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  1. I had heard they make the concrete even more slick, unless that's just a few brands/types? Good to know, I wasn't sure exactly how much I'd need it's going to be a small wood shop, but I do want to have a table saw in there for sure. Also going to get a lathe (or micro lathe) to do some wood turning. I have a dewalt contractors saw that has a 15 amp motor. If you go with a saw that has a motor with 240 volts you'll need more amperage. In my shop I would ideally want at minimum 100 amp service just for the shop (thats currently what my whole house has). a 240v 50amp outlet would take half of the 100 amp service. (I have a welder that runs 240volts at 50amps you might not need that.) I have a mini lathe and It only needs around 8amps when running so there a 15 or 20amp line would be fine. Also, every heater/air conditioner I've seen requires a 240volt outlet to run. But man do they look like they would be nice to have in a 1 car sized shop. can you tell I've been planning my shop for a while?
  2. Definately make sure you have enough amperage in your wood shop to run your big tools 20 amp service would be best at minimum for your table saws. I can't use my 15amp table saw and run lights since my garage is on 15 am service.
  3. The compressor I have looks exactly like that one but under a different name. It was $100 on Amazon. So far I have had no issues with it and absolutely no moisture collected (I have 2 moisture traps installed 1 at the tank and 1 closer to the airbrush on the hose.) Though It rarely shuts off when I start painting.
  4. Yea, vehicles might get a bit more weathering especially since they have no base to place them in context with the rest of the army's basing. The vehicles are kinda concerning for me to get "right" anyway. I've not painted them before (always had someone else do it.) so getting them to fit in with the other marines will be a challenge for me. Speaking of challenge, why are the sword pommels on forge world stuff so elfing brittle? I've broken both of them off trying to free them from their sprues. Hopefully I can glue one back on. the other is getting a weapon swap. I should have the captain finished soon. I need him for a game saturday.
  5. I likely won't be doing more battle damage than this guy has. Since this is an army, I have to consider the cohesive look of the army. I don't want the army to look overdamaged if that makes sense. Well cared for but fighting in dirty conditions is what I'm striving for here hence the swamp base.
  6. For removing air from the tank, there should be a valve on the bottom of the tank. Either pull or unscrew (depend on how yours functions) that valve and the air will remove from the tank. I reccomend doing this over the tub or sink though as if there is moisture inside your tank, it will come out that valve. I have a similar compressor and tank setup as you. I try to drain the tank with that valve about every 3 or so sessions. I have yet to have moisture in the tank though.
  7. Yes sorry, I meant Lose. Not loose. The quick connects allow you to remove or change airbrushes without affecting tank pressure.
  8. Are you using quick connects for your airbrush and hose? If not then you will loose the air in the tank. using a quick connect will keep the air in the tank when you disconnect the airbrush for cleaning. A quick connect should only cost a few dollars.
  9. Yes land speeder storms are definately high on the list. I want to field 2 5 man scout squads in land speeder storms with close combat weapons as my troops choices. Those will be standard GW models though as Forge World doesn't have alternatives.
  10. Thanks! I'm next working on my captains One will be in artificer power armor and the other in Terminator armor. This should give me options when it comes to army building. Both are the forge world praetors kit. While the cost is definately higher than normal. the whole army is planned to be to the standard bearers, um... Standard... so to speak. For my tactical squads, I plan to mix MKII and MKIII armor styles. I'll also get older looking bolters for them to keep the look. FW has a ton of weapon options available. Though it will be a standard 40k codex army in all but looks. The toned down look was important for me. Since I was using swampland bases, I wanted to give the impression that they were fighting in a dirty/ grungy area. While the armor is well maintained, its still gonna have some scrapes and dirt. And since this is MKII armor, its gonna be faded some due to age. The interesting thing for me is that I used similar techniques on both this and the old marines. both were airbrushed and both used decal solution to make the decals look better. Beyond that, the only difference is better basing and weathering. I'm tempted to rebase the old marines to match.
  11. I decided to reboot by old space marine army and here is my first finished mini for that endeavor. I decided to go with an older look and am thus buying as much of the forge world minis for this as is possible. Yes it is very expensive but I'll enjoy they way it looks better. And since all of my old imperial fists minis need rebasing anyway, I thought I'd start over. The bases I'm using for this are the secret weapon blasted wetlands. I'm also using the Imperial Fists decal sheet from forge world. Thus, I give you the Imperial Fists MKII Standard bearer. This is a closeup of the banner. I used the forge world decal sheet for this. The dorn and the banner background are 2 different decals stacked. Now a comparison of what the rest of the old army looks like. I think the new ones are going to be WAY better. This also shows how far I've come in my 15+ years of painting.
  12. What? Not the facilities? Get a big, sturdy cardboard box, a couple of 140mm computer fans, foam filters for them, and some flexible tubing of the same diameter or larger. Cut round holes for the fans in the back of the box, and attach the fans on the inside, with filters on the inside, and rotated so that it will blow air out the back. Add flex-tubing to the back, but do it so that it can easily be removed. Then place the box close to a window, with the opening towards you, and the flex tubing going out through the open window. Add power, and suddenly you have a spray cabinet. Bonus is that the flex tubing and spray cans/airbrush equipment can be stored inside the box when it's not in use. Most of the paint pigments and stuff should end up in the foam, so expect to change those regularly. Propellants and other nasty stuff will go outside and pester your neighbors instead of you. Don't bother with Noctua or other GOOD fans. fans in this box will probably have a limited lifetime no matter what, so the cost of good, quiet fans isn't worth it. Just go for price and airflow. No, I haven't tried it myself... yet... I prefer a box fan with matching size furnace filter. Same principal with more air flow. I'll have to post mine once I finish the new one...
  13. Yea I don't have an ebay account anymore for reasons... But I DO have family members in Tokyo. I wonder how much it would be for them to ship them to me...
  14. At Adepticon, Bryan mentioned they were switching over to the greyer plastic which is also supposed to be firmer than the original bones and will hold details better. (I could be wrong though)
  15. I was just going to suggest kally might have 4 eyes. it could happen...
  16. Until we get our Bones III liners, I wonder if cutting Blue Liner with something like Clear Yellow would work. I mixed blue liner with regular yellow paint once to get a dark green. I think I used Army Painter Daemonic Yellow. It worked well enough for my purposes.
  17. I tend not to use brown liner unless the color is needed as a basecoat. As I don't tend to game with my bones (CAV ones are the exception here) they don't need the protection. That said, even the CAV bones are just sprayed in the base color needed and painted from there and none of them use a liner for a basecoat. Thus far, none have shown any wear from gaming.
  18. I had a couple Dino rider toys as a kid but I didn't realize that there had been a cartoon. I am unfamiliar with M.A.S.K. M.A.S,K was this strange amalgam of transformers and G.I Joe. I always enjoyed the concept of transforming stuff. It's where my life long love of Jeeps began as well, one of the guys had a CJ-7 that transformed into a boat...It was the 80's... Jeeps make everything cooler...
  19. As a drummer, Thats how I'd want to go. Playing my drums...
  20. Yeeeeeessssss For those interested the cartoon is on youtube....
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