while to get back to some normality but I think the family has achieved that now. I hadn't really been painting either with the exception of some GW figures which I posted. Secondly, my wife and I are planning a fairly big move for us. We are planning to move from Chicago to Indianapolis by august 1st. Part of this is so I can go back to school. This means both of us leaving our well paid jobs and likely taking some significant pay cuts. We have been busy driving back and forth looking at schools, houses, and jobs as part of this which has kept me from painting anything else. Actually, most of my painting supplies and minis are now packed up as we are going through and packing things we can and going through boxes that we never unpacked from the last move as well as getting rid of things we really don't need and don't want to move. As for school, I've decided to attend Ivy Tech and will be pursuing my associates degree in machine tools and CNC Machining. Its a field I've always wanted to get into but have had a hard time finding a door to put my foot in. So, that is a glimpse into why I've been absent. once we have found a place to live and have settled into our new routines I'm sure I'll be back on here more often. I'll try to pop in when I can. We still have a long way to go and a short time to get there, but we're going to do what they say can't be done. (or shouldn't?)
  6. I grew up with my parents doing SCA events. We had fighter practice in our back yard and occasionally an event or two. I have quite a few memories of SCA events from my childhood. I think my mother still has some involvement now though my father left it entirely after they split up. I tried to get back into it as an adult, but just couldn't do it. I do still go to ren faire and dress up.
  7. I've been afraid to open my wet pallet up after using it once. Mine molded overnight.
  8. I have a few pots as well mostly metallics. Though I do Have a couple of their Inks as well. Brown Ink over Pigiron makes a really nice and different bronzeish color. Their armor wash is also great for griming up metals a bit.
  9. I thought I'd post a bit of a kitbash I did recently. I'm not 100% sure where the unicycle legs came from though I was told they were from gorkamorka. Im calling him Big Mek Gizmork...
  10. I actually had a point zero brush from amazon. It worked well until one day it didn't. I've replaced it with an Iwata Neo and the Neo is a better brush overall in my opinion though it lacks some of the features that the point zero had. With a coupon I spent $5 more for the Neo than I did the point zero.
  11. I once worked in a tool/fastener supply warehouse. I would get extremely hot in the summer and we would throw cups of water at each other when our targets were not looking. We had a high school kid that worked with us (Owners kid) who one day parked the forklift down one of the aisles where it really didn't need to be. We decided to line up a row of double gulp cups teetering on the edge of the forklifts rollcage. We the yelled for him to get the forklift out of the way. As he was moving it we realised he was being careful about it so one of the other warehouse guys started running toward him with an empty cup which made him suddenly floor the forklift thus drenching him. Same warehouse, all of the delivery drivers had nextel phones with the walkie talkie function so that they could be reached easier. Inevitably, a driver would leave their nextel on the warehouse packing table right in the way of someone. We decided enough was enough so we grabed the forklift and set the phone up into the rafters of the warehouse (about 60' in the air) making sure the speaker was facing the ceiling. The driver would come out and ask where his phone was and every warehouse guy wouldn't have a clue where it was. The driver would eventually ask us to alert the phone which made the ringtone go off. The driver would then spend the next 10 minutes looking all around the warehouse thinking his phone was moving.
  12. Thanks everyone! Its good to be back and painting again. I'll have some more Orky goodness coming soon as I have even more of them on my painting table. Most of these are from a box I bought for $35 back in the late 90's. They've been moved around multiple times and I've lost a bunch but I still have enough to make a decent army. Plus, Orks are just fun to play for me.
  13. I'm BACK! Sorry for the long absence. But, I've still been painting and I give you a 200pt Ork Kill Team I painted up and played. These won the best painted award nearly unanimously (I never vote for myself) and sadly went 0 of 3. I though I'd share them here and let everyone know I'm still ok. Group Shot (sorry, camera was really dirty and didn't know it) Some indiviual shots of some of the Orks (not all of them though)
  14. I have a drawer that holds my unpainted minis. Not exactly organised, but it works for me...
  15. Thanks folks! I'm finishing up at work now, (I get holiday pay for working today) but got to spend a 3 day weekend riding my motorcycle to Indianapolis (and breaking down as only I can do) so that was fun. I have to go back next weekend and pick up my bike so I can finish (gotta find parts though). I haven't done much painting recently since its still riding season for me, but one the bike gets put away for winter I'll be back at it. maybe bones 3 will have arrived by then. :) Heres a pick of the end of my weekend...
  16. I may try to join you guys for a game sometime.
  17. I've usually seen them go through customs within a week, however the tracking system never shows them clearing customs. Tracking says they are in customs and a week later they arrive at my door.
  18. Our position on that product is as follows: Secret Weapons (and others) make that product, and do an excellent job of it. We make the minis. They make accessories. We make money. They make money. Everybody wins. There is a base type I have not seen that might be useful. If you could do the hex bases for CAV with some type of texture that could be cool. I don't know of any company currently doing that.
  19. So, my pin vice is kinda different than others here. I made it myself (well I had some help from family who can weld). Its kinda big but does the job quite well and doesn't have the issues of digging into your palm. I can also drill up to 1/2" pins if needed. The base is heavy enough I don't need to clamp it to the painting desk either. The handle recently broke so I am in the process of finding a better handle...
  20. Not sure if this helps, but heres a rough shot of all of my assembled CAV's. I'm getting a new display case to fit all of the unassembled ones this weekend.
  21. For me, It takes as long as it takes... Not a great answer but its true. Real life sneaks up rather frequently lately so I don't get to paint as often as I'd like. I have some minis I've been "working on" for years. that being said, I haven't touched them in years either. I'll get back to them eventually though.
  22. I second the use of drills. I personally have 7. I usually have 4 battery chargers going as well to power my drills. Also, I just picked up a pre WWII Stanley Bedrock #6 Hand plane at an antique store. They seriously don't make the newer ones like that any more.
  23. It's crazy what different homes cost in different states, even within same state and different zip codes. This type of home would literally cost 2-3x as much in our current zip code 3 miles away. Router with table w/ dovetail jig Drill press Woodworkers bench/table Joiner Planer Scroll Saw Band Saw Disc Sander Air Compressor and assorted air tools Lathe Just to name a few. Great list! I'll write these down and bring into the wood shop supplier to price out and see what kind of amps I'll need to be sure that most can be in the shop. Yep that would be close to my list. I'd also include a dust collector. A small Jet one can be had for $100 used or a few more new. A scroll saw and lathe are more optional tools that are dependent on what you want to make. Also, once you have the tools, you can easily make a workbench that fits your style of woodworking. Also, Get LED lighting if you can. it will save you money in the long run.
  24. Going in with an Idea of what big tools you want to have will help the electrician. Possibly pick out the tablesaw you really want and use its stats. If you have to downgrade due to cost, you should still be good. Cheaper tools tend to have less power requirements.
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